Red banana benefits

Red banana benefits

Red banana benefits

We consume bananas as a snack, breakfast, salad, and juice for an energy boost, stamina boost, workout protein, and digestion. We also consume it normally, as it is a fruit and it is healthy. There are various varieties of bananas around the world. Each one of them has its specifications and uses, and they can be only grown in certain places. One such banana type that is available in Southeast Asia is the red banana. Red bananas are much softer than normal bananas, and taste the same as the regular ones but come with an additional hint of raspberry flavour and sweetness apart from regular banana benefits. Red bananas are famous for their toppings in desserts and their health benefits.

5 Benefits of eating red banana

There are numerous health benefits of eating red bananas on regular basis such as

1. Controls Blood pressure

Potassium deficiency is one of the main reasons for fluctuation in our blood pressure. Potassium deficiency can cause damage to the blood vessels which in turn increases blood pressure. And in long term, it can be harmful too. As red bananas are rich in potassium content, it stabilises blood pressure and keeps the blood vessels healthy. And the magnesium content in red bananas helps maintain blood sugar levels and keeps healthy blood pressure.

2. Improves digestion

Usually bananas are rich in fibre content. And Red bananas are also the same, they are a good source of fibre which aids digestion. Eating it early in the morning pre-workout or post-workout can enhance your bowel movements. It improves your gut health by increasing the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Eating red bananas daily can reduce the risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

3. Improves immunity

Red bananas contain Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 which promotes immunity. Vitamin C strengthens the cells and tissues and thereby helps in increasing immunity. And Vitamin B6 maintains the correct production of white blood cells which also aids in immunity booster.

4. Rich Antioxidant

Red bananas are rich in antioxidants and other phenolic compounds. Consuming phenolic compounds regularly slows down ageing and also helps fight diabetes. Phenolic compounds also help fight cancer cells to an extent.

5. Boosts stamina and energy

Bananas are considered a natural protein and are suggested to consume post-workout because it is believed that one banana gives energy that equals the energy consumed for a one-hour workout. While red bananas give more energy compared to normal bananas and also boost stamina levels.

Red banana nutrition

Let’s get a brief on the nutritional values of red bananas.


Red Banana (Per 100 Grams)













Vitamin C



12.23 Gms


71 GMs

When to eat red banana?

Red bananas' nutritional value and benefits may differ from normal ones. But the rest is the same. You can consume it during your workout, post-workout, as a breakfast, include it in your oats, cereals, afternoon salad, or in evening snacks such as ice creams and shakes. And the perfect time recommended to eat a red banana is during the morning, especially if you are looking out for weight loss. Eating in the morning can boost your metabolism, keeps energy levels high and also keeps your stomach packed for a while. 

Red bananas for weight loss

Bananas are generally a good source of fibre and other nutrients that help in weight loss. And Red banana helps a bit more in this area. Red bananas are relatively low in fat content when considered with other bananas. So if you are looking out for a weight loss plan, then adding red bananas to your diet is best recommended. Eating red bananas in the morning keeps you full for a longer period of time and prevents you from overeating and that hunger prangs you get every once in a while.

Red banana vs yellow banana

Both red bananas and yellow bananas belong to the same family. Red bananas are sweeter than yellow bananas. Red bananas' nutritional value is higher compared to yellow bananas. In usual comparison, red bananas have 30 more calories than yellow bananas. Red bananas are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help improve your immune system, however, yellow bananas do have Vitamin C and antioxidants but are not as high as red bananas. Red bananas are relatively smaller in size compared to yellow bananas.

Red banana benefits for fertility

The most beneficial thing about eating red bananas for women is, it helps improve fertility. The antioxidants and Vitamin C content present in it are essential for female fertility. And it is known that women eating red bananas on regular basis have improved reproductive hormones than those who didn’t consume.

8 Red banana side effects

These are the side effects when you consume them in huge quantities.

  1. Migraine issues
  2. Tooth problems
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Constipation
  5. Respiratory issues
  6. Allergies
  7. Hyperkalemia
  8. Nerve damage

Take Away

Eating bananas is always beneficial for you. That too consuming a red banana is far more beneficial for your health. However, you need to be sure before consuming, it because it might be allergic to you. Consuming it in moderation causes no problems but only benefits. So have a red banana every day and be healthy and fit.


What is red banana good for?

Red bananas are rich in various nutrients that include potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6 which help regulate blood pressure, improve heart health and give instant energy.

Is red banana good for kidney?

Yes, the potassium content in red bananas helps reduce and control kidney stones.

Can red banana be eaten daily?

Yes, you can consume a red banana daily, it is also like a normal banana, but with extra vitamins that provide essential energy and nutrients to your body. You can consume up to one to two bananas a day. 


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