Get Thicker Eye Lashes With These Simple & Quick Home Remedies

a woman holding a serum and a dropper to be used for getting thicker eyelashes

How to Get Thicker Eye Lashes?

We've all gone online in search of the finest techniques to achieve thicker, fuller lashes. Most of the time, we come up empty-handed, but not this time. Thick eyelashes offer your eye makeup a stunning lift while also protecting your eyes from sand, grit, and debris. However, owing to a variety of circumstances, including age and medical problems like hypotrichosis, they might fall out and become thin. In this post, we've outlined several natural methods for lengthening and thickening your lashes.

Natural Home Remedies for thick & long eyelashes

Castor Oil

The most essential component is ricinoleic acid, which accounts for around 90% of castor oil. This acid has been demonstrated to aid with hair loss. As a result, it might be a viable solution for preserving the thickness of your lashes.

However, a clinical case study demonstrates that castor oil's high viscosity may cause hair matting and excessive dryness. As a result, get the advice of a dermatologist before attempting this treatment.

1 teaspoon of cold-pressed castor oil and a couple of cotton swabs are all you'll need. Cleanse your eyelashes completely with water and pat them dry with a light cleaner before applying castor oil. Apply cold-pressed castor oil on a cotton swab and run it down your upper and lower lash lines. Apply the oil overnight and then wash it off in the morning.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil may be utilised to help the regeneration of thinning or damaged eyelashes. Applying coconut on the lashes may make them weigh down making an oily film near the lashes.

1 teaspoon of cold-pressed coconut oil and a lot of cotton swabs are all you'll need. Before using the oil, clean your lashes with moderate soap and water and wipe them dry. Apply coconut oil to your upper and lower lash lines using a cotton swab. Allow to settle and then rinse it off.

The antioxidant vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that may aid in the reduction of oxidative damage that leads to hair loss. It also includes tocotrienol chemicals, which may aid in the growth of more hair strands. 

Apply vitamin E to your lashes topically. However, before using the supplements, see your doctor to determine the proper dose.

Green Tea 

Green tea contains a polyphenol known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which may aid hair development. As a result, it may assist in the development of your lashes.

Requirement: 1 teaspoon green tea leaves (or 1 teabag) and 1 cup boiling water are all you'll need. Steep for 5-10 minutes after combining the two components. You may also cool the tea and apply it topically to your upper and lower lash lines using a cotton swab.

Therapeutic massage

Massage aids in the improvement of circulation. Hair length and thickness may be improved by massaging your scalp on a regular basis, whether with or without oil. Similar outcomes may be achieved by softly massaging your eyes.

Shea Butter 

Vitamin C-rich shea butter has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And shea butter is responsible for maintaining the thickness of the lashes.

Using your fingers, massage a little bit of shea butter until it melts. It should be applied to both the top and lower eyelashes. Turn it on for the night.

Biotin supplement

A lack of biotin may lead to hair loss on the scalp, brows, and eyelashes. Biotin supplements may aid in the improvement of this problem. If you're using biotin supplements, talk to your doctor about the right dose.

A combination of these treatments may aid in the management of thinning eyelashes. However, to avoid future damage and thinning of your eyelashes, you need to make a few lifestyle modifications.

How to Prevent Lashes From Falling Out?

  • Consume a nutritious and well-balanced diet rich in iron, zinc, vitamins, fatty acids, biotin, and proteins.
  • Cleanse your eyelashes and eyelids with a gentle cleanser or eyelid shampoo on a regular basis.
  • Stop curling your lashes.
  • Eyelash extensions should be used sparingly.

To get to the base of the issue, you need to know what is causing your eyelashes to thin in addition to following these cures and advice. 

What Causes Eyelash Thinning and Shortening?

Several things might be causing your eyelashes to fall out, including:

  • Getting older — The most prevalent reason for the lash loss, which affects both men and women as they become older.
  • Menopause
  • Hormonal imbalances - Thyroid hormone abnormalities may cause skin damage and hair loss.
  • Scrubbing your eyelashes forcefully when removing eye makeup – Handling your lashes harshly.
  • Allergic response - Specifically to eye makeup.
  • Eyelash extensions - The glues used to adhere to the artificial lashes include chemicals that may irritate or injure you. You may feel redness, burning, or inflammation of your eyelids as a consequence of this chemical reaction, which may lead to eyelash loss.

Take Away

Eyelashes that are long and thick look amazing, but they might fall out or seem short due to age, hormonal changes, heredity, allergic responses, or over-styling. Shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, green tea, and vitamin E are just a few examples of popular products that have been shown to prevent hair loss and increase hair growth, and so may aid in the maintenance of long, healthy eyelashes. Additionally, if your hair loss from the eyelashes is caused by a biotin deficit, biotin supplements may be beneficial. Limit the use of eyelash extensions, curlers, and low-quality cosmetics on your eyelashes and lids to prevent them from coming out.