Top 8 Benefits of Shikakai for Hair Growth

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Shikakai Benefits for Hair

Shikakai has been used as a hair cleanser in several parts of the country. Well, it has several fabulous hair care benefits!

Is Shikakai good for all hair types? Well, you would be surprised to know how many hair ailments this natural hair cleanser can help to cure!

Let’s look at these various reasons why Shikakai needs to become a part of your hair care routine:

Benefits of Shikakai for hair

  1. For soft and shiny hairs

Shikakai being a rich source of saponins, vitamins and antioxidants make your hair shiny. Moreover, this natural cleanser lathers gently and thus cleanses your scalp and hair properly while improving the texture of your hair.

  1. Soothes an itchy and dry scalp

The antifungal and antimicrobial properties of Shikakai work like a charm to keep troubles such as dandruff, scalp eczema, psoriasis and itchy scalp, lice, inflammation and different issues at bay. Also, the cleansing properties of Shikakai help your follicles from getting blocked, which is very helpful to prevent breakage and promote hair growth.

  1. Fight that stubborn dandruff with shikakai

Fighting with dandruff is a very painful hair concern. Shikakai has antifungal properties that help to get rid of dandruff very easily. 

  1. Shikakai boosts hair growth

Shikakai, an all-natural hair cleanser, readily available at local grocery stores and online helps boost hair growth. It's full of antioxidants, which help fight free- radicals damaging your hair and scalp. Its gentle cleansing act helps detangle your hair softly, therefore reducing hair breakage and consequent hair fall. Shikakai is also rich in vitamins like C, A, E and K and various other micronutrients that nurture your scalp and boost hair growth.

  1. Is a gentle detangler

Shikakai detangles your hair gently due to its silky cleansing nature. This reduces hair breakage and hair loss. This also helps lessen damage to the hair affected by multiple chemicals. 

  1. Shikakai prevents dreadful split ends

All the chemical driven hair treatments, straightening, and free-radical generation cause split ends in our hair. And once you get them, there is no way to heal that other than to get a haircut. This is where Shikakai comes in as a saver. Shikakai promotes sebum secretion in your scalp which helps to moisturize your hair and thus prevent split ends.

  1. Delays greying of hair

Due to the stressful lives that we all lead nowadays, many experiences premature greying of hair. Shikakai helps hinder the greying of hair, because of the antioxidants that it carries. 

  1. Works on hair lice

This awesome hair cleanser naturally stops the growth of hair lice and helps deal with this hair concern very effectively.

How to use Shikakai in your hair care routine?

  1. As a shampoo –

Soak together a few Shikakai pods, a few seedless Reetha, some dried amla and fenugreek seeds in a bowl of water overnight. Boil everything together in the morning until the ingredients become soft and then allow it to cool down completely. Strain the mix and use it to wash your hair as a shampoo.

  1. As a hair oil –

Mix together a cup of almond oil, two cups of coconut oil along with two to three tbsp of Shikakai powder. Transfer this mix to a glass bottle, shake it thoroughly several times and allow it to sit for about seven to 10 days.

How to make Shikakai powder?

Shikakai powder is a wonderful ingredient to have at home. You can add them to your shampoos, and conditioners and even make plenty of Shikakai hair masks for different hair concerns. All you can make them in the comfort of your home. This is how it is done -

Step 01: Sundry at least 10 to 15 Shikakai pods until all the moisture has dried up from the pods. 

Step 02: Once it is completely dried, grind it completely till it turns to a powder. And it is ready to use for different hair concerns.


Does Shikakai dry out hair?

No, it does not. Shikakai has excellent conditioning and hydrating properties that help to get rid of hair dryness and leave it soft, shiny and frizz-free. 

Does Shikakai change hair colour?

Shikakai is an excellent natural shampoo, conditioner and wonder hair mask ingredient. Shikakai enhances the moisture-retaining capacity of your hair follicles, which prevents premature greying of hairs as well as prevents fading of your hair colour very quickly.

Can I use Shikakai daily?

Yes, definitely. Shikakai is very gentle on your hair and does not take away its natural oils. Thus washing your hair with Shikakai will make your hair super soft and conditioned. 

Can I use a conditioner after washing my hair with Shikakai?

The best part about using Shikakai to wash your hair is that it does not take off your hair moisture or the natural oils present in them which means that washing your hair with Shikakai does not make them dry and damaged. Therefore, it is not exactly necessary to use a conditioner post washing the hairs with Shikakai. 

Take Away

A traditional remedy to all your hair worries, this potent herb is not only beneficial for your hair and skin but also holds too much importance in treating a lot of problems including indigestion, gum infection, jaundice etc.