8 Most Effective & Easy Home Remedies to Manage Oily Skin in Summer

oily skin in summer

Oily Skin in Summer

People prepare to come out and enjoy the sun at beaches and parks as winter bids us farewell for the year and the warm winds of summer begin to blow. However, for those of us with oily skin, it nearly seems like the end of our pimple-free days as we grab for our blotting sheets, suntan removal lotion, cleansers, and cooling gels to keep the sebaceous glands in check. Although oily and mixed skin needs more care and attention, on the plus side, it ages considerably more slowly than normal and dry skin and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay for a longer amount of time.

Points to Remember When Taking Care of Oily Skin

  • If you have oily skin, you should include these fundamental oily skincare suggestions in your daily skincare regimen.
  • When cleaning oily skin, use lukewarm water instead of cold water since it dissolves oil more efficiently. It aids in the removal of dirt and pollutants that have accumulated on the skin, as well as the unclogging of skin pores.
  • Regular washing is one of the greatest ways for women with oily skin to acquire clear skin naturally. It's enough to clean your face twice a day to maintain it clean. Don't scrub too hard, since this might dry out your skin and cause oil production from the sebaceous glands.
  • Use a gel-based cleanser with salicylic acid, citric acid, and glycolic acid to help remove dead skin cells that block pores and cause pimples.
  • Excessive scrubbing should be avoided. Dead cells and blackheads may easily be removed by exfoliating the skin 2-3 times each week. Natural oils are produced by the skin to retain moisture, keep it nourished, and combat irritations. 
  • As the summer season approaches, keep your makeup to a minimum. Replace thick foundation with tinted moisturising lotions containing silicone, which does not disintegrate and clogs pores. It also acts as a thermal barrier between the skin and the environment. 
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands, since this transmits more oil, dirt, and bacteria to your face, making it more prone to breakouts. During the summer, attempt to draw your hair back and away from your face, and reduce excessive oiliness of the scalp by utilising oily hair home remedies.
  • In the summer, toner is an essential part of oily skincare. Wipe the excessively greasy parts of the face, such as the forehead and around the nose, with a toner. The toner's astringent qualities soothe and calm the face while also shrinking open pores to help regulate oil production. You can also use a combo of Foam Face Wash, Face Toner for Oily Skin & Vitamin C Serum to get glowing radiant skin in summer.
  • Watch what you consume. Those enticing drinks and fried fatty meals can look appealing, but they add additional oil to the skin leaving it vulnerable to acne and pimples. Always have detox drinks for glowing skin. Try to avoid food heavy in oil and replace them with food rich in vitamin A as well as vitamin C, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy greens such as kale, spinach, lettuce, and red peppers, and fruits like cantaloupe, apricot, mango, etc.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep your body and skin hydrated and detox your whole body.
  • Always apply sunscreen while stepping out in direct sunlight.

During the summer, there are DIY face masks for oily skin

Tired of trying a variety of over-the-counter cleansers and ointments that claim to cure pimples and acne of the root but fail to deliver in practice? Instead of using hazardous chemicals, try these natural skincare techniques and home treatments for oily skin and pimples, which are based on nature's nutritious goodness.

Scrub with Oat Meal and Aloe Vera

Since ancient times, aloe vera has been utilised for its therapeutic properties. Aloe vera contains salicylic acid, an aspirin-like molecule with potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and analgesic qualities that aid in the treatment of oily skin, acne, and pimples. Aloe's anti-inflammatory characteristics aid in the treatment of sunburns and skin infections. 

Face Scrub with Oat Meal and Aloe Vera for Oily Skin

Apply a handful of dried oats to your face and mix completely with some aloe vera gel. Massage gently in a clockwise and anti-clockwise pattern for 3-5 minutes. Allow 15 minutes before rinsing with water. To get obvious benefits, repeat this cure once a week.

Face Scrub with Banana, Milk, and Oats

This inexpensive fruit is high in vitamins A, B, and E, as well as potassium, which helps to moisturise and hydrate skin cells without leaving them oily and greasy. Milk is the finest natural moisturiser since it gently nourishes the skin. This is an excellent natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads. 

Face Mask with Oatmeal

1 ripe banana, a tablespoon of milk, and 2 tablespoons of oats mashed together Combine all ingredients in a bowl and apply to a clean face. Massage the face for 5 to 6 minutes in a gentle circular motion, then keep it on for another 20 minutes before washing it off with water. For optimal results, do it 2 to 3 times each week.

Face Pack with Apples and Honey

This is without a doubt the most efficient natural face mask for oily skin since it eliminates excess oil without drying the skin. Honey, as a natural humectant, adds a soft and silky texture to the skin, while apple provides the nutrients needed to keep skin healthy and naturally radiant. Vitamins A, B, and vitamin C, among others, are abundant in apples. These vitamins assist to reduce skin greasiness by acting as natural toners, cleansers, and moisturisers. Crush a seeded apple and combine it with 3 tablespoons of honey. Apply to a freshly cleansed face. Allow for 20 minutes before rinsing with water. For fair, oil-free skin, repeat this therapy 2 to 3 times each week.

Honey and Banana Face Pack

Lemon juice, as a natural cleanser, aids in the removal of oil from the skin, as well as the lightening of skin tans and age spots, and the removal of blackheads. One banana, a spoonful of honey, and a teaspoon of lemon juice are blended together. Apply to the face and let for 20 minutes to dry. Using a heated cloth, remove the pack and thoroughly rinse with water. For best results, repeat this cure 2 to 3 times each week.

Toner with Peppermint

Peppermint is a great toner because of its astringent properties. It's a great home remedy for acne, pimples, inflammation, itching, sunburn, and skin cooling. It helps to close open pores, which helps to reduce sebum production and gives the skin a more even tone. Put a handful of peppermint leaves in a cup and pour boiling water over it to produce the peppermint toner. After a half-hour wait, filter the liquid. After cleansing your face, use a cotton ball to apply this natural toner to your face.

Moisturizer with Egg Whites

And we'll need the oh-so-important moisturiser to round off our oily skincare routine. Yes, even oily skin needs the use of a moisturiser. Eggs are high in proteins, which are beneficial to the skin. Eggs are also recognised for helping to maintain the skin's natural suppleness. What better way to treat your skin than with an egg white moisturiser?

Take Away

There's no need to be concerned about oily skin issues now that most of the components are readily accessible in the kitchen or freezer. You could be thrilled with the outcomes if you try out these great natural skin cures.