Are Skin Shine Creams Good?

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What Are Skin Shine Creams? 

Skin shine Cream is a type of prescription medicine that is used in the treatment of a disease called melasma. It quickly helps in skin renewal. It provides relief from swelling, itching, and redness of your skin and brings them to good health to restore their youthful appearance again.

Major Benefits Of Skin shine Cream

Melasma is a common skin disorder problem that causes discoloured dark patches on your skin. It is for treating short-term, moderate to long-term melasma. By nature, it is more common in females than males. Skin shine cream proves to be helpful to lighten out these dark patches of your skin which are usually caused due to birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone medicine, or any injury that is caused to the skin. It effectively blocks the process of discolouration of the skin and helps in treating it effectively. Skin shine cream is found helpful in treating or reducing any rashes, redness, itchiness, or pain of the skin that may appear in this condition.

This improves your confidence and self-esteem as soon as your appearance changes. You should always use it only as prescribed and only apply that amount as has been told to. Keep using it regularly without any break for better results.

Interaction with Alcohol 

No such interaction found

Interaction In Pregnancy 

Many available skin shine creams may be quite unsafe to use during the pregnancy phase. Many animal studies have shown in their research that while you use skin shine creams during pregnancy they have serious adverse effects on the fetus of the mother, however, still much to be found in research. The benefits you gain from using such products in pregnant women may be acceptable to some people despite the serious threat that they pose. Please do consult the doctor for guidance.

Interaction During Lactation

Skin shine cream might be a safe option to choose during lactation. Limited human research data suggests that the use of this drug does not pose a significant risk to the baby. The skin of the baby should not come any way into direct contact with the treated area of the baby's skin. Much preference is given to water-miscible gel over ointments as they may expose the baby's skin to harmful effects of the Cream if the baby licks it.

Some Common Side Effects

There can be some reactions at the site of the skin shine cream application such as irritation, burning,  itching, irritation and severe redness, Skin thinning, Dry skin, and some Acne conditions.

How to Use the Skincare Cream Without Side Effects

Firstly, this medicine can be used only externally. Use the same amount of dose as has been prescribed by the doctor. Massage it slowly and gently for better results.


Do not need to drive unless you feel completely well. Your ability to drive the car may be diminished while you use the Skin shine Cream especially if you have a severe headache or dizziness.


Since limited data is available for using Skin shine Cream in patients with kidney disease is probably safe. So patients with such diseases must be careful while using skin shine creams or consult doctors.


With the adjustment of doses and some research data suggests the safe use of Skin shine Cream in people suffering from liver disease. Do consult the doctor firsthand when you feel the need.

What Should Be The Mode Of Action

Skin shine Cream is an effective combination of three medicines which are Mometasone Topical, Hydroquinone Topical, and Tretinoin Topical which is very famous for treating melasma which is dark spots on the skin. Mometasone Topical is actually a steroid that blocks the production of various chemical messengers that turn the skin swollen, red, and itchy. Hydroquinone Topical is used for lightening the skin as it reduces the level of melanin, a skin pigment that causes skin darkening. While Tretinoin Topical is a kind of vitamin A that turns your damaged skin into new.

Side Effects of Skin Shine Cream

Most of the side effects that these creams bring upon their use do not require any particular medical attention and fade away as the body adjust itself to the medicine.

The common side effects of this medicine include irritation, burning, redness, and itchiness, at the site of application.

Do consult the doctor if they persist for a longer duration even if you are worried about them. 

Take Away

Skin shine creams should always be used in the same dose and duration as advised by the doctor. Wash your hands thoroughly before applying for this medicine. It is also advisable to check the label to follow the directions before use. And is for external use only. 

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Do inform your doctor if you have any allergies to this medicine.

If these mentioned side effects or any other symptoms that you think to appear because of this medicine persist for a longer period of time, please do consult your doctor. Inform your doctor if you are in the pregnancy stage or are currently suffering from any other disease as this medicine is not at all safe to use in lactating mothers.