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Can You Get Plastic Surgery for Skin?

plastic surgery for skin

Plastic Surgery for Skin

Skin that God blessed us to veil our soul. It should be our own responsibility to treasure this blessing of God. As many factors like ageing, sun, genetics, skin disorders all play their role in irregularities of the skin on hands, face, or anywhere on the body. Not only this, but they also lead to irregularities in the skin texture like acne, change in pigmentation like sunspots, freckles, wrinkles, or even visible blood vessels on the body.

In addition to this, the skin may lose its elasticity, become less firm and toned, and gradually lose all the buttery glow that we have in our childhood.

Treatment That Follows In Such Irregularities

In medical science different treatments are now surfaced to treat specific concerns of the patients.

There are chemical peeling, laser and mechanical resurfacing, and other effective injectable products that can instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face and other body parts and even wrinkles that appeared on the entire face or such of those that colonized themselves like under the eyes or upper part of the lip. Additionally, these treatments were also found effective in skin pigmentation in case of ageing, and sun exposure also improves acne and other skin disorders.

Since patients' concerns are specific in nature, what treatment suits you best or which one of these improves the symptoms can only be prescribed by a certified plastic surgeon.

Most of these treatments go for a longer duration of time so it is up to the patient that he is firm in his commitment to improving his condition and can go the last mile to achieve the desired result.

To make you understand it better let's take an example of facial plastic surgery procedures that are very much prevalent in India.

1. The procedure for face-lift is used to tighten and lift the loose skin that lacks natural toning on the neck and face. The patient under general or total anesthesia completely falls asleep under this process while surgeons perform the whole process.

During this surgery,  surgeons make some quite small incisions around the patient's earlobes to perfectly cover any scarring due to surgery. They now tighten the neck and facial skin attached connective tissues and cut out the excess skin altogether before stitching up the incisions. This surgery addresses many problem areas of the face portions like:

  • Loose Skin on the neck
  • Jawline  jowls
  • Marionette lines, found between the portion of mouth and nose 
  • Dropping of Midface 
  • Obvious double chin

2. When this facelift surgery is compared to injection they last for several years while injection merely for some months to two years.

Recovery Period 

Regarding such questions, there are many misconceptions floating in the market. First, most people think that recovery is the hardest part of the surgery. Second, it takes several months to completely recover. But actually, it is just around two weeks.

Even during the phase of recovery, there might be some bruising, tightness and some swelling as the healing of the incision is undertaken.

No need to worry much like your plastic surgeon will guide you through the process that is pre and post-surgery conditions and also guide you with some proper recommendations to pace up the healing process.

Let's Look At The Benefits Of Face-lift

Now comes the best part as you undergo this face-lift surgery for your appearance to look better so the first thing is that you will be again mesmerized to see the desired look that you wish to have. More satisfaction even now you feel more confident about your appearance. You will be a changed person from now onwards, that lost charm and positivity are back again.

A survey was conducted here in India on 500 women that underwent this face-lift surgery from a professional plastic surgeon. Their before and after photos are shared with some online casual observers to rate their age, look, and health. You will be amazed to hear that all the women that had this surgery done are rated as more youthful, more charming, and in perfect health.

What Are The Associated Risks And Negatives Of This Face-lift Surgery?

  1. Risk of general anesthesia for older people, diabetic and heart patients.
  2. Risk of excessive bleeding during surgery for the people taking blood thinners and for smokers.
  3. Expensive surgery
  4. Sometimes chances of some failures.
  5. Certain infections.

Will People Feel Confident For Their Appearance After The Surgery?

Many times it is seen that people are scared of thinking what if other people notice the surgery or their stretched-out face so on and so forth.

But if you choose the best professional surgeon for the facelift that uses the advanced technology out for the process then there will be no doubt that everything will fall in place. Here are two keys that keep your moral up for the surgery

  • Self-confidence
  • Positivity within and around
  • Approach the best plastic surgeon with a high track record in the field..

What is the Cost Of Plastic Surgery in India?

The Cosmetic Surgery costs around as minimal as  INR 1.5k to INR 10k for the Chemical peeling and can range up to INR 2.5 Lac for augmentation of buttock, grafting, and buttock lifting.

For Botox, you need to pay about INR 16k to INR 18k.

Liposuction, a procedure for removing fats from the body, you need to pay between INR 45k to INR 80k. 

The Vulvovaginal procedure that involves reshaping or repairing the vagina can cost up to INR 50K to INR 70k.

The Cost of Hymenoplasty in India, a procedure to give the appearance of virginity to the hymen lies between INR 35k to INR 40k.

For Chin augmentation cost lies between INR 1Lac and INR 1.35 Lac.

Take Away

Around the world, Plastic surgery costs in India are one of the cheapest with high profiled surgeons and high-quality technological advancement at hand. Do remember these costs vary with the surgeon chosen, city, and technology chosen.