8 Useful Tips for Dry Skin in Summer

Dry skin remedies

Dry Skin in Summer

Summer is a time for sun beachy days, vacations and pool parties but it's also the time to follow a skincare routine. The hot summer longer days affects the skin very differently than the short, dark winter days. But it may seem very confusing for everyone about the summer days as it is known only for hot, sweaty and greasy skin days. But on these hot and humid days, the skin usually tends to appear drier. There are many various reasons that destroy the moisture content of your skin in this red hot burning heat. So here we are going to know the reason and useful tips for dry skin in summer and what are dry skin remedies.

Causes for Dry skin in summer

Whatever skin type you have whether it is normal or oily or combination skin, it turns dry during the summer days. Some main important causes that lead to dryness of the skin are:

  • Direct sun exposure to excessive heat without any sun protection can harm and damage the skin cells and also cause water loss that leads to dry skin during summer days.
  • During summer, when you are spending in the swimming pool to beat the hot sunny days you end up drying your skin due to the chlorinated water that loses your skin's pH level and makes the skin dry.
  • Dehydration is the most common reason for skin dryness as many people tend to drink less amount of water. Excessive sweating and drinking less amount of water can cause skin dryness.
  • Locking yourself in air-conditioned rooms also lock the moisture content of your skin which causes dryness of the skin.

Tips to deal with dry skin in summer

Face Wash

Particular chemical cleansers and soaps used to wash your face may strip your skin's natural moisture level and makes the skin dry. Instead of using the harsh chemical cleanser, opt for mild face washes that contain chemical free facewash that retain your moisture level of the skin. One of the best face wash for dry skin is available online as Saturn foaming face wash that helps retain moisture level to the skin and clears the skin from breakouts and drying.


Sunscreen is the most important product to carry in your purse wherever you go or whenever you step out in sun. Sunscreen is considered every female's best friend or soulmate. Wearing sunscreen helps your skin protect itself from harmful ultraviolet rays. Direct exposure to sunlight can also lead to skin scarring, sunburn and early ageing of the skin. Always keep in mind to apply and reapply sunscreen whenever you step out of the sun.

When looking for sunscreen always look for SPF content in it which is called sun protection factor - it should be more than 30 SPF or 15 SPF in sunscreens. The sunscreen must also have labelled as a broad-spectrum sunscreen and lastly don't forget about lip protection.

According to the skin cancer foundation, using sunscreen of SPF 15 can reduce 50 per cent chances of developing melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. 

Avoid Hot Water bath

During hot summer days, opt to get a shower with cold water as hot water tends to dry the skin. Keeping your body temperature below may help you from dehydration, also prevents dryness itching of the skin. After taking shower always apply moisture to the body that helps the skin to retain moisture in the skin. 

Make-up For Dry Skin In Summer

During summer, it is very important to keep your skin moisturized to help your make up stay well during summer days. Always use light moisturizer before applying it to make-up and opt for the best moisturizer for dry skin. To prevent clogging pores, use toner for dry skin which minimizes the pore size and if the possible skipping foundation is the better option.

Some makeup tips for hot summer days

  • Start your makeup with a primer that helps other products to blend and apply easily. Primers are also available based on skin types.
  • Opt for BB creams rather than the foundation that is lighter than foundation and is breathable during hot summer days.
  • Avoid using compacts that may clog the pores and lead to acne breakouts and make a cakey appearance, hence instead apply loose powder.

Use of Humidifiers

Seating air-conditioned room, make your skin dry in summer which tends to absorb humidity and moisture from the air. Using humidifiers in-home helps to regulate the humidity in the air if you live in a very hot and dry climate. Using a humidifier will help the skin prevent from getting drier.

Drink More Water

Keeping your skin hydrated on summer days is only the best thing that one can do. Drinking Lots of water helps to keep skin hydrated for a longer time and prevent it from getting dry. It is a must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day which keeps the skin retaining its moisture level.

Take Away

The most common issue during summer is dry skin that is caused due to excessive heat and water loss from the body. Following a proper skincare routine and taking a step towards moisturizing and hydrating your skin and having a good diet with the right food prevent your skin from drying and premature ageing.