Weight loss

Weight loss pills- Do they work?

Weight loss

Few things in the world are as bizarrely successful yet mysterious as weight loss pills. The polarizing testimonials don't make it any easier for us to determine whether they’re worth investing our precious time and money into. 

But have you read the fine print? 

Certain weight loss pills and supplements most definitely help you lose weight. But that's about how much they can do. Help. 

Where are we going wrong?

Most people who take weight loss supplements take them as ‘weight loss substitutes’.

You see, supplements of any kind are supposed to expedite and sometimes maintain results. Especially with weight loss supplements, they work to kickstart your weight loss journey and keep the momentum going. You can’t fully achieve your fitness goals without working out or getting special treatments, no matter what supplement you take!

There ARE a few supplements out there that actually work to BURN away the fat in your body, increase metabolism and build your protein. But to know which one is the right one for you, we need to break down the mechanics of weight gain and weight loss. 

What causes weight loss?

Barring any health issues and inevitable causes, weight gain isn't rocket science. The most common reason for weight gain is obviously overeating. But there could also be other reasons that can cause unexplained weight gain.

  • Hormonal fluctuations often also result in fluctuations in your weight. 
  • Underlying issues with your thyroid can also cause moderate to extreme weight fluctuations; more commonly weight gain
  • Water weight is a real thing! Water retention in the body is caused most often by consuming a sodium rich diet or dehydration. That's right! When you don’t drink ENOUGH water, your body tends to hold onto whatever amount of water you consume. So keep drinking enough water and your body will happily flush out any excess weight caused by water. 
  • Metabolism: there are some people (that we tend to envy!) who can eat and eat as much as they want and not gain a single pound of weight. This is because these people are naturally born with high metabolism! Most of us try to recreate the same metabolism in our body through exercise and physical activity. 

But in this article, lets focus on the most common and the most FIXABLE reason for weight gain and how weight loss pills for women can help: calories, fat and carbs. There are three main causes of why the chub’s been piling up if you’re someone who’s gaining weight because of overeating:

  • Overconsumption of fat and calories- This is a classic case of eating more than your body can burn and use for energy. Eating more than what you need for energy and wellbeing in a day causes an obvious surplus of fat in your body.
  • Over Absorption of fat- When you eat an imbalanced diet with a lot of empty carbs and calories, your body will never have to use the fat you consume! Hence, your body can only absorb and store that fat in you lipid cells. 
  • Little to no burning of fat and calories- This absorbed fat and calories in your body need to be used to get rid of them; meaning they need to be burnt away in the form of energy. A sedentary lifestyle with little exercise or physical activity is most likely to keep you gaining weight. 

How do weight loss pills help?

Different weight loss pills target one or more of these three causes of weight gain.

  • Appetite inhibitors like glucomannan or phentermine work to mute feelings of hunger to help with overconsumption
  • Metabolism boosters are things like apple cider vinegar, which help in burning more calories through the day
  • And then there's supplements that actually block the absorption of and burn fat, like L-Carnitine.

Weight loss supplements are usually a combination of these three components. You can attempt to mimic their effects by eating foods that serve the same functions, but you’re more likely to eat too much or too little of them to see results. A weight loss supplement is just more convenient.

It should be noted that a supplement can consist of both natural and synthetic ingredients. Don’t shy away from the word synthetic. As long as they work and are safe for your body, there’s nothing wrong with consuming synthetic ingredients. 

But how much can they help?

We all want to hear that there's a pill for a rocking bod, one that we can just pop and forget. But if life were that simple, obesity wouldn’t be one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease in India! 

Fat loss can only begin with a change in our lifestyle. Which doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with small yet consistent changes like eating 3 rotis instead of 5 and going on walks.

Also, did you know your ability to burn fat increases exponentially as you keep working out? Supplements help expedite that change, too!

Weight loss pills for women serve the purpose of giving you a push both physically and mentally! Almost as a daily reminder that you’re still on the journey to shed the flab.

Take Away 

If you’re looking for a great weight loss supplement that actually works and has clean, effective ingredients. It combines all three components of a fat loss supplement like ACV, Garcinia Cambogia, Green tea, Guggul and L Carnitine to give you quicker and lasting results.