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How to Fade Stretch Marks?

stretch marks

What Stretch Marks Are All About?

Typically stretch marks are types of the scar on the skin that develops only when our skin shrinks or stretches quickly. This abrupt and drastic change causes changes in the constituents of collagen and elastin, which are essential to support our skin against rupture.

As time passes skin starts healing and eventually stretch marks appear.

What exactly causes them is fluctuating levels of hormones as it is not at all necessary that everybody develops these visible narrow bands on their skin.

Another reason in medical science that causes these stretch marks is your family history.

The most favorable time for developing stretch marks are:

  • During pregnancy 
  • Sudden growth during puberty
  • Rapid muscle growth due to weight training
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Long use of Corticosteroid
  • Marfan syndrome

These stretch marks tend to be slightly raised with an itching sensation in the early stage and may appear in red, pink, purple, or dark brown color mostly depending on your skin tone.

As time passes their color fades away on its own and a slight depression occurs in their appearance which you can easily feel with a touch.

What possibly can make stretch marks disappear?

Treatment of stretch marks makes them only less visible as they are permanent in nature while also providing relief with the itchiness.

It is of the view of the researchers that out of all the available products in the market like creams, lotion and various gels have various results on the individual. Sometimes they help in alleviating the concerns while on the contrary do not help at all.

Some Helpful Hacks:

If you started using any of the market lotion, cream, or gels, be very sure to

  • Start applying products in an early stage of stretch marks as their effects on mature stretch marks are found negligible.
  • To make it more effective massage the product slowly and very gently until it absorbs completely into the lining.
  • Be regular with the treatment as it took weeks for visible changes.


The prescription advised by a doctor you need to follow for better results while studies show two major ingredients which offer some relief in its symptoms are 

  • Tretinoin is also effective in early stretch marks.
  • Hyaluronic acid is found to make these stretch marks less visible.

  • As the study shows both of these compounds while applied for a period of 24 weeks every night make stretch marks less noticeable while in absence of any treatment these stretch marks mature.

    Let's Walk Towards Natural Remedies

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A in beauty products is also known as a retinoid which is very effective in making the skin much more youthful with a soothing radiance. As in many OTC cosmetic products Vitamin A is predominantly found. A 2015 research validates the use of tretinoin, a prescription for its major effectiveness to make stretch marks appear less visible and smaller in size. However, there is still much more research to be done in the stretch marks field.

    Point to consider here is that you should avoid their use if you are:

    • A lactating mother
    • Pregnant
    • Or even on the way to becoming pregnant

    Here Comes Sugar

    Yes, you heard it right !.. Sugar is so common and a must for the kitchen is a popular exfoliator. Small crystals of sugar work gently for scrubbing the dead skin and leave you with shinier and smoother skin.

    Steps to follow for a sugary treat (Sugar Scrub) 

    1. Add 1/2 cup of sugar with almond oil or even with coconut oil. Gently mix both of them. Your scrub is here to apply. There may be a chance to add a total of half cup of oil.
    2. Gently rub this mixture over your stretch marks and afterward wash it off with lukewarm water.
    3. Repeat the same 3-4  times per week. 

    Time to Get Oily

    Virgin coconut oil has many known and trusted benefits for all types of skin as it shields your skin by strengthening the protective barrier. A study in 2018 validates the use of coconut oil for dry skin and other skin infections and helps in healing wounds. So gently massage coconut oil onto your skin to prevent stretch marks. Avoid its use if you are allergic to coconut oil.

    Acid For Healthy Skin… Seriously!! 

    The answer is Yes. Hyaluronic acid is a very effective ingredient for skin healing and moisturizing. Many lotions, creams, and serums do use Hyaluronic acid. This acid can strengthen the elasticity of your skin and make it more toned than ever before.

    Hurry Up For Some Herbal

    Centella is an herb that finds its place in many Korean cosmetic products. The reason is simple, it is used for scar treatments as it repairs the damaged skin by increasing collagen production. Still, the medical scientists cautioned their use.

    Back to Basics

    Yes, Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for natural skin treatment as it moisturizes and soothes the skin effectively.

    Recent research from 2018 suggests that aloe vera has the ability to heal second-degree burns and wounds. So its effective repairing properties might help in fading the stretch mark.

    Is Prevention Is Better Than Cure Is Still Relevant Here?

    There is no harm in trying to prevent stretch marks, but there are no facts that validate it to date.

    What you can do is manage your weight because if you do so, there are fewer chances of getting these unwanted stretch marks. Follow a healthy diet chart during pregnancy and exercise daily by following medical advice.

    Take Away

    If you are not getting positive results even after using some known market products without wasting time and money, visiting a trusted dermatologist is the only option as he is aware of new advancements in the field that might be helpful for you.