Easy Ways to Detangle Worst Hair Knots

a woman trying to detangle worst hair knots

How to Detangle Worst Hair Knots?

The battle of the hair begins. Everyone loves black hair that is long, silky and shiny. Is this how you feel every time you pick up the comb to brush your hair or disentangle the knots of long hair? We can all empathise with you.

Given the harsh hair treatments we use or the various hairstyles we flaunt every single day, none of us can avoid knotted hair strands. There are, however, techniques and home remedies to untangle your hair without ripping out half of it. All you'll need is some patience and our list of preventative measures. To find out, keep scrolling down to know How do you get knots out of your hair naturally?

Hair Tangling: What Causes It?

When the outer layer of your hair (cuticle) is damaged and opens up, tangles form. The open cuticles tangle and impede each other. A hair knot is formed when two single strands of hair are wrapped around each other and become entangled.

Isn't it tough to remove these knots (tangles) if this happens to a couple of strands? Hair that is silky or smooth is less likely to tangle. Damaged and textured hair (wavy or curly) takes the brunt of the damage. All of these things can contribute to hair tangling, which is unsurprising:

  • Haircare products that are too harsh
  • Shampooing your hair too vigorously
  • Over-washing
  • Deficiency in water
  • Styling with heat
  • Using a towel to ruffle the hair
  • Hair is blown by the wind
  • Overbrushing or not brushing hair on a daily basis
  • Leaving your hair down while sleeping
  • The split end.

What Is The Best Way To Detangle Your Hair?

Hair knots affect practically everyone, regardless of their hair type or texture. Removing a hair knot without harming your hair is a difficult undertaking. It's not impossible, though. Hair knots are typically tough to disentangle. However, items like hair oil, hair masks, and even hair conditioner might help you eliminate the knots more easily. It's best not to try to untangle knots in wet hair. If you try to untangle damp hair, you run the danger of breaking your hair. Once the hair is dried, remove the knots using a wide-toothed soft bristle comb.

Top 8 Ways to Detangle Worst Hair Knots

Here are eight techniques and home remedies for detangling the worst hair knots

  1. Air purifier

Conditioning your hair is one of the most crucial aspects of proper hair care. It also aids in the detangling of the hair. Apply a conditioner to the tips of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Don't use conditioner on your scalp; it doesn't require it. Leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes, then comb through your hair to untangle it before rinsing.

  1. Detangling Spray 

Detangling hair spray is well worth the investment. While detangling helps to relieve the tension between the hair strands. It's also a quick fix if you're out and about and don't have much time. Wet or dry hair might benefit from detangling sprays. They don't require rinsing. Shea butter is one of the components in the sprays, and it softens and detangles your hair. You can also use apple cider vinegar spray to make it soft and help in detangling the long hair.

  1. Hair Oil

Mineral oil can be used to detangle hair effectively. It's a colourless and odourless petroleum distillate. Mineral oil eliminates tangles and works as an antistatic. Make sure your hair is very lightly conditioned; too much residue on the hair may prevent mineral oil from effectively eliminating tangles.

Apply a few drops of olive hair oil to your scalp and strands and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. You can do this by sitting under a steamer. To avoid dryness, oil your hair on a regular basis. You can combine essential oils like lavender, tea tree, and rosemary with a carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, onion oil or sweet almond oil.

  1. Drinking water

Detangling can be aided by moisture. It aids in the removal of tangles without the need for severe pulling. Before you begin, spritz some water on your hair with a spray bottle filled with water. Using your fingers, separate sections of hair, comb with a wide-toothed brush and fasten the detangled hair with a secure hair clip or pin. Continue detangling the worst hair knots in portions until it is totally detangled.

  1. A wide-toothed comb

Have you forgotten how important a wide-toothed comb is especially for long hair? Detangling hair is much easier with wide-tooth combs and paddle brushes. They're kinder to your tresses.

  1. Begin at the bottom and work your way up

The most common hair care blunder is combing the hair from the roots. Begin at the base of the hair and work your way up. Comb a few inches from the bottom and slowly work your way up. This helps to avoid hair loss and scalp irritation caused by excessive pulling.

  1. Make use of your fingertips

Separate your hair into pieces with your fingers before reaching for your comb. Before combing your hair, you can remove the majority of the tangles in this manner.

  1. Hair masks

It could be an indication of dry hair if your hair is prone to tangles on a frequent basis. Use a hair mask that is high in moisture to instantly hydrate your hair. You may buy a variety of hair masks or make your own at home with common kitchen materials like egg, yoghurt, honey, and banana.

How do you get knots out of your hair naturally?


  • If you have hair that tangles easily, brush it before washing it.
  • When compared to the scalp, use a small amount of shampoo on the strands.
  • Apply conditioner to your hair and comb it through to untangle and evenly distribute it. However, be gentle because wet hair is more likely to shed.
  • Braids are a great way to keep your hair in place and eliminate tangles.
  • On windy days, use a scarf or a hat to keep your hair from becoming tangled and all over the place.
  • Every 4-6 weeks, have your hair trimmed. Tangles are caused by split ends, making your hair appear damaged and dry.


  • Tangled hair can be caused by rubbing your hair with a towel. 
  • Sleeping with your hair open is not a good idea. Consider a low-maintenance updo.
  • Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is not a good idea. Switch to silk pillowcases to eliminate knots in your hair the next morning.
  • Heat-producing items should be avoided because they cause hair damage. Damaged hair will inevitably result in additional tangles.
  • It's best to avoid using too much shampoo to get a thicker lather because the greater foam doesn't always imply better cleansing.

Take Away

This is our opinion on how do you get knots out of your hair naturally in the safest manner possible. We hope that by following our simple instructions you will no longer be obsessed with tangled hair. Above all, treat your hair with care.