How to Lose Weight in Summer?

a cup of green tea for weight loss in summer

Weight Loss in Summer

Losing weight is not at all an easy piece of work. You may have gone through various different methods to lose weight. If you have not succeeded yet, it might feel demotivating to try again, especially in the hot summer. However, to help you with that, we have listed several summer weight loss methods here. 

Summer Weight Loss Tips

Usually, most people do not feel hungry in this warm season. Also, as you drink more water to stay hydrated, it indirectly helps pass your craving for food. If you follow some good weight loss tips, you can take advantage of this season of the year to achieve your weight loss goals. So, here are some of the effective tips to help you lose some weight this summer:

Start Your Day With Water

Regardless of the weather, you need to stay hydrated always. When it comes to summers, it becomes more important than any other weather. The hot temperatures enhance the chances of perspiration and sweating. So, starting your day with a full glass of water boosts your metabolism, which is very essential if you are trying to lose weight.

When you drink lots of water, it not only keeps you away from dehydration but also induces thermogenesis, which in turn helps you minimise your body fat and weight.  

Eat A Lot Of Fruits & Vegetables

In summers, especially if you are aiming to lose weight, it is better to reduce the amount of meat intake and consume a diet consisting of lots of fresh summer fruits and vegetables. They provide you with sufficient nutritional value, and can also assist you in shedding some weight. It is better to have a fruit salad, or green salad at least once a day, as the greens and veggies offer high quantities of satiating fibre, which is good for better digestion.

Sip Green Tea Once A Day

Green tea offers a lot of health benefits. It comes with high levels of antioxidants like it contains Catechins that help in preventing excess storage of belly fat which in turn, helps you reduce your weight.

Try having green tea either in the morning or in the evening without sugar. It is very vital to avoid sugars while trying to lose weight.  

Smart Snacking

If you simply pick the right healthy snacks to munch, it is actually a pretty useful way of losing weight. Well, a healthy snack can be any high-protein and low-carb/sugar snack which is good for you if you're trying to lose weight. Snacks such as unsalted almonds are also great for weight loss as they help you in maintaining blood sugar levels, which in turn keeps your brain away from signalling too many hunger pangs. 

Breakfast With Overnight Oats

If you enjoy eating something refreshing and cool in the morning, try overnight oats. As the name indicates they are prepared the night before. Moreover, they are a very rich source of fibre. So, eating them in the morning will keep you fuller throughout the day, which helps you avoid overeating. 

Eating oats on a regular basis also helps in reducing body fat, BMI, and body weight. If you are trying to lose some weight, overnight oats with some chia seeds and a veggie salad make the perfect breakfast.

Healthy Sleep Every Night

No matter how good your dietary efforts are, a lack of proper sleep may hinder your weight loss journey. 

You should sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily if you want to stay healthy. Lack of sleep also gets you more belly fat, along with various complexities. Try meditating or listening to any soothing music to help yourself fall asleep. If you have insomnia, make sure you get it treated otherwise your efforts to lose weight might go in vain. 

Add Spices To Your Meals

Spices not only improve the overall taste of your food, but they also carry a ton of health benefits with them. 

Consider adding spices like mustard, cayenne powder, and chilli peppers, as they contain capsaicin which is a fat-burning chemical. It also enhances your metabolism, which allows you to burn calories more quickly and efficiently. They also assist you to feel fuller throughout your entire day. 

Do Not Underestimate The Importance Of Workout

Eating good food, getting proper sleep, and hydrating yourself definitely work. However, if you want to shed a lot of weight in summer, you need to put your body through some physical activity. Whether you go to the gym and work out, or you simply choose a home workout routine, make sure you do not neglect it and be regular with it.

Physical exercise is a proven and efficient way to lose weight. If you don't want to go for a regular workout, try alternative physical activities such as running, swimming, sports, or similar other things. 

Take Away

Losing weight needs a very strong will and determination. No matter what steps or methods you follow, always make sure to be mindful and happy. Do not feel demotivated if you could not achieve a goal. Wake up in the morning, hydrate yourself, go jogging, eat healthy antioxidant-rich foods, and weight loss exercise for some time. Do these and you will surely see the results!