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How to Manage An Oily T-Zone?

a woman with oily t zone is looking perplexed

Oily T-Zone Remedies

There are hundreds of thousands of sebaceous glands present in your skin. These sebaceous glands produce sebum or oil that helps in hydrating and protecting your skin. 

Sometimes these glands start producing too much sebum or oil that makes your skin much shinier and makes it prone to acne.

You are not alone in having an oily T-zone as these T-zones are very much prone to oiliness which in turn leads to acne breakouts.

So because of these concerns of T-zone, you must be looking to clear out these symptoms in an effective way. 

Fortunately, due to many clinical types of research, there are several steps that you can look up to in managing an oily T-zone. So in this article, we will closely see for t-zone remedies that can help prevent the greasy T-zone and help you in getting clear skin.

What Is A T-zone?

The T-zone is called to the area on your face that includes your:

  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Chin

But putting these together creates the shape of the letter T, that's why it's called a T-zone face.

As compared to other areas on your face the t-zone has the highest number of sebaceous glands which leads to more sebum and in turn more acne.

Also, it is more specific to include here that when the excess oil and dead skin mix together they give birth to acne. This situation is further complicated as oily skin has clogged pores which leads to blackheads and whiteheads.

When such an  amount of oil accumulate in a specific, it provides a fertile ground for the bacteria so they multiply themselves and leads to inflamed pimples which also includes 

  • Pustules
  • Cysts
  • Papules

How We Can Deal With An Oily T-zone?

The best t-zone remedies to remove the excessive oil from your t-zone face without getting your skin dry. When followed properly and regularly, certain healthy skincare habits can help you in managing oiliness and reducing acne breakouts.

Here are seven steps to help you manage an oily or acne-prone T-zone.

  1. The best way to control an oily T-zone is to wash your face regularly. Washing the face removes dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, and excess sebum.

You should wash your face in the morning, after waking up, or after exercising or sweating.

Make sure to wash your face gently, especially if you have active acne. As scrubbing or vigorously rubbing the skin can cause irritation and redness.

  1. Choosing a mild and right cleanser is key to managing oily skin. Look for an oil-free face wash, non-comedogenic, and foaming.

Avoid harsh face washes, especially those with alcohol as they can dry out your skin, which in turn makes your sebaceous glands produce even more oil.

  1. Opt for daily moisturization.

If you are dealing with an oily T-zone, it might seem illogical to use a moisturizer. But for hydrating your skin this is an important step. As more oil is produced by the oil glands if your skin is too dry.

Make sure to apply a moisturizer with a built-in SPF after washing your face to avoid applying any more layers of sunscreen to your skin which can create more oiliness. Choose a product that is non-comedogenic and oil-free.

Opt for a gel if you have oily skin or the weather is humid. 

Choose a good nourishing lotion if you have normal or combination skin.

Avoid using any sort of creams on your T-zone as they are best suited for dry skin.

  1. Consider using powders instead of cream or liquid products if you use any makeup products as we know that powders do an excellent job in absorbing the excess oil.

If your choices lie in liquid makeup or creams then you need to choose those products that are noncomedogenic or oil-free.

  1. You can also make use of the blotting papers which are small sheets of absorbent paper. You need to press these papers against your face to remove the excess oil. Also, these blotting papers are travel-friendly, you can keep them in your bag wherever you go.

Do not drag or wipe the papers against your skin as this can spread sebum to other parts of your face just press them against the skin and that's it.

  1. Application of green tea can also lead to a reduction in sebum production as also been verified in a 2017 research paper. The polyphenols found in green tea when applied to the oily skin in green tea result in oil reduction as they are rich in antioxidants.

Also, these antioxidant-rich polyphenols were also found helpful in limiting the growth of bacterial products that can lead to acne.

Also, green tea works as a toner to your skin and can be applied after you wash your face as there are also many cosmetic products containing this.

  1. Cosmetic clay also found its use in reducing the t-zone oiliness. In many skincare routines, cosmetic clay finds its place.

The minerals present in the cosmetic clag can help you in managing the excessive sebum and treat your blackheads and acne. Cosmetic clay is also used as a facial mask.

Take Away

It is very common to have an oily or greasing T-zone as this zone has much more sebaceous glands which naturally produce much more sebum or oil. You should wash your face and apply moisturizer daily to control this excessive sebum.

After washing your face, You can use green tea toner that can help in reducing acne breakouts. Also alternatively you can use blotting papers for absorbing the excessive oil.

Even after using all these preventive measures you still have the issues of excess oil and acne flare-ups in the T-zone then you should see a professional dermatologist for further treatment.