Amazing Amla Juice Benefits For Hair You Need To Be Aware Of!

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Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is one of the top superfruits due to its high anti-oxidant and vitamin C content. According to studies, 100 grams of fresh amlas have 20 times more vitamin C than an orange! It is indigenous to Asia, particularly India, where it is revered for its culinary and herbal medical applications. Indian gooseberries, which may grow to the size of a golf ball, have a sour, bitter, and astringent flavour. Many ayurvedic preparations include the whole plant, including the fruit, leaves, and seeds.

5 Benefits of amla juice for hair

For generations, amla has been utilised for its many hair benefits.

1. Reduces hair greying

Amla promotes the supply of important nutrients to hair follicles by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Vit C protects your hair from early pigment loss. It does this by oxidising melanin, the pigment responsible for the colour of our skin and hair. This prevents premature greying and restores your natural hair colour. Amla also has cooling properties, which aid in hair rejuvenation by neutralising excess body heat.

2. Helps to prevent dandruff

Dandruff is caused by severe scalp dryness. This is exacerbated by Malassezia, a fungus found on your scalp, which has excessive microbial activity. This fungus feeds on sebum, an oily fluid, and dead skin cells, causing inflammation, irritation, and itching. Amla has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that gently cleanse, moisturise, and return pH levels to normal. One of the most important hair advantages of amla is the reduction of itching and reversal of fungal overgrowth.

3. Hair Strengthening

Tension, environmental causes, dietary deficiencies, medical disorders, and other variables may all contribute to hair dullness and thinning. Amla, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, increases general blood circulation, including circulation to the scalp. This improves the supply of oxygen and other nutrients from your food to the hair follicles. Regular use of amla juice has been demonstrated to stimulate and thicken hair follicles.

4. Promotes Hair Growth

Everyone's biggest dread is premature hair fall. Guess who comes to the rescue once more? It's vitamin C all over again! Protein is a necessary building element for hair since it is needed to replace dead cells with new ones. Vitamin C, which is abundant in amla, is essential for the formation of collagen, a protein that promotes hair growth. It has been shown to increase hair volume and thickness from the root to the tip.

5. Natural Hair Conditioner

Amla's hair advantages include it's being a nutritious hair conditioner. Because amla contains up to 80% moisture, it is a natural moisturiser and conditioner for skin and hair.

Does amla juice help in hair growth?

Yes. Amla, often known as Indian gooseberry, may successfully cure hair loss. This tasty fruit is said to be a hair-care miracle. It promotes hair growth and enhances hair quality. It includes calcium, which helps to maintain healthy hair.

Is amla juice good for hair?

Yes. Drinking a glass of amla juice daily reduces hair fall and strengthens hair follicles from root to tip. Drinking amla juice regularly might also help stimulate hair growth. Aside from treating dandruff, regular use boosts immunity, strengthens hair follicles, and gives volume to the hair.

How to make amla juice for hair growth?

  1. Remove the seeds from 3-4 Amla (gooseberry) pieces. 
  2. Chop the amla and combine it with 1 tsp minced ginger, 2 cups of water, and 12 tsp black salt in a grinder to get a smooth mixture. 
  3. To obtain the juice, strain the mixture through a sieve and discard the pulp. 
  4. Amla juice is ready!

How to use amla juice for hair growth?

Amla juice is an effective treatment for thinning hair. Amla juice is the simplest hair tonic since it has all the necessary elements for healthy hair.

  1. To get the juice, just press a fresh amla into a bowl.
  2. Amla juice and freshly squeezed lemon juice may be used to make a hair tonic.
  3. Apply amla juice to your scalp by massaging it in with your hands.
  4. Gently massage it in and let it on for approximately an hour. 
  5. Remove it with a gentle cleaner.

Amla juice vs amla powder -which is better?

Both are good for your hair. It is best if you can apply it immediately. If sun-dried, the dried form contains vitamin C just like the fresh form. Amla is well-known for its ability to treat dandruff and promote scalp health.


Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is one of the top superfruits due to its high anti-oxidant and vitamin C content. Amla is well-known for its ability to treat dandruff and promote scalp health. Drinking a glass of amla juice daily reduces hair fall and strengthens hair follicles.


1. Can we apply Amla juice on the scalp daily?

Yes. It helps in blood circulation. Blood circulation ensures that the scalp receives all of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to be healthy.

2. Can we apply Amla juice on hair overnight?

Yes. For the greatest benefits, keep amla oil on for at least 30 minutes, if not overnight.

3. Can I apply amla juice to the face?

Yes. Amla juice is a natural cleanser that may be consumed or used directly on the hair and skin. Applying amla to your face will exfoliate your skin, further eliminating dead skin cells. This will offer you healthy, glowing skin.


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