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skincare trends

Skincare Trends 

During this global covid pandemic, health & wellness have become the utmost priority for everyone around the globe, hence 2021 year witnessed a spike in skincare as well. One can’t only rely on facewash & primers for a sparkling radiant glow, they want focused actives & star ingredients to make their skin more meaningful. 

Serums & creams are getting replaced by these start ingredients as people have evolved with the latest skincare knowledge. People are now much more knowledgeable with social media in their hands and know a lot more about ingredients, sourcing, & brands which is clearly visible in their purchase choices. So, what’s there for the latest skincare trends in 2022?

We did some market research with experts & dermatologists to make a list of skincare trends for 2022 and found that the ones that fit one’s skin type, fulfill needs, & solve their concerns are the best skin care products. 

But it’s always fun for people to experiment with new latest products in their routine from the latest/ famous brands or with the ones your favorite celebrities use. It’s very easy to fall for those skincare hacks when you see big celebrities/ favorite stars using the latest products, hence as a digital health clinic for women, we have tried breaking down some developments from skincare industry trends & tried to know from experts whether they are real or nothing more than mind-influencing:

  • Make it personalized

People these days are much more satisfied if solutions are made as per their needs, skin, & issues they face. With the evolution of AI, it is far easier for brands to recommend product or ingredients that suits the skin typeface or weather condition they are in. 

Many brands have their in house doctors, experts, & dermatologists to suggest a whole treatment including products, diet plan, & exercise to have best the best glowing & healthy skin, hence people are relying more on these kinds of brands which basically makes the whole plan customized according to the customers’ needs. This has just started growing and will definitely keep growing until it becomes super-personalized.

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Covid & lockdowns have evolved people with a lot of trickeries for their skin & they have been caring much more than ever for their skin health these days. They are now much more open to trials & experiments and experiment with simpler to make formulas at home for their skincare. This will definitely witness a greater spike in the year 2022. 

Nowadays they are much more conscious of their skin and want to spend time in experiments, trials & research, and make the formulas themselves. Brands that can understand this trend can easily reach the top in this year which will surely make them a winner in this immense competition.

  • Make it simple

This year being the most complicated one due to covid has made people believe in much more simple & straightforward routines with the uncluttered approach. They have started appreciating that simple is definitely better when it is about skin health. 

With a few good ingredients/ compositions to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and radiated, one can definitely go a long way. Simple things are a lot more attractive and healthier in the minds of today’s customers. Make it simple technique will definitely be there in 2022.

  • Tech & Virtual Reality Partnerships

Brands these days are partnering with a lot of virtual reality companies to give their customers a sense of added value. With the kind of growth in technology, AR & VR are becoming preferential things for everyone. They can engage their customers much more easily with these latest technology & tools where consumers’ journey with the product becomes fun & entertaining, adding an extra added value to the product. 

With this latest trend & rise in engaging experience with these VR & AR tools, and popular social media platforms taking part in the metaverse, this is one of the best skin care trends that will evolve in 2022.

  • Ayurveda/ Natural Skincare

All thanks to covid, people have started realizing the importance of Ayurveda and natural products/ ingredients. From ancient times, the majority of people are aware that Ayurveda or nature is the best solution for all types of health issues. People are blindly trusting brands that make natural products and Patanjali is a big example of that. 

Similarly, for skincare, people have started realizing that natural is gold, and is best amongst all. With natural ingredients, they feel they can easily treat their skin issues, and that too with minimal side effects. Brands are understanding this and hence are making products with ayurvedic ingredients. 2022 will again be a growing year for ayurvedic skin products & will definitely see a rising trend going forward.

Take Away

In a summary, our experts & dermatologist feel that 2022 will be a year focused on simple, personalized, technology, Ayurveda, & customized solutions for skincare. With everyday growth in social media, these trends will definitely see an uprise in the years ahead, and brands will keep evolving themselves with all these trends in mind. 

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