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Aloe Vera Benefits for Face & Skin

aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera Benefits 

Aloe vera the wonder house plant is something of much significance for most of the body parts that are often found in plain sight.

It acts as a medicinal herb as it nourishes different body parts like the face, skin, and hair to the core. It is very rich in nutrients which ultimately aids in enhancing minor skin ailments. It also can be used to correct the digestive system and helps in boosting much-needed immunity.

How to Get the Golden Gel?

However, before diving into its need for the body and several other health benefits, let us look for the procedure for getting the precious aloe vera gel directly from its plant. 

  1. First, select one of its fatter leaves or any stem to cut from the plant. Be very careful from its thorn.
  2. The next step is to take out its thorns with the help of a sharp knife from the edges. Now by keeping the gel side up, slice the leaf. 
  3. Now scrape the gel out of the leaf using a spoon and pour it into the container. You can also refrigerate this gel for future use. If this process seems too tedious for you, or you can simply buy Aloe Vera gel from the market.

Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Hair, Face & Skin 

The precious healing gel that we use is extracted from the same aloe vera plant but it is estimated that there are more than 420 different species of it found to date with more than one kind of aloe for example plant named aloe barbadensis Miller mostly used for several skin ailments.

One of its several uses is that aloe gel can be used instantly for emergency burns while in parallel over the counter aloe gel with its effective skin-soothing properties like calendula and echinacea used for glowing facial skin.

Here are some of the beauty benefits of aloe vera:

It helps in Soothes Sunburns

Known for its immediate soothing effect on sunburn, it earns its name to “burn plant” as Aloe Vera contains certain rare compounds known as polysaccharides, which encourage effective skin repair and produce new skin cells to glow meter.

Various recent studies done on aloe plants have shown that aloin, with anti-inflammatory properties present in it too which in turn helps in reducing the peeling effect of sunburns.

As A Pain Reliever 

It also contains a pain-relieving compound called carboxypeptidase, a pain-relieving compound that finds its place in Aloe Vera gel gives us that soothing feeling every time we apply Aloe Vera.

Magical Heel For Burns

Some well-framed research explicitly mentioned the healing effect that aloe gel provides to even second-degree burns.

Glowing effect on Face

If the sun causes damage to your face with visible symptoms like freckles, dark spots, or even mild sunburns. Get a long-lasting relief by applying aloe vera gel on your face and manage other symptoms too.

Apply Brakes On The Sign of Ageing

As you grow older skin ages, it starts to appear more wrinkled with visible fine lines and becomes loose. But you don’t need to worry, Aloe Vera can assist in retaining the lost skin moisture and restoring its glow. Aloe Vera gel also helps in improving the lost elasticity of the skin and repairing damaged skin cells thus avoiding premature. 

Relief In Skin Irritation

Aloe Vera's cooling properties due to the presence of acemannan compound help in soothing skin rashes, redness, infection, and unbearable itchiness also supplement it with antifungal properties that treat various inflammatory skin issues such as heat boils in summer.

However, there is an absence of proper research in support of its conventional use. In order to clear this doubt, you can first apply only a small patch of aloe gel on the inflammatory spot as aloe vera gel can result in allergic contact dermatitis in many cases.

Must-Have In Mouth Sores

Aloe gel is a must-have in various oral conditions like cold sores fever blisters and cold sores in the mouth as it treats the herpes virus, the major cause for cold sores. This can be achieved easily by applying it on a cold sore until the relief.

Shield Your Eyes Against Dark Circles

Basically, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, and excessive caffeine intake are the major causes of Dark Circles. They can be avoided by applying aloe gel to the dark circle and leaving it overnight. That's it for beautiful YOU…

Counter Against Acne & Blemishes

Applauding the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory constituents of aloe gel keeps mumming the acne-producing bacteria.

Another cleansing factor of acne gel is unclogging skin pores with blackheads and irritating pimples due to the presence of salicylic acid. It again proves beneficial against blemishes and stubborn scars.

Just add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with that of aloe gel to start its magical impact on your acne.

Cheapest organic make-up remover

For it just add 1 tablespoon of both olive oil and aloe vera gel, stir it properly and your hand-made instant makeup remover is ready and it will also deeply moisturize your skin.

Take Away

In India, Food and Drug Administration does not regulate aloe vera gel products. This indicates that there might be things that are of concern for general health by its usage. So it is all up to you to use such products which you approve for your specific concerns or ask doctors to be on the safe side.

If after using it you are getting certain rashes on your skin you might be allergic to aloe gel so stop using it immediately.

Another takeaway from aloe vera gel application is to consider its microbial properties as it is able to disrupt the healing of any infection and make symptoms even worse.