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Menthol Benefits for Skin

Mint leaves & menthol are helpful for skin

What is Menthol & Its Uses?

Menthol is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the oils of Mentha, a genus of plants in the mint family. It is produced from peppermint, corn mint, and many other mint oils. Mentha arvensis is the primary species of mint that is used to make natural menthol crystals and natural menthol flakes. Menthol is also produced synthetically. It is a crystalline substance, having a clear or white colour. Menthol is solid at room temperature and melts slightly above room temperature.

  • Menthol is known for its cooling sensation and healing properties. It is used in the cosmetic, skincare industries and pharma industries. 
  • Menthol is combined with other active ingredients in cough suppressants and skin protectants. It helps to refresh and revitalize the body and skin.
  • Menthol helps in relieving pain and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Menthol can be ingested, inhaled, or applied to the top of the skin.
  • Menthol has a characteristic minty taste and smell and hence it works as a fragrance and flavouring agent in the skincare and cosmetic industry.
  • Menthol is used in lip care products as it helps in improving blood flow to that area, which results in a temporary plumping effect.
  • Menthol is used in making lotions, soaps, body washes, and foaming face wash that is for oily skin.

Benefits of Menthol for Skin

Menthol also has pain-relieving properties and is a cooling agent. It is beneficial in reducing pain like arthritis, sprains, or muscle cramps when used topically.

Menthol helps keep skin diseases like eczema, dandruff, and fungal infections away.

Menthol benefits when used in lotions, creams, a foaming face wash:

There are many menthol-based body lotions, creams, a foaming face wash containing elements like mint, aloe, or cucumber that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and fresh which gives a cooling effect.

Mint is used for skin care as a cleanser, foaming face wash, toner, or moisturizer that is beneficial for the skin by giving it a cooling effect. 

Using foaming face wash for oily skin containing mint on your face gives you clear, and glowing skin. This treats acne, blackheads, and also brightens the complexion, and also provides a cooling sensation to hot skin. It soothes skin irritation too as menthol is used in face wash has antibacterial properties. 

Let us know what is foaming face wash?

A foaming face wash or cleanser forms lather when you add water to it that is it foams up. But milky or creamy cleanser will not form lather or foam when used with water.

The best part about a foaming face wash is to clean your face is that it leaves your skin feeling a lot fresher. 

Foaming face wash has many excellent benefits for different skin types. But it especially works magic oily skin people as the foaming products are so light and do not clog your pore by removing dirt from your skin.

Advantage of using Foaming face wash for Oily Skin:

The foaming face wash is lightweight. hence, it is more than magic and has benefits for oily and combination skin people as it does not make their skin look oilier as it deep cleanses getting rid of excess sebum that is not truly needed.

Menthol Benefits used in Toner for the Face

Menthol is used in astringent-based toner due to its cooling, healing, and antibacterial properties. When you use astringent-based toner before applying makeup it gives you a cooling effect. Toner helps in keeping the face, especially oily skin people when applied with heavy makeup.

So many salon professionals offer mint-based facials so that the skin remains cool the whole day after applying the heavy makeup, especially during summers. There are many mint essential oils that give the same cooling effect. As mint can be very strong, it is important to be careful while applying it to your face, so always look for products that contain mint which is formulated.

Menthol Benefits to Keep your Hands & Feet Cool

There are products available in the market that have menthol as an ingredient. This can be bath salts, shower gels, menthol-based, feet creams. One can use this for treating hands and feet. They help get rid of dead skin cells and also have an antibacterial effect. This keeps your feet safe from sweat-related skin infections that are common during summers 

Here is one simple homemade scrub to incorporate mint into your daily skincare routine especially for oily skin:

Mint Scrub

Take a handful of mint leaves, 2-3 tablespoon coconut oil, 1-2 tablespoon mint essential oil, 4-5 tablespoon sugar. Squeeze out all the mint leaves to obtain fresh juice. And mix all the other ingredients that are coconut oil, mint essential oil, and sugar along with the mint leaves juice. Finally, apply on your face and scrub in a circular motion to get radiant glowing skin without getting your skin oiler. This scrub works best for all skin types especially for oily skin and combination skin. Mint with sugar scrub works well as it exfoliates the skin and also makes it soft and supple.

Take Away

The menthol-based ingredient is commonly used in skincare products as it provides relief from pain and burns. It is also used in shaving cream, shampoos, foaming face wash. Menthol is responsible for the cooling, refreshing sensation in toothpaste, skincare routine including menthol based facial, mouthwashes, hair care, shower gels and, shaving product. Menthol has many benefits when used correctly as an essential oil.