Do Women Use Hair Wax?

a box of hair wax for women| Do Women Use Hair Wax

Hair Wax for Women

If you are a hairstyling enthusiast, then you would be very well aware of what exactly hair wax is. But for those of you who have no idea, hair wax is nothing but a styling product that can help in shaping and styling your hair according to the hairstyle you are trying to recreate.

Even though hair wax is generally considered a man’s styling product. If used appropriately and in the right proportion, it can really help you recreate some cool hairstyles.

The best part is, that it is easily available almost everywhere and is very easy to use, even if you are a beginner in hairstyling.

What is hair wax?

Hair wax generally has a sticky, clay-and-paste-like consistency that works well to add more natural texture to different hairstyles. The best thing about using hair wax is that once you have applied it, you can actually reapply it again to give your hair a different style. This is possible due to its rubber-like texture, which makes moulding and remoulding very simple and hassle-free.

How to use hair wax?

Hair wax is such an amazing product to have in your hairstyling kit due to its versatility. This product can actually be used on damp as well as dry hair, without affecting its efficacy.

On damp hair

If you are looking for a simple everyday look, simply apply some hair wax evenly onto damp hair strands to ensure that the product gets absorbed into each strand of hair to make them look perfectly styled all day. Start by rubbing the product between your hands to activate it as this will make spreading the hair wax all through your hair lengths much easier. For a natural look, a pea-sized amount is enough for medium-length hair.

On dry hair

When working with dry hair, it is necessary to warm the product properly to avoid any sort of tearing and pulling. Simply apply it through the lengths of your hair and then apply it to the ends, before twisting it to the desired style and shape. With extremely light hands use just a little bit of wax to prevent your hair from looking heavy and greasy.

Hairstyles that can be created with hair wax

Pixie hairstyle

One of the best haircuts that can be styled using hair wax is a pixie. Start with warming a little product between your palms before applying it properly onto your hair strands. After this, pick out small sections of hair and gently roll them around your fingers to recreate this chic hairstyle in no time.

Bob hairstyle

Bob's haircuts (especially on thin hair) can look a little flat and boring unless it is accompanied by a bit of texture. A great and heatless way to provide texture and body to a bob haircut is using hair wax. Take a pea-sized amount of hair wax and apply over your lengths and gently twirl it to have the effect of curls.

Textured lob hairstyle

Lob haircuts undoubtedly look very cool, and if you have medium-length long hair, then this is the highly recommended haircut you can try. And on the days when your lob requires a little more styling, then there’s always some hair wax to help you with. Simply apply some hair wax on the ends before using a curling tong or straightener to give your hair a beachy look.

Sleek hairdos

Recreating a sleek hairstyle is very simple, especially with straight hair. Simply apply a little hair wax all over damp hair before blow-drying it a little bit to hold shape and keep it in place all day.

Braids hairstyle

If you are looking to keep your hair intact in one place for an entire day or you are simply tired of all those random flyaways, then you might need a good hair wax in your styling routine. Hair wax not only adds texture but also provides a lot more hold to prevent your braid from coming undone after a few hours. Simply apply a bit of wax over your hair length before making a braid to get a long-lasting hairstyle in a very less span of time.

Q. Is hair wax bad for your hair?

It is a complete myth that using hair wax can ruin your hair. Hair wax is completely fine to be used, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, always wash your hair properly after using wax, as it can cause build-up, making your roots very greasy. Secondly, take a very little amount and use it just to style your hair, to have minimum contact with the scalp to prevent build-up from the stickiness of the waxy texture.

Q. Is hair wax better than hair gel?

Both of them deliver different finishes to your hair, and therefore none is better than the other; it is actually a personal choice of an individual. Hair wax leaves your hair very soft and delivers a smooth matte finish, even though it is much thicker than hair gel. Gel, on the other hand, a lighter formula, gives your hair a wet, shiny feel. It also makes your hair stiff post-application.

Take Away

Hair wax allows you to make an infinite number of trendy hairstyles. This is a must-have product that you should include in your hairstyling arsenal. But be always cautious while selecting the wax. Certain products might cause hair breakage as well.