8 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Grapes in Summer

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Grapes in Summer

Health & Beauty Benefits of Grapes

These small globules of pure deliciousness are sweet, healthy and very refreshing to the palate. And whether you like the green, black or red variants, they all come packed with several essential nutrients and antioxidants. Include a handful of grapes in your daily diet and grab all its amazing health benefits. Grapes are known to be very healthy for the heart, can normalize blood pressure and even normalize cholesterol levels. 

Health Benefits of Grapes

Full Of Antioxidants

Grapes are known for their antioxidant properties which help in protecting and healing your body from various health disorders. The maximum amount of antioxidants is found in the grape’s skin and seed. So wash the grapes properly before eating, but don’t peel the skin away. rapes don’t even lose these antioxidants after fermentation. So if you’re wondering which variety is healthier, then red grapes are known to carry a more amount of antioxidants than green and black grapes.

Grapes Can Keep Infections At Bay

Everyone knows that vitamin C is very crucial for fighting infections and diseases. Like, if you are suffering from the common cold and flu, you’ll always be advised to have some vitamin C supplements to get some relief from the sickness and enhance your immunity. And nothing can ever beat the dose of vitamin C that your body needs which you can get from natural products – and grapes being one of them.

Can Regulate Blood Pressure

Your body needs potassium for maintaining normal blood pressure levels. One cup of grapes consists of around 288 mg of potassium, which is extremely beneficial for maintaining normal blood pressure levels. High blood pressure can further lead to heart problems. 

May Control Cholesterol

Red grapes are also very well known for maintaining cholesterol levels in the body. People with high cholesterol are advised to have grapes, especially red grapes in their diet but take advice from a doctor before consuming them.

Can Relieve Constipation

Grapes contain lots of fibre that helps in keeping your digestive system healthy. The right amount of fibre and water in your diet can keep constipation at bay.

Makes Our Skin Healthy

Apart from eating, grapes can also be used directly on the skin. It may help remove sunburn and make your skin super soft. The vitamin C in the fruit helps in enhancing skin health. Take a few grapes, mash them with clean hands, and apply them to your face properly. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with water.

Keeps Our Hair Strong

Grapes are also known to help keep your tresses healthy, due to the good amount of antioxidants and vitamin C present in them. The method of application of grapes is the same as it is used for the skin. Apply mashed grapes to your scalp and wash them off using a gentle shampoo after 10-15 minutes. This helps in strengthening your hair and can also cure hair fall.

Excellent For Eyes

Grapes contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two compounds which help in keeping our retina healthy and further boost your eye health. It is good to consume for people having certain eye problems.

Helpful In Curing Diabetes

Grapes have a low Glycemic Index that indicates which particular food can elevate your blood sugar levels and at what speed. Being low in GI, grapes don’t raise your blood sugar levels and while it’s considered to be a fairly healthy fruit for those with type 2 diabetes, a doctor’s advice is always recommended before adding grapes to the diet.

Side-Effects Of Grapes

Just like everything else, all good things come with a touch of something bad with it. Grapes too are not any exceptions. If you consume too much of them, you might end up getting some effects from them.  Let's take a look at the side effects of eating too many grapes. 

  • It can cause stomach ache, gas, constipation etc.
  • It can raise the blood sugar levels of the body. A doctor’s advice is required before consuming grapes during diabetes.
  • Pregnant women should consult their doctor before consuming grapes as it can increase the level of blood sugar in women suffering from high blood sugar levels. Expectant mothers should also avoid consuming grapes or limit their intake in case of gestational diabetes, ulcers or other problems of the digestive tract.
  • It can increase or decrease cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Even though there are several advantages to eating grapes, their high quantity can even cause weight gain.
  • If you are allergic to some kind of fruit then you should consult your doctor before having grapes.

Take Away

Don’t forget to get the amazing benefits of grapes during the summer. Black grapes’ benefits include heart health, prevention of cancer, a healthy brain, normalising blood sugar levels, etc. Green grapes too, are very healthy as they help to control diabetes and other heart problems. Plus dry grapes are really good for skin and hair, even if used externally. But don’t overdo it because anything in excess can damage your body. If you’re dealing with diabetes or any other issue like you are pregnant, consult your doctor first before eating grapes.