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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

a woman using measuring tape to measure her waist

Weight Loss After Delivery

For some ladies, it's a beautiful moment, a long dream moment that has finally arrived that their newborn baby has arrived finally they dreamt of for long. And also they are worried about the changes in their body and shape and hence they have mixed emotions of happiness and worry. Many questions arise in their mind as to how to lose weight and regain their pre-pregnancy shape and weight.

You might have gained extra kilos of fats after giving birth to a child and then you feel like losing it. Yes! weight loss after pregnancy is time taking but losing weight is never impossible. Many women lose extra weight after giving birth to a child and many women struggle a lot to lose extra kilos or pounds. Thus you must plan to lose those extra kilos by healthy diet and exercise. Breastfeeding also sheds many kilos from a woman's weight. All you have to incorporate is a healthy diet and physical activities in your routine. 

Always give your body time to recover to a normal level after giving birth. You should recover yourself before slimming down your body so at least you breastfeed your baby for at least two months so that your body is also recovered properly and you are ready to shed those extra pounds.

  • Start doing exercise only after your doctor has recommended it after breastfeeding and having a healthy diet.
  • Women who breastfeed need a more healthy diet and extra energy in calories so they can do normal exercises.


When you are breastfeeding you should lose weight slowly as weight loss during breastfeeding causes less milk secretion which is required for the baby and also which is important for your own health. Breastfeeding itself loses your weight so eating healthy is very important during that time.

Eating healthy

You should not skip or forget to have meals. Eating healthy is very important for the newborn as well as the mother. Energy is required for doing the work and helps maintain your energy level. If you have less energy it is impossible to lose weight. start having small amounts of multiple meals than taking large meals three times a day.

Eat slowly and concentrate so that you would not get diverted to other things and overeat the food. To avoid overeating you should only focus on the food you are eating then you will get that your stomach is full. While having meals you should involve protein-rich foods and fiber in your diet. Also, liquids drink plenty of water and liquids every day that naturally result in weight balance and weight loss.

Avoid fast foods and artificial sweeteners and added soda drinks. Also, eat as many fruits as you can instead of fruit juices as eating fruits helps the body give nutrition, vitamins, and nourishment to both mother and baby.

Do not avoid enough eating

You should avoid eating those foods that would artificially fill your stomach rather than a proper diet. Those foods can lose weight from your body but can get back those weights.

Be Realistic

Pre-pregnancy shape and post-pregnancy shape have much difference as post-pregnancy many women gain extra weight and take much time to retain their normal weight as before. Their body shape changes after delivery, some have wide hips, broad waistlines, and soft bellies. They may take much time and a lot of exercise and patience to lose those extra weights. Some may retain their pre-pregnancy weight and some might take time. But if you do not regain your shape do not worry and be happy with your body and accept every change that comes to you.


Exercise is the best thing one can do to be fit and lose weight. But with regular exercise, a healthy diet is also important to shed extra kilos. Exercise helps to lose weight rather than lose muscle. Losing weight and eating less should go simultaneously.

You can also take your baby with you in a baby walker or stroller and go for a walk. Walking is also the best exercise which reduces fats from the whole body. Practice yoga at home or with a group of just delivered mothers. And the most important thing is to drink lots of water during your workout and also each day. Do not overdo the exercise as it may cause much pain. DO it within your limits.

Also, incorporate yoga in your routine so that your body becomes more flexible even after pregnancy.

Take Away

Pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy excitement and pleasure are different things every woman have. They dream and feel about new happiness coming into their life and they are all excited about that. They take care of themselves for nine for their baby to arrive healthy and happy. In all this process they eat a lot to be healthy and gain extra kilos which naturally get shredded after delivery but still some weight loss takes much time and need the patience to regain shape and the weight they want. For this proper breastfeeding, eating healthy, taking plenty amounts of liquids and fluids and doing yoga and exercise will help them.