3 Homemade DIY Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Woman with closed eyes and face mask applied | face packs for glowing skin

The phrase "face packs" alone evokes memories of youth. It transports us back to a period when we searched around our houses for items that might moisturise our skin, zap a zit, or detan our face. We now often find ourselves losing out on natural face packs for bright skin at home due to the surge in skincare products. The greatest DIY face packs for radiant skin often originate from our kitchen cupboards, proving that grandmothers truly do know best. Natural components often provide advantages that aid in having good skin. There is an element for every skin issue, from serving as an antibiotic to even nourish and moisturising the skin. Scroll down for the best homemade face packs for radiant skin without further ado!

Face packs for glowing skin

1. Turmeric And Besan Face Pack

Natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties are all present in turmeric. It is well-known for its capacity to lighten skin. The pH balance of your skin is maintained by besan, an excellent exfoliator.

You will need

  1. Besan, 1 tablespoon (gram flour)
  2. 12 teaspoons of turmeric
  3. 1 teaspoon of rosewater

What You Should Do

  1. Create a thick paste by combining all the ingredients.
  2. Put some on your neck and face.
  3. 15 minutes after applying, wash it off.

How Frequently Should You Do This?

Twice every week.

2. Sandalwood Face Pack

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities, sandalwood oil may help prevent pigmentation brought on by age, UV exposure, and S. aureus proliferation (bacteria that cause acne and pimples).

You will need

  1. two to three drops of sandalwood oil
  2. Carrier oil, 1 teaspoon (jojoba or sweet almond oil)
  3. Honey, and one teaspoon

What You Should Do

  1. One teaspoon of carrier oil should be combined with two to three drops of sandalwood oil.
  2. One teaspoon of honey may be added to this concoction.
  3. Apply the face pack after thoroughly blending.
  4. After letting it rest for 15 to 20 minutes, wash it off.

How Frequently Should You Do This?

Every two to three days.

3. Turmeric, tulsi, and neem face pack

Neem oil use may lessen ageing skin symptoms. Neem oil was applied topically to the skin of mice in research to increase the formation of type 1 procollagen and elastin and to slow the ageing process of the skin. Tulsi's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties promote healthy skin and speed up wound healing.

  1. You will need
  2. 4 leaves of tulsi
  3. 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 3-4 neem leaves
  4. yoghurt

What You Should Do

  1. Combine the tulsi and neem leaves to make a paste.
  2. Mix thoroughly after adding a dash of turmeric and a spoonful of yoghurt to the paste.
  3. Apply the mask all over your face. Dry it out.
  4. Clean it off.

How Frequently Should You Do This?

Every alternate day

Is a daily face pack good for glowing skin?

Yes. The most soothing and tension-relieving aspect of a skincare regimen is the application of a face pack, which is also one of the most effective methods to provide your skin with the true goodness that comes from healthy skincare products. But these packs must be applied once a week.

Face pack vs Face mask

The primary distinction between the two is that the face mask is a setting mask while the face pack is a non-setting mask. 

A non-setting mask may be applied to your skin and then rinsed off without needing to settle or dry for a long period. 

While a setting mask may be removed later by washing it off or peeling it off along with the impurities it removed from your face, a setting mask needs some time to firm on your skin or it may not harden at all. 

It is crucial to include both in your skincare routine.

Each mask and pack has advantages of its own. Just bear in mind that although packs dry off fast, masks take longer. 

While the primary component in masks is often clay, the primary ingredient in a pack is the one you choose based on your skin type.

Take Away

Face masks and face packs both serve different benefits. There are many different combinations and ingredients available on the market but first, try a small patch of these face packs of their allergic reactions on your skin. We wish you a great time while pampering your skin with your preferred mask and continued good health.


1. What increases face glow?

A diet high in fruits and vegetables will increase the number of vitamins and anti-oxidants in your body.

2. What is the best drink for glowing skin?

  • Lemon Water And Honey
  • Fruit Juices
  • Green Tea
  • Vegetable Juices
  • Turmeric Milk
  • Coconut Water.

3. What can I mix with water for glowing skin?

Lemon, strawberry, Ginger and mint can be mixed with water for glowing skin.


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