8 Beauty & Health Benefits of Plums

8 Beauty & Health Benefits of Plums

Benefits of Plums

Plums Have Amazing Skin, Hair, and Health Benefits – Plums are one of India's most scarce fruits, so count yourself fortunate if you can get your hands on any. The reason for this is that plums have several health and cosmetic advantages. Plums are juicy, sweet fruit that comes in a range of colours. When the fruit is fresh, we call it a plum, and when it is dried, we call it prunes. Both types, however, are nutrient-dense. Plums have a lot of vitamins and minerals in them. Vitamins A, C, K, B1, B2, B3, and E are all abundant in them. Minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, and others are also present in the fruit. Plums are also low in calories but abundant in fibre.

What exactly are plums?

Plums are a juicy and sweet fruit belonging to the Rosaceae family's Prunus domestica genus, which also includes peaches, apricots, almonds, and nectarine. Plums come in a variety of colours and forms, and there are over 2000 distinct types. Plums are classified into three groups: European-Asian plums, Japanese plums, and Damson plums. Commercially, the first two types are more significant than the third.

Plums' Nutritional Value

Plums are made up of 87 per cent water, 11% carbs, 1% protein, and less than 1% fat. A 100-gram serving of raw plum has 46 calories. In addition, plums contain more than 80 different nutrients.

Beauty and health benefits of Plums

  1. Plums Have Anti-Aging Properties

Plum contains anti-ageing qualities that are beneficial to our skin. It is particularly efficient in decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and other ageing symptoms. Because of its anti-oxidant properties, plum is very effective in preventing premature ageing. It includes Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, all of which help to combat free radicals and protect our cells from oxidative damage. Plum helps to keep age symptoms at bay in this manner. Furthermore, plums' anti-inflammatory properties are important for maintaining skin suppleness. It improves blood circulation and minimises inflammation in our skin.

  1. Improves the texture of the skin

Plums have the capacity to increase skin firmness and tone, which is one of the key advantages of plums for our skin. This may be linked to plum's high Vitamin C content. It works by enhancing our body's synthesis of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine. These are two chemicals that are required for the binding of collagen-producing molecules. Collagen, as we all know, is a kind of protein that is essential for the creation and texture of our skin, hair, and other body tissues. Collagen deficiency may result in skin that is dull, sagging, and lifeless.

  1. Acne Treatment

Plums might be your best choice if you're suffering from acne and pimples and seeking a natural treatment. Plums are abundant in vitamin C, which is helpful in the treatment of acne. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects our skin from acne-related inflammation and scars. It also increases collagen formation, which is essential for good skin. Plums also contain vitamin A, which is a vital ingredient in the battle against acne and acne scars. It encourages the formation of healthy skin cells, which is crucial in the treatment of acne.

  1. Sun Damage is Repaired

Since summer has here, you should be aware of the advantages of plums. Plums are a fantastic way to repair sun damage. The reason for this is because plums are high in antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. These antioxidants battle free radicals, promote new cell formation, and keep our skin looking young by preventing it from becoming harsh and wrinkled as a result of severe UV exposure.

  1. Dandruff Treatment

This is where we'll begin our list of the top plum hair benefits. Dandruff is a tough issue for which finding an optimal treatment is challenging. Plums may also aid in the removal of dandruff. They are high in vitamin C, which aids in the efficient treatment of dandruff. Plums may also help to battle germs on our scalp while also soothing sensitive skin. Dandruff causes blocked hair follicles, which destroys the follicles and prevents hair growth if not addressed promptly. Plums aid in the removal of dandruff, the unclogging of follicles, and the promotion of hair growth. Plums may also enhance scalp blood circulation, resulting in a healthy scalp and nourishing hair follicles.

  1. Improves the health of the heart

Plums are good for our hearts if we eat them on a regular basis. The anti-oxidant properties of plum may efficiently eliminate free radicals, preventing cholesterol oxidation. When cholesterol is oxidised, it builds up in the arteries, causing a variety of cardiac disorders such as high cholesterol and strokes. Plums also contain potassium, an essential element that helps to keep blood pressure in check and regulates heart rhythm. Plums are also good for reducing platelet clotting, which may lead to atherosclerosis, stroke, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease. The inclusion of Vitamin B6 in plums raises homocysteine levels, which lowers the risk of a heart attack. Plums also contain Vitamin C, which is beneficial in the treatment of heart disease in people with diabetes.

  1. It helps to prevent cancer

Plums have been shown to be effective in reducing breast, gastric, and respiratory malignancies in studies. Plum is very helpful in the treatment of breast cancer. Plum's antioxidant qualities prevent malignant cells from spreading while causing no damage to healthy cells. Plums also contain vitamin A, which has been shown to protect against oral and cavity cancer.

  1. Suitable for Pregnant Women

Plums are thought to be particularly beneficial during pregnancy. Plums are high in vitamins and minerals, which are important for eye health, bone and tissue growth, and cellular health in both the mother and the developing infant. In addition, plums are high in fibre. This high fibre content aids digestion and reduces constipation. Plum eating as part of a healthy and balanced diet aids in the prevention of illnesses and the maintenance of general health.

Side effects of plum

Oxalic acid is found in plums. It's a naturally occurring chemical that may build up and crystallise into oxalate stones, which can cause health problems including kidney or gallbladder stones. Plums should not be consumed by anyone who has such health problems. Prunes and dried plums are treated with sulfites to prevent the oxidation of phenols in the prunes, which darkens and browns the fruit. Plums should be avoided by those who are sensitive to sulfites.

Take Away

There are many plum benefits. Consuming plums have many beauty and health benefits. You can have beautiful skin and a healthy heart by consuming plums every day!!