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How to Get Rid of Dark Neck?

a woman brushing her neck

Dark Neck

The dark neck also referred to as black neck is a condition that refers to the darker complexion of the skin of the neck rather than that of its surrounding. This change in the colour of your neck skin is a matter of some concern as it is affecting your overall personality and complexion but it is something to be worried about. It is not any skin condition that makes you feel nervous about either; it is contagious at all.

However, there are certain conditions when these dark neck symptoms must be treated as a warning to something else that must be treated with the help of some medical professional to determine its causes and start the necessary treatment.

So let's dig deep into the subject of the dark neck and see for its causes, symptoms, and the treatment to get away from it.

Symptoms Of Dark Neck

The main symptom of a dark neck is the darkening of the skin on the neck as compared to its surrounding. Also, such skin darkening may spread or be seen in other areas of your body like for example your armpits.

Some other symptoms that may also be seen are : 

  • Thickening of skin
  • Skin starts feeling velvety when being touched.
  • Skin itchiness

If such darkening appears on your body suddenly then you should consult your doctor to rule out any other serious condition that it is indicating.

Causes Of Dark Neck

Some of the major factors that contribute towards the darkening of your neck skin can be the following:

  • Acanthosis Nigricans

  • Acanthosis nigricans or AN to be in brief is a condition that makes your skin turn dark and thick which also gives a feeling of velvety touch. Areas of the body in which it can appear include your neck, your skin folds, and anywhere on your body while the most common spot for it to be is your armpit with other areas like your groin.

    AN is not at all any disease to be worried about nor it is a contagious condition or any harmful infection.

    AN is more often related to one's insulin level so it is more commonly seen in those people who are prediabetic or diabetic. Children who have AN are more likely to be at a greater risk of having been infected with type 2 diabetes.

    Other serious underlying conditions that AN may be indicating towards are :

    • Cushing’s disease
    • Obesity
    • cancer
    • Hormonal disorders

    Treatments that are usually given to treat the AN just work on the symptoms. So in that case, if your symptoms remain strong you would be given some retinoids or vitamin D creams.

  • Dermatitis Neglecta

  • Dermatitis neglect is a skin condition in which the colour of your skin changes due to not being washed regularly and properly daily. Such conditions occur in lack of proper hygiene like when your body accumulated bacteria, sweat, sebum, and other harmful matter in lack of proper hygiene.  So it is also known by the name of unwashed dermatosis. It can be easily treated by properly scrubbing that area of the body with some soap or alcohol and can be well maintained by having a high level of personal hygiene.

  • Skin pigmentation Due To Certain Drugs

  • Various drugs that can cause hyperpigmentation  of the skin may include :

    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Phenytoin
    • Amiodarone
    • Antimalarials
    • Antipsychotic drugs
    • Tetracyclines

    This discolouration of your skin can appear anywhere on your body which includes your neck too. This discolouration ranges from blue-black to dark brown. As soon as the specific drug that is causing it has been stopped this discolouration will also fade away on its own. But sometimes it takes time to fade away as it can be a long-term procedure or even turn out to be a permanent discolouration. In those cases when the discolouration turns out to be of stubborn nature laser treatments are the final and most effective treatment option to go for.

    Dark Neck Diagnosis

    Since it is known that dark neck is not a disease but just a skin condition it can be very well treated at home. But sometimes as it is indicative of some other health concern you must visit your trusted dermatologist to determine the real cause. 

    While just focussing on the skin condition you can make sure of AN condition. But as it can also be related to diabetes you must undertake some tests to rule out such conditions.

    Some Effective Home Remedies For Dark Neck

    • Regular exfoliation and cleansing with AHAs and BHAs
    • Regular use of trusted serums, topical toners, lotions, masks, and skin shine creams to get clear skin.
    • Use of topical retinoids for spotless skin and for reducing skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne. But they should be used under medical advice.
    • Use homemade masks like turmeric, yoghurt, gram flour, and lemon flour mask. 
    • Use of apple cider vinegar
    • Use of buttermilk or even sour milk can help in lightening your skin complexion as it has lactic acid present.
    • Apply aloe vera gel as it contains a natural depigmenting substance known as aloin.
    • Have a balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Drink plenty of water daily approximately 9-10 glasses that help you in keeping your skin hydrated.
    • Avoid over-exposure to the sun and step out only by applying a good sunscreen.

    Treatment For Dark Neck

    There are several wells tested and research-backed treatment options for treating a dark neck, which is:

    • Exfoliation
    • Some prescription medicines like salicylic acid and some acne removal treatments.
    • Chemical peels
    • Laser treatments

    Take Away

    As it is mentioned above dark neck is not a disease neither contagious nor harmful. But in some cases, they can be an indicating signal towards some other underlying health concerns. So it is always advisable to take some doctor's help in determining the exact cause for it and then prescribe you the best available treatment option for you accordingly to bring back your neck's original colour.