Red rice benefits

Red rice benefits

Are You Aware of These Red Rice Benefits

Rice is common in our daily meals during lunch and dinner. Most of us eat white rice in our regular diet. If not, we might have consumed brown rice, but red rice is very rare. I think most of you heard it for the first time. There is much to know about red rice. So red rice is one of the many types of rice available, it is reddish colour is due to the antioxidant called anthocyanin. It has gained popularity in the last few years. There are different varieties of red rice too. Without further delay, let’s look red rice benefits.

6 advantages of eating red rice

1. Treats Diabetes

The normal white rice we consume is high in sugar content, and it is also not suggestable for people with diabetes. Uncontrolled sugar levels are the main reason for diabetes. It can further can kidney stones, eye problems, and many more. Eating red rice regularly can control your body and blood sugar levels and prevents you from getting diabetes. The glycemic ratio is red rice helps control diabetes too.

2. Fights asthma

Red rice is rich in magnesium, when the magnesium content is low in our body, we tend to get respiratory problems like asthma, and other breathing problems. Increasing magnesium levels can increase the oxygen consumption and circulation in your body resulting in treating your asthma problem.

3. Enhances bone density

No matter what, we have tried many things and diet plans to increase our bone density, and most of them have been left in vain. Red rice contains calcium and magnesium in huge quantities that increase bone density and is also essential for bone health. Eating red rice regularly can also prevent, arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

4. Improves digestion

Red rice is low in sugar content and high in fibre content, which helps in easy bowel movements. Eating red rice also helps treat constipation and diarrhoea. Red rice flushes out the wastes and toxins from the stomach and keeps your intestines healthy.

5. Promotes heart health

Red rice contains whole grain, which plays a major role in decreasing and removing the bad cholesterol from our body. When the bad cholesterol levels are in control then eventually heart health increases.

6. Beneficial for skin health

The anti-oxidants present in red rice help in delaying premature greying, delays skin ageing. It also helps in treating skin damage caused by UV exposure. And then keeps your skin hydrated, glowing, and nourished.

Red rice nutritional value


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How to cook red rice?

Follow the below steps and your healthy meal is ready in no time.

Step 1: Wash the rice properly and soak the rice for an hour

Step 2: Like regular rice, add it to a pressure cooker

Step 3: Add water two times the quantity of rice

Step 4: Keep it on a high flame

Step 5: Let it be for two whistles

Step 6: Serve after a while and get healthy.

2 Red rice recipes

There are various red recipes for more health and more taste. Let’s look out

1. Red rice pulao

For this tasty recipe you need, soaked red rice, rock salt, cooking oil, chopped onion, and black pepper. 

Cook red rice as you normally cook it, then add it to a pan, add two tablespoons of oil, wait for a while, and add salt, onion and pepper. Mix them for a while, and serve them when hungry.

2. Thai fried rice

For this tasty and famous dish, you need, soaked red rice, small pieces of ginger, garlic oil, chopped onions and chilli, and eggs if needed.

Cook red rice as you normally do. Now heat two tablespoons of oil in a pan, add onion and chillies, and mix them for a while. Now add salt, and eggs if needed and then add your already cooked red rice to it. Now mix them all and your yummy Thai fried rice is ready.

Is red rice good for diet?

Yes, red rice is perfect for those who are on diet. Choosing red rice over white rice is a healthy choice and in the long term, there are several benefits. It provides various nutrients that keep you fit and healthy. These days it is also recommended by gym trainers and coaches to their students as there are various health benefits of eating red rice and it also increases stamina and energy.

Is red rice good for weight loss?

Yes, red rice is good for weight loss. Red rice is high in fibre content and as a result, it keeps your stomach filled for a longer period. The fat content in red rice is relatively low when compared to white rice and brown rice. Also, the sugar content is very low, which stops further weight gain. As it keeps your stomach satiated for a longer time, you will automatically cut down all the snacks that you consume in between meals, which further aids in weight loss

Red rice vs white rice

Both red rice and white rice are good in carbohydrate content, which is essential for regular activity and the functioning of the body. In comparison, red rice has more carbohydrate content compared to white rice. And white rice has more fat content and sugar content when compared to red rice. Red rice aids in digestion and has other numerous health benefits compared to white rice. Red is costly and rare, white rice is a commonly grown crop available at fewer costs and easily available. 

Take Away

If you are looking out for the perfect diet to manage your weight and stay fit then red rice is your perfect choice. Red rice also has numerous health benefits. But be cautious while consuming it, because it might not be suitable for everyone and may cause health issues. 


Can I eat red rice daily?

Yes, you can eat red rice daily, also you can is it as a substitute for brown rice or white rice. It improves oxygen circulation and also aids in digestion.

Is red rice high in sugar?

Red is usually low in sugar compared to white rice and brown rice. The usual white rice we eat every day is high in sugar. So eating red rice daily can help diabetes patients to control their sugar levels.

Who should not eat red rice?

There are no proper studies on who shouldn’t be eating red rice, but if you feel constipation, or any digestive problem after eating red rice then you should eat red rice.


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