How beneficial is to consume Dragon fruit in pregnancy?

How beneficial is to consume Dragon fruit in pregnancy?

Dragon fruit in pregnancy

Pregnancy can lead to multiple cravings during the day in a variety of forms. Having certain food aversions and multiple cravings are some of the classic pregnancy symptoms. These cravings could be in the form of desserts or even some specific flavours or fresh fruits. It is certainly stimulated by the visual appearance of dragon fruit, it arouses a high craving in pregnant women. So Dragon fruit is a colourful tropical fruit that is native to South and Central parts of America. 

However, being on the journey of pregnancy, dragon fruit is often the best call for super cautious pregnant women who already want the best out of the bucket for the newborn!  Making conscious and safe food choices is some of the multiple ways you try to ensure a healthy pregnancy for you and your upcoming baby. After all, the foods that you eat provide a direct nutrition pipeline for your growing baby. So if you are tempted to eat this wonderful dragon fruit while pregnant, but are not sure of its effect on your body, whether it is safe to consume or not! We have compiled this whole article to highlight some of such concerns of pregnant women about eating this super fruit!

6 Dragon fruit benefits in pregnancy

Dragon fruit, which is also known as pitaya, is native to the region of South America and Mexico. However, it has also been found to be present in the Indian subcontinent region. The dragon fruit has scaly coverings on the outer part and it usually has a combined taste of some sweetness and tanginess.

The following are some of the potential health benefits of eating dragon fruit during pregnancy:

1. It is a rich source of fats 

Good fats are required by a pregnant woman's body and are very essential for maintaining high energy levels. It helps to keep your body's various metabolic processes running smoothly without any problem and also helps in the proper formation of the fetal brain. Dragon fruit contains a good proportion of good fats, most of which constitute monounsaturated fat. 

2. Dragon fruit is high in energy providing carbohydrates 

These dragon fruits have a large number of carbohydrate levels which become a good source of energy that is easily accessible by the pregnant woman's body and can be directly transferred to her fetus.

3. Dragon fruit guards against severe infections 

One of the primary concerns for every pregnant woman is having their upcoming baby at the risk of being infected by harmful microbes. These microbes can easily penetrate into their body through the placenta. Moreover, dragon fruit provides the optimum benefit of the cell regeneration process for the treatment of severe wounds, which in turn prevents from catching up with the infection.

4. It provides relief from constipation 

Dragon fruit is found to be rich in fibre, which benefits the persistent problem of constipation in pregnant women. During their early trimesters of pregnancy, pregnant women often face the problem of constipation and gas, and eating dragon fruit can reduce its effects.

5. Increase in the haemoglobin levels 

The iron present in the dragon fruit helps in improving the capacity of blood cells to carry oxygen, thereby boosting haemoglobin levels.

6. It helps in proper Bone Development 

Calcium present in the dragon fruit helps in the proper development of the fetal bone structure. Moreover, phosphorus plays an essential role which is also richly found in dragon fruit. Both of these essential nutrients work together to maintain an optimum level of dental health in the mother.

How to eat dragon fruit during pregnancy?

Now that you are completely convinced that eating dragon fruit regularly in your pregnancy period is completely safe and above it is highly nutritious. So now let us look at some ways of eating dragon fruit-  

  • Dragon fruit can be consumed raw just like you eat any other seasonal fruit. 
  • You can also extract dragon fruit juice.
  • You can also add pieces of this super fruit to your prepared plate of salad.

Can pregnant women eat dragon fruit?

This amazing super fruit is a healthy food for pregnant women. So if you are still wondering about the fact that eating dragon fruit is safe or not. The answer to this is a yes! Consuming this super nutrient-rich fruit for your health and for your baby has numerous health benefits. Moreover, eating these red dragon fruits is a good way to get accustomed to their amazing taste and flavour. However, if you have any existing fruit allergies and if you have never eaten this fruit before, it is greatly advised to consult an experienced doctor before consuming this dragon fruit during the period of pregnancy. Some common allergies you witness while eating it include swelling of the tongue, hives, vomiting, etc. 

Best time to eat dragon fruit during pregnancy

By including this amazing dragon fruit in your daily diet routine, you are making one of the wisest decisions to promote your overall health and overall well-being of your baby as well. With so many nutritious benefits of eating dragon fruit with almost zero risk, dragon fruit is one of the safest and healthiest fruits to consume during your pregnancy period. There is no particular time for eating dragon fruit but you can get the maximum benefit of eating dragon fruit in the morning.

Side effects of dragon fruit during pregnancy

Usually, dragon fruit is the safest fruit and poses no harmful effects when consumed even during the pregnancy period. However, overeating dragon fruit can pave the way to getting infected with the severity of some unpleasant health issues during the period of pregnancy.

  • Overeating dragon fruit can cause diarrhoea problems during pregnancy.
  • Eating too much dragon fruit during the pregnancy period can bring you the problem of skin rashes.

Key Takeaways

Dragon fruit is a healthy food for pregnant women, and including this fruit in your diet is one of the wise decisions you can make to maintain your and your baby’s overall health. In addition to it, dragon fruit provides many benefits which are essential for your child’s optimum growth. If there is any side effect that you feel after having the dragon fruit then you must consult the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is dragon fruit good for babies?

Yes, as we know that dragon fruit does not have many calories, it contains a rich amount of antioxidants, a carotene that is needed for healthy immunity and eyes, iron, calcium, B complex vitamins, and vitamin C—all these are critical nutrients needed for 6-month-old babies.

2. What fruit is not good for pregnancy?

Papaya, pineapple, and grapes are some of the fruits that must be avoided from consuming during pregnancy.

3. Is dragon fruit cold or hot?

People often confuse whether to consume dragon fruit as it has to be cold or hot and the answer is a No. Dragon fruit can be enjoyed in any season and from room temperature to frozen.


  1. Hylocereus undatus (dragon fruit)