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Here's How You Can Use Niacinamide & Vitamin C like a Pro

a woman applying niacinamide & vitamin c serum

What Is Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is an amide of vitamin B3, which is a water-soluble vitamin that works parallel with natural substances that are present in your body. We have to take niacinamide through our diet as our body does not synthesize niacinamide.

Type Of Ingredient: A Brightener

Some Niacinamide Skin Benefits:

There are many benefits of consuming niacinamide to your body including:

  • It reduces acne.
  • It helps in minimizing the visible skin pores.
  • Helps in tightening your pores too.
  • It helps in fighting off the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • It aids in improving uneven skin tone.
  • Niacinamide serums help in softening the fine lines on the face.
  • Prevents the occurrence of wrinkles.
  • Niacinamide creams prevent face dullness. 
  • Niacinamide serums help in fighting the sign of aging.
  • With niacinamide use, you can strengthen the weakened skin surface.
  • Helps in fighting various stressors either internal or external.
  • Niacinamide uses also include strengthening of skin's lipid barriers.
  • It minimizes skin redness.
  • It slows down oil overproduction.
  • It fades away skin hyperpigmentation.
  • It helps in retexturizing your skin tone.

Who Should Prefer This?

In general, products containing niacinamide can be used by any person who wants to have their skin spotless, bright, and healthy. It is also used by many people to prevent aging signs.

How Often Should You Use It?

You can use it at any time in the morning as well as in the evening as a niacinamide cream or the form of niacinamide serum.

It Does Not Work Well With:

There is nothing with which niacinamide uses can cause an allergic reaction so it works well with any other combination.

How Does Niacinamide Brighten Your Skin?

It helps restore your cellular energy and in repairing the DNA which got damaged due to various reasons. It also helps in reducing the harmful UV rays from the sun such as the immunosuppressive effects which prove harmful for your collagen in turn. It also helps in fighting off the stressors which can be external or internal that can effectively damage your skin cells and ultimately leads to wrinkles and discolouration.

In the market, you can find a variety of niacinamide products which are available in many forms like niacinamide serum, face wash, or even niacinamide creams.

These niacinamide products help your skin by stimulating collagen production and boosting skin cells.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a water-soluble vitamin that is extensively used in many cosmetic products like vitamin C serum etc which is used to treat many skin disorders. It is preferably used for oily skin to prevent excessive oil production through skin cells. It also finds its use in tissue repair and helps in stimulating collagen production.

Type of Ingredient involves:


Main Vitamin C Benefits:

There are actually plenty of benefits of using vitamin c for any specific skin concern. Which includes:

  • Vitamin c serums are safe for most skin types
  • Keeps your skin hydrated
  • It reduces hyperpigmentation of the skin
  • It helps in diminishing the  appearance of under-eye circles
  • Vitamin C serum helps your body in stimulating the production of collagen.
  • Many vitamin C serum for the face helps in reducing fine lines.
  • It helps in preventing sagging
  • It helps in preventing your skin from sun damage.
  • It may also soothe your sun-damaged skin.
  • Vitamin C also helps in healing your wound.
  • Vitamin C serums protect your skin against damage by free radicals.

Who Should Prefer It:

People with extremely sensitive skin should avoid the use of Vitamin C as it can appear problematic for those people who have oily skin. So you should consult a professional dermatologist for advising you about your skin-related vitamin C product.

How Often You Can Use It?

You can use any of the vitamin C products daily or on alternate days.

Why And How You Can Use Niacinamide And Vitamin C Together?

Though there are many myths regarding the bond both these ingredients share but the fact is that both of these ingredients when used together can work wonders for your skin. 

So the reason we should use them together includes:

Both of these ingredients are a powerful combination and are complementary to each other. Both of these are used to deal with the aging signs of your skin and help your skin to fight off these symptoms. But what differs them from one another is their mechanisms of action for dealing with the same problem of aging from various angles.

To make you understand better just take an example of their skin brightening properties. When we combine both of them to make our skin bright they work in different ways to achieve this goal. In this process, Niacinamide blocked the skin pigment transfer within while vitamin C did this by inhibiting tyrosinase, a necessary enzyme for pigment production. 

Now the question arises about the exact way to use both of these ingredients, which include:

You can either search for those cosmetic products that include both products or you can apply them separately.

Take Away

There are cases where the layering of products by combining them turns out to be a disaster. But when you do this after consulting the medical professional, then this process works wonders. Here in this case you can safely use both Vitamin C and Niacinamide together. Their triggered combining chemical reactions are slow and are completely reversible so their effectiveness is not at all compromised.