Drinking warm water benefits for overall health

Drinking warm water benefits for overall health

8 Benefits of drinking warm water

Drinking sufficient amounts of water can support healthy muscle, skin, and joint health. Water helps your body’s cells to absorb sufficient nutrients and fight off infections. Drinking a few glasses of warm water every day may offer you even more benefits. Some of them are listed here for your understanding-:

1. Healthier digestion

Drinking hot water helps break down food particles faster than drinking cold water and provides you with the drawn energy. Doing so reduces the risk of suffering from constipation problems by supporting regular bowel movements without any problems.

2. Body detoxification

Natural health experts argue that having hot water might help you in detoxifying your body. When the water reaches a temperature that is hot enough to raise the temperature of a person's body, it can cause you to sweat. This process of sweating expels toxins from your body which in turn helps you in cleaning your skin pores.

3. Improved circulation

Hot water is known to be a vasodilator which means it expands your blood vessels which in turn helps in improving your blood circulation. This can help your muscles to relax rapidly and reduce your pain.

4. Weight loss

Research has long supported the fact that drinking a sufficient amount of water can help a person in losing weight. This may partially be due to the fact that drinking the right amount of water increases your feelings of fullness. Water also helps your body in the proper absorption of nutrients, and it flushes out toxins.

5. Reduced pain

Having hot water improves blood circulation and may also help you in improving blood flow, particularly to your injured muscles. No research till now has directly linked the consumption of hot water to ease your pain.

6. Reduced stress

Having a soothing cup of hot water every day may help many people manage their problems of stress and anxiety. An older study in this matter has found out that consumption of hot fluids, such as tea and coffee, could help in lowering your stress level and also help in reducing feelings of anxiety.

7. Ease Joint Pain

Since warm water improves your blood circulation level, it can relieve your severe pain, especially joint pain. But do not drink very hot water as it will definitely have a negative effect on your body and make your joints swell up severely.  

8. Helps In Curing Sinus Issues

Boiled water that has cooled down properly and is slightly in a lukewarm stage can also ease your sinus problems when you have been caught by a bad cold somehow. It gets your mucus moving, which means that your body by itself can get rid of the mucus through the coughing symptom and by blowing your nose.

How much warm water should I drink in the morning?

As there is no such amount defined for every person to have during the day. But much research has been done to establish the fact that you should drink at least 3 cups of water that is 650 ml right after you wake up. You can build up your water tolerance by drinking such amounts of water day by day.

You need to make notice of the fact that you must avoid having your breakfast for at least 60 mins after the consumption of water.

Also do not ever force yourself to drink large volumes of water at first. Keep it doing as you find comfortable. Also, bottled water is not at all superior to tap water in most countries; if the tap water in your country or locality is safe and clean you can drink that instead.

Is drinking hot water good for your health?

First things first, drinking the right amount of water at any reasonable temperature at any time is good for you. Over half of your body is only water. Doing pretty much anything that makes you sweat a little bit depletes your body’s water content, so you need to keep water on top of the regs.

Here are some benefits specific to hot water. These benefits might surprise you instantly. When we say hot water that means water that is between 130 and 165°F or 54 to 72°C. Don’t drink water which is hotter than this temperature. There are literally no health issues on the earth that you can manage by scalding your throat, lips, or mouth.

It’s worth mentioning here that most of the evidence that has been mentioned here to establish these benefits is anecdotal. The hard science jury to prove these facts is still out under the open sky in a lot of cases.

However, drinking the right amount of water every day is super good for you. We’re going to lose zero sleep, in encouraging you to drink more water, regardless of the temperature of the water.

Benefits of drinking warm water during periods

The benefits of drinking warm water at any time during the day can help you in overcoming stomach pain during your menstruation period. During the menstruation period, many women complain of having severe stomach aches during the whole day. By consuming the right amount of water, these complaints can be resolved gradually and properly. This is because warm water can help your body in neglecting abdominal pain. Other benefits of drinking warm water during a period are as follows

  1. Warm water help in reducing severe menstrual bleeding and abdominal pain during the period.
  2. Warm water also helps in easing the problem of bloating and frequent abdominal cramping.
  3. Warm water also helps in reducing the problem of fatigue during this period. It rejuvenates your body with the required energy level.
  4. Warm water also helps in regulating your menstrual cycle. So any imbalance in your menstrual cycle can be treated by drinking a sufficient amount of water.

Drinking hot water vs cold water in the morning

Drinking warm water can:

  • helps in digestion
  • aids in blood circulation
  • assist your body to get rid of toxins faster

The risk involved in drinking hot water

Hot water can result in scalding of your mouth.

Best time to drink

  • Morning 
  • After meals
  • Before bed

Drinking cold water can:

  • Cools down your body temperature
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps in preventing excessive sweating
  • Prevents dehydration 

The risk involved in drinking cold water

Cold water slows down the process of digestion and can worsen the problem of abdominal cramps.

Best time to drink

During strenuous activities like gymming, sports, or running.


Drinking hot or warm water will not cure you of any diseases but, as long as you keep drinking the warm water there are many bodily processes that work to their best capabilities like digestion and there is no risk involved unless it is too hot to drink. So people who already enjoy having hot water first thing in the morning or those who just want to try a simple method for improving their overall health should feel scientifically assured that they are gonna benefit a lot by having the habit of drinking hot water daily.


1. Is it healthier to drink warm water?

Yes, definitely drinking warm water can benefit you a lot by aiding in digestion, aiding in proper blood circulation, and also assist your body in getting rid of toxins much faster.

2. What will happen if I drink hot water every day?

Drinking the right amount of hot water every day on a regular basis will help your body to break down extra fat deposits, help in relaxing your muscles, and increase blood flow. 

3. Can drinking warm water burn fat?

Our body changes its existing temperature and starts the metabolism process when we drink hot water. This promotes the process of weight loss. Burning down body fat becomes much simpler for your digestive system when this extra fat is broken down into simpler molecules by the action of warm water.


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