Benefits of serum for face

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Best skincare benefits of face serum for glowing skin you must know!

Face serums are an excellent choice if you want to level up your everyday skincare routine. Specifically designed to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin, face serum can be an excellent step post cleansing and before moisturising. In simple terms, Serum is a thin viscous product that is applied externally and contains a concentrated amount of active ingredients. The work behind a serum is that a large number of active molecules will potentially penetrate the surface of the skin for optimum absorption. Moreover, due to the extreme concentration levels, the results are seen quite faster when compared to the other popular skin care products.

Once the cleansing process is completed, a serum is applied. Now, there is no rule that it should be paired with a layer moisturiser or a cream on top, But, doing so would seal the serum within the skin which maximizes the benefits of the serum. Serum treats various skin-related conditions like acne, dullness, discolouration and fine lines. Using a serum allows you to get perfect skin with no effort.

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Benefits of face serum 

This revolutionary product is formulated with about 70% active ingredients like skin acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants which make it so much more effective than any regular product. Face serums do what most skin care products cannot, they hydrate the skin, treat blemishes and acne and fight the sign of ageing, all at once!  Let us understand in detail why you should get this magical product on your shelf right now.

Hydrates the skin like you had 8 glasses of water:

Using face serum has now become a mandatory step. Most of us cannot get ourselves to drink 7-8 glasses of water per day. Therefore, you can get hold of a hydrating serum which will compensate for the lack of sufficient hydration and leave the skin feeling soft and dewy. Hyaluronic acid, a potent moisturiser found in face serums, aids in locking in moisture for soft, smooth skin. Apply a face serum topped with a moisturizer every night and wake up to healthy and hydrated skin.

Soothes sensitive skin:

Lightly prepared serums could be an efficient method to provide relief to sensitive skin. Additionally, individuals with acne-prone skin or oily skin types are also advised to use serums that fall under this category. Even exposure to the sun for a few minutes could cause redness and sunburn for which a moisturiser doesn’t help much. But, serums have got your back! One of the numerous benefits of serums is that they reduce inflammation, and skin irritation and calm the skin. Glycerine, zinc, shea butter, aloe vera, and arnica are just a few of the anti-inflammatory chemicals that are often found in this lubricant product. These compounds help calm and cure the skin of any skin irritation, including rosacea, rash, and burning. Therefore, this liquid could be able to soothe your sensitive skin.

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Swiftly reduces breakouts:

It is a very common myth that face serums make oily skin even more oily and greasy. But, that’s completely false. Certain face serums are enriched with oil-fighting components such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid and strawberry extracts that keep excess oil at bay and mattify the face. Moreover, there are anti-acne serums formulated specifically to target pimples and acne. These are thinner than the regular serums so that they do not end up leaving pimple-inducing residue on the face.

Minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles:

Face serum for glowing skin is rich with anti-oxidants such as retinol, resveratrol and Vitamin C and has promising results on fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots and leaves behind a healthy and glowy face. These ingredients repair the skin cells and revitalise the skin, brightening the skin and adding complexion to it. Serums targeted for anti-ageing purposes also defend the skin against premature ageing and signs and keep the skin soft and beautiful. Collagen-boosting ingredients like green tea, argan oil and rosehip oil in some face serums also contribute to soft and firmer skin. Every night before bed, pamper your skin by massaging an anti-ageing serum on your face to achieve plumpy skin the next morning.

Types of face serums

When it comes to choosing a face serum, It is important to recognise that there are various types of serums which target particular areas of skin and skin-related problems. To fulfil the purpose, each serum is enriched with different ingredients.

In general, face serums fall into the following categories :

  • Anti-ageing serums
  • Skin-brightening serum
  • Hydrating serum
  • Free-radical fighting serum
  • Acne-prone and sensitive skin serum
  • Reparative/texture improvement serum   

How to select the best face serum for your skin type?

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, look for a face serum for oily skin that contains salicylic acid, retinol, and rosehip seed oil. For oily-skinned people, retinol face serum works wonderfully. Try something containing hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C for older and dry skin, and glycolic acid for normal skin, which retains moisture and keeps skin revitalised and regenerated. When selecting a skin serum, keep the following elements in mind:

1. Skin type compatible

When choosing a face serum, it is essential to realise that there are several types of serums as well as particular components to consider depending on your skin type. Before investing in skincare products, it is essential to understand your skin type. How do you make that decision? Simply take note of how your pores and skin feel when you wake up. The anti ageing serum and glow skin serum by Saturn by GHC are the best face serums in India.

2. Acne treatment serum

If you have acne-prone skin, a serum containing Salicylic acid may help. Choose a serum containing at least 2% Salicylic acid, which exfoliates, regulates oil, and prevents pore blockage. You may also choose a serum containing Niacinamide, which helps to reduce dark spots and pigmentation for a more even skin tone. This is suitable for all skin types and immediately calms acne redness and eliminates excess sebum, leaving your skin with a beautiful shine.

3. Serum hydratant

The first step toward healthy skin is to hydrate it. This is the best face serum for dry skin. Choose a serum with high moisturising and nourishing characteristics, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed, and Chia Seed. The majority of moisturising face serums include Pro-Vitamin B5. It acts as a humectant, revitalising and hydrating dull skin, making it seem healthy and well-nourished.

4. Ingredients with high potency

Serums are available in a variety of formulations to suit all skin types. It is recommended to seek a serum containing Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant that brightens the skin and eliminates dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin tone.

5. Benefits in excess

There's a reason why serum is so popular as a skincare product. It offers much more value for money than other skincare products due to a variety of advantages, a reasonable price point, active ingredients, uncomplicated application, and multi-purpose usage.

How to apply face serums?

Unlike other skincare products like creams or lotions which are massaged into the skin in an upward direction, a serum should be applied to the face in a small tapping motion using fingertips or palm. It shouldn’t be rubbed excessively since the skin absorbs the serum on its own. It is usually advised to apply a serum for overnight treatment as it’ll help in greater absorption of the product. It should also be kept in mind that serum contains active ingredients which make it susceptible to expire soon, Hence, it should be used regularly and efficiently.

Take Away 

Face serums truly save the day when it comes to skin. It is a very underrated skin product. Face serums are enriched with various active ingredients which make their absorption quicker and faster. This provides faster results. Each type of serum offers its benefit, luckily, there’s a crossover and one serum tackles more than one issue at a time.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. At what age we should use a face serum? 

When you're in your 20s or early 30s, your skin starts to change and needs special care. This is the age when your skin begins to mature and need specific care, which serum provides.

2. Is serum better than moisturizer? 

When it comes to anti-aging properties, serums outperform ordinary moisturisers. Applying serum before moisturiser makes sense.

3. Can I use serum without toner?

Toner should always be used after cleaning the skin and before applying serum. Both of these skincare products have unique advantages, so don't miss the toner before using a serum.


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