8 Hidden Health Benefits of Performing Ashwini Mudra

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Constipation and hemorrhoids may be relieved by Ashwini Mudrayoga, a kind of hatha yoga that includes contracting and releasing the anal sphincter. The English name for Ashwini Mudra is "Horse Gesture" or "Horse Mudra." This is because horses engage in a regular pattern of contraction and relaxation of the whole pelvic area, which includes the perineum of the body, buttock muscles, and the anal sphincter muscles.

Benefits of ashwini Mudra in body are:

  • Boosts digestion
  • Effective for piles
  • Improves sexual health
  • Improves the muscles of uterus
  • Helpful for pregnancy
  • Improves skin conditions
  • Decrease the stress levels
  • increase the energy levels

Yoga Benefits

It is known by several names:

  • The gesture of the horse
  • Ashwini Mudra is a Sanskrit name
  • "Gesture Pose" for horses
  • Lotus pose yoga

Our hurried lifestyles and bad behaviors have a considerably greater influence on our health than we could have predicted. Our bodies are the energy channels, they have the ability to heal themselves via yoga asanas, workouts, and a diet rich in nutritious foods. In this post, we'll introduce you to a kind of yoga that provides a wide range of health advantages when practiced regularly. Yoga is beneficial for skin, and hair, reducing baldness, etc as it greatly increases blood circulation within the body.

The horse gesture is the yoga of Ashwini Mudra. Learn how to do this position, as well as its many health advantages. To begin, let us introduce you to this asana. Continue reading to find out more.

How do you perform Ashwini Mudra?

Ashwini Mudra - First Step.

This may be performed in a variety of ways. These are the first two:

  1.  Version 1
  • In Padmasana, the lotus position brings your whole body into a state of relaxation.
  • Take a deep breath in and out. For a few minutes, pay attention to how your body naturally breathes.
  • Now, without straining, tighten the anus sphincter muscle and let go of your whole body.
  • The anal region should be the sole place you contract throughout this exercise.
  • For as long as you can, keep your muscles contracted.
  • You should strive to keep the contraction and relaxation process flowing and rhythmic as you go through it.
  • If you want to become stronger, you may gradually increase the contraction.
  1. Version 2
  • Sit on your heels or a rolled-up towel for this Mudra variation. 
  • See the Ashwini Mudra photos to learn how to do it. 
  • The Muladhara Chakra will be put under more stress as a result of this. 

This yoga has these steps:

  • Fill one-third of the lungs' whole capacity with air.
  • Now, in a split second, contract and relax your anus. 
  • At the very least, this should be repeated 15 times.
  • Slowly exhale.
  • Inhale deeply and then contract your muscles 15 times.
  • Take a deep breath in, then gently exhale.
  • Give it another go. The third and final time, fill the lungs to one-third of their maximum capacity.
  • For the final 15 repetitions, alternately contract and release your muscles.
  • Do not exhale at this point. Instead, lift the shoulders forward and squeeze the chin into the chest. 
  • Relax by taking a deep breath out of your nose and letting go of the stress. You'll be able to feel it all throughout your body.
  • Insights and Considerations It's a good idea to think about what this yoga position can do before you begin practicing it. 

These are some examples:

  • This Mudra is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
  • It may also be used to cure difficulties like bedwetting since it is a kind of kid's yoga.
  • This yoga should be avoided for women with serious uterine problems.
  • This asana is not recommended for those with conditions such as an enlarged thyroid, slipped disc, enlarged liver, or spleen.
  • Doing Ashwini Mudra for an extended period of time might cause health problems, hence it should only be done sparingly.
  • It should not be performed while walking.
  • Other than this, you may perform it while sitting, lying, or in an upright position.
  • Use Ashwini Mudra photos as a guide but don't depend solely on them. Consult with a yoga professional for advice.

Ashwini Mudra's Positive Effects on the Body

Ashwini Mudra is a must-try yoga because of these advantages:

1)Anatomy of the Footbed

When you execute Ashwini Mudra, you'll notice 

  1. A difference in your digestion
  2. Constipation and gas might be relieved with this stance
  3. An increase in prana helps to strengthen and protect the internal organs from sickness.
  4. This yoga pose may also enhance your bowel motions if you do it regularly.

2)Effective for Pile-Building

A healthy digestive system isn't the only benefit of this yoga pose. Pile-busting, hemorrhoid-relieving, and other anal and rectum-related disorders may all benefit from this kind of yoga. Because the anal sphincter contracts during this stance, blood flow increases throughout the area. As a result, the burning feeling and discomfort in the area are alleviated. Ashwini Mudra, on the other hand, may help alleviate the symptoms of a variety of ailments, including piles.

3)Enhances Sexual Wellness

Ashwini Mudra is a popular sexual health technique. For guys, this is extremely beneficial. During this process, the pelvic muscles, perineum, sphincter, and whole pelvic area are repeatedly contracted and then relaxed. This also relaxes the anal muscles of the body. The sex muscles are bolstered, as are the power and endurance that come with them. In addition to enhancing pleasure in sex, this position increases circulation in the pelvic area. What's more? Yoga also enhances sexual pleasure by bringing forth the water and earth chakras' sexual energy, making sex more pleasurable.

4)Increases Uterus Muscle Strength

This asana has been shown to be beneficial for ladies with uterine-related health issues. The placenta is the organ that nourishes and protects the fetus during pregnancy. This is why a well-toned uterus is so important. In addition, robust uterine muscles aid in the complication of menstruation. The uterine muscles are said to be strengthened when Ashwini Mudra and Mul Bandha are performed together.

5)Stress and depression may be alleviated

We live in a fast-paced society, and this may contribute to high levels of stress. Depression may result from long-term stress. Stress and despair may be alleviated by practicing yoga, as you well know. This asana, too, follows the same path as everyone else. The adrenal glands and the stress hormone cortisol may both benefit from this supplement's use.

6)Glowing Skin

This asana may also help you get clean and healthy skin and reduce signs of aging, which may come as a surprise. When significant stomach-related disorders are eliminated, the skin improves as a by-product. It also helps to keep your endocrine system in good working order and promotes a healthy hormonal system, which gives you younger-looking skin.


Ashwini Mudra asana may also help you have a safe pregnancy. It is believed to be able to withstand the fetus's slow weight gain. During and after pregnancy, some women do this yoga to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Take Away

Make the horse gesture a regular part of your training routine now that you've learnt everything about it. As a novice, it is recommended that you get professional help to learn how to do this yoga correctly. The advantages of this yoga position will be maximized, and you will be protected from any negative repercussions that may result from improper use of this technique.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How can I practice Ashwini Mudra?

  • Inhale and fill one-third of the total capacity of the lungs.
  • Now, contract and relax your anus twice in a second. ...
  • Exhale slowly.
  • Repeat the whole process of inhaling and contracting the muscles 15 times.
  • Now breathe out slowly.
  • Try it once more.

2. Are there any side effects of Ashwini Mudra?

Apart from benefitting thyroid, varicose veins and asthma, Ashwini Mudra yoga benefits for sexual health and digestion. Ashwini mudra has no side effects.

3. What is the right time for Ashwini Mudra?

Yoga should be practiced either early in the morning or late in the evening, as each has benefits. One becomes more effective at their line of work by practicing in the morning. It makes one feel refreshed and tranquil in the evening by removing the fatigue from the day's exertions.


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