8 Beauty & Health Benefits of Cardamom

a bowl of cardamoms

What Is Cardamom?

Cardamom is a spice that is grown on small plants of the ginger family. It is shaped like a small pivot with a triangular cross-section. The pod contains a number of little black seeds, which have a dense flavour and aroma. Cardamom is widely used in cooking plenty of dishes and is also an important ingredient in the famous Masala Chai.

Different Types Of Cardamom

Two main varieties of Cardamom are Green and Black.

Green Cardamom is the very commonly found species of this spice. It is relatively milder and extremely popular in Asian cuisines. It is used in preparing both savoury and sweet dishes.

Black cardamom is a darker pod which is big in size and has a more intense flavour. It lends a smoky aroma to the dishes and hence is only used in savoury dishes.

Is Cardamom Good For Health?

The benefits of Cardamom for our body have long been recognised by the ancient people. It is vastly used in Ayurveda medicines to enhance digestion, and appetite and also treat some common infections. Cardamom is packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and prevent any cell damage. Besides, Cardamom is also good for your oral health and is one of the key ingredients in many mouth fresheners.

8 Beauty & Health Benefits of Cardamom

Lightens Complexion:

You might be thinking, does cardamom lighten skin? Well yes. One of the lesser-known benefits of cardamom is its role in providing a flawless complexion. It works by removing blemishes and dark spots and makes your skin look youthful and radiant. Being high in phytochemicals, Cardamom can also fight the visible signs of ageing. The best thing you can do is purchase products that contain cardamom or look for some simple home remedies for skin that use cardamom to get this amazing benefit.

Aids In Proper Blood Circulation:

Cardamom is known to aid in proper blood circulation to the body, particularly to the lungs. This is why it is super beneficial in treating many respiratory issues including cough, cold, and asthma. Chewing a small pod of cardamom daily can enhance your lung functionality and keep many infections away. 

Reduces Hypertension:

Cardamom is well known to help people suffering from stage 1 hypertension. With its antioxidant properties which have the ability to scavenge radicals, it benefits the body to relieve hypertension by reducing blood pressure levels, systolic and diastolic and increasing fibrinolytic activities. It reduces the heart pressure, to a controlled rhythm and relieves hypertension. Thus, people who suffer from stage 1 hypertension are recommended to take around 3 grams of cardamom to attain its maximum health benefits.

Aids In Weight Loss:

Cardamom's medicinal uses are very well known for those who suffer from poor metabolic rates. This wonderful spice can enhance the digestion rate which will help in maintaining the right weight. Make sure cardamom seeds are taken on a regular basis in any of the forms to get its amazing benefits. Cardamom tea benefits people looking to lose weight by flushing out the toxins and cleansing the internal system.

Promotes Heart Health:

Cardamom is excellent in protecting your heart health by reducing cholesterol levels. It has certain essential micronutrients that counteract the rise of lipids in the body. The hepatic and cardiac antioxidants present in cardamom significantly help in controlling cholesterol and preventing any coronary heart diseases like atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

It also aids in the prevention of blood clots and maintains the fluidity of blood. Make a concoction of 2 tsp cardamom powder in a decoction made of cumin seeds which should be consumed three times daily to reduce bad cholesterol levels. This concoction acts as a natural preventive measure for heart-related problems.

Improves Hair Health:

Black Cardamoms are rich in antioxidants to prevent cellular damage. These chemicals can guard your scalp against free radicals and also strengthen your hair strands. For this, mix black cardamom powder in water and use it as a final rinse after shampooing your hair. Along with a nourished scalp, you will also be free from the problem of dandruff.

Improves Gastrointestinal Health:

If you are facing chronic gastric related problems, try adding Cardamom seeds after every meal. This helps in getting rid of the issues like indigestion, flatulence and belching, loss of appetite and constipation. Chewing on these little seeds aids in stimulating the digestive process as well. This amazing spice can also be taken in the form of a warm tea to activate your digestive juices and enhance their production.

Detoxifies The Body:

The high amount of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins in cardamom seeds make it the ideal choice for detoxifying the body from the toxins. It helps to purify the blood also. Excess calcium, urea and toxins from the kidney can also be removed with the intake of cardamom seeds. Overall it cleanses the system as well as maintains the good health of the kidney. To get all these benefits, consume cardamom seeds every day.

Take Away

Cardamom is very much preferred in India as a post-meal digestive pill. Chewing on a cardamom pod after meals can lighten your stomach and reduce heaviness. Instead of opting for Cardamom flavoured agents, it is suggested to opt for natural Cardamom seeds to enjoy the best of its benefits.