Benefits and uses of amla powder for hair

Benefits and uses of amla powder for hair | indian gooseberry powder

Amla powder for hair

Amla powder consists of the leaves of  Indian gooseberry that are finely grounded. Ayurvedic medicine out of its many remedies has used amla powder remedy for many decades to treat several medical conditions like jaundice and diarrhea. However, Amla is most known for its use in hair health to help you in making your hair shinier and healthy.

Amla powder is suitable for all types of hair and offers a range of benefits to your hair. Here take a look at some of the significant hair benefits that can be accomplished by using amla powder:-

1. Amla Powder Strengthen Hair Follicles

Applying the Amla powder on hair scalp helps in improving blood circulation and prevents any further hair fall by strengthening the hair follicles. Even by using amla oil, you can have the same benefit. So making amla powder paste for hair growth seems quite a hassle, so you may go for ready-to-use Amla oil.

2. Amla Powder Prevents Dandruff

Amla powder used for hair is equipped with a richness of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is also capable of increased sebum production. The regular use of Amla powder helps in keeping dandruff and the itchiness of your scalp at bay. You can apply the paste of amla powder even twice on your scalp to get the best and most permanent results.

3. Amla Powder Promotes Hair Growth

Amla is very rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other essential minerals, which is why there are several amla powders used for the growth of hair. Its paste nourishes your hair, in turn stimulating the growth of your hair while reducing thinning of hair. Vitamin C present in amla powder produces collagen protein that helps trigger hair growth, both lengthwise and volume-wise, by replacing any dead cell related to hair follicles with new cells of the hair.

4. Amla Powder Delays Any Premature Greying

Amla powder is rich in vitamin C, its consumption and even application not only results in a much healthier scalp but also tackles the problem of premature greying of hair very effectively. Yes, you can definitely use this amla powder for greying your hair and even for white hair. It also helps in reducing the oxidative stress that triggers several hair problems. To maintain your natural hair color, amla powder is also a very cost-effective solution.

5. Amla Powder Prevents Your Hair from Dryness

One of the major benefits of amla powder for hair is that it can nourish, strengthen, and even condition your hair being a good toner and natural conditioner for hair. Therefore, it makes your hair shinier and adds volume to your hair by making your hair resistant to dryness by restoring the required moisture. In addition to this, it is also useful in treating the problem of excess oil on your scalp by soaking it besides conditioning your hair thoroughly. Also, a paste of amla powder and aloe vera for your hair is also proved very beneficial in preventing hair dryness.

6. Amla Powder Boost Hair Volume

Enriched with a pack of essential fatty acids and a high richness of iron and carotene, Amla powder strengthens your hair follicles. In a way, the use of amla powder for hair growth is very effective since it makes your hair more shiny and voluminous.

How to use amla powder for hair?

Amla powder is used to create a fine paste or even a hair mask. If you would want to try amla powder for your hair, you can very easily prepare your own mixture or can even purchase a premade solution.

For making your own mix you can simply mix 1-2 tablespoons of amla powder with at least 4 tablespoons of liquid and it is ready to apply. You can easily adjust the ratio depending on your own needs as needed to get the proper consistency. 

Some people prefer to beat eggs together with amla powder to make a thick hair mask that is very rich in proteins. To make this, mix at least 1/2 cup of the amla powder with 2-3 eggs and then can apply.

How to make amla powder for hair?

As we know Amla powder is very good for your health due to its 100% purity. However, it is challenging to grind the dried pieces of amla as they are very hard. Here are some very easy ways to prepare amla powder at home

  1. Clean the pieces of amla with water.
  2. Allow them to dry completely.
  3. Now cut them into fine small pieces or grate them completely for easier grinding.
  4. Discard all the seeds.
  5. Grind them in a mixer without adding any water and it is ready for application. 

How to apply amla powder to hair?

Once you are convinced about the benefits of amla powder for your hair and now looking for some ways to include the amla powder in your hair care routine Then, we are here to help you in the application of amla powder on your hair.

  • You can apply the Amla juice directly on your scalp to get benefitted to the maximum regardless of worrying about the purity.
  • Applying the amla hair Pack on your hair. This amla pack can be made by mixing the amla powder with some other useful ayurvedic ingredients for hair like Shikakai etc.
  • Amla oil is a perfect tonic for your hair. Amla can be used in combination with other carrier oils like almond oil or coconut oil as an excellent hair tonic.

Is amla powder good for hair?

Amla powder has huge benefits for your hair. It not only makes your hair shinier and glowy but also makes your scalp clean and healthy.

Hair growth and hair health are one of the best and most significant advantages of using amla powder. Amla powder is very effective in raising the levels of sebum production, which can help you in getting rid of problems of dandruff, scalp redness, and itchiness. Amla powder also found its name in making the overall growth and well-being of your hair a whole.

Possible side effects of amla powder

It is necessary to understand some side effects that amla powder possesses to know the exact effects it might have on your body while consuming the amla powder in several other situations.

  • Amla is not for hypotension patients as it lowers your blood pressure. 
  • Amla powder is not for low-sugar patients as it is a great remedy to control the high sugar due to the presence of fiber.
  • Heart patients need to be careful as it can also lead to some negative reactions with certain medications. 
  • It can trigger acidity. 
  • It can make stool hard.
  • It can also lead to Dehydration.
  • It can lead to skin problems and hair fall.

Bottom line

More research papers are required to truly determine how the Indian gooseberry that is amla powder affects overall hair and scalp health.

While it may be quite safe to try amla powder as a general booster, speak with some professional doctor or other healthcare experts before using amla powder to treat your hair loss, hair lice, or any other underlying ailments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is amla good for hair?

Amla oil is a good source of Vitamin E, which is a good conditioner for the hair, leaving it soft and shiny while fixing frizz. Also, it works effectively to counter dryness in its oil form. It is also said to minimize premature greying of the hair too.

2. Can amla regrow lost hair?

Just as amla can boost actual growth, topical application can actually reduce hair loss as well. Research shows that amla oil was a powerful inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase. The medication finasteride, which is used to treat male and female pattern baldness, also works by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase.

3. Can amla thicken hair?

With amla’s nutrients and other properties, drinking amla juice regularly or simply applying it to your hair can make your hair thicker and bouncier. 


1. Preclinical and Clinical Studies Demonstrate That the Proprietary Herbal Extract DA-5512 Effectively Stimulates Hair Growth and Promotes Hair Health.