health benefits of avocados

Top 8 Health Benefits of Eating Avocados


Avocados are also known by the name of alligator pear or butter fruit are berries that are usually grown in warm climates. Multiple health benefits like decreasing the risk of depression, protecting against the risk of cancer, and improving digestion.

Avocados fruits are known to be a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids and are found rich in many essential vitamins and minerals. Incorporating avocados into your daily routine made a normal diet a healthy one which can provide you with several health benefits.

Now have a look at the nutritional content and 8 important avocado fruit benefits.

A diet that has a sufficient quantity of natural and fresh fruits and vegetables can provide you with numerous health benefits like:

  • Reduce the risk of obesity,
  • Diabetes
  • Fair complexion
  • Healthy hair
  • Weight management
  • Full of energy 
  • Heart problem and 
  • Overall health

Here are 8 important reasons to include avocado in your diet:

1. Rich In Nutrients

Avocados are rich in vitamins C, B6, E, and K, as well as in folate, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, folate, potassium, and magnesium.  They also provide your body with beta carotene, lutein, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Avocados also contain a sufficient amount of good fats that make you feel fuller. This procedure of eating down the fat slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates which makes your blood sugar level stable.

100 grams of  avocado contains:

  • 160 calories
  • 8.5 g of fiber
  • 14.7 g of fat
  • 8.5 g of carbohydrates
  • less than 1 g of sugar

Fat constitutes an essential part as it is the basic need for every living cell of your body. By consuming healthy fats:

  • We support skin health,
  • Enhances the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins,
  • Helps in building a strong immune system.
  • Essential minerals, and other nutrients

2. Healthy For The Heart

There is approx 76 mg of natural sterol also known by the name of beta-sitosterol in every 100 g of avocado. Regular consumption of beta-sitosterol and other essential plant sterols may help you in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels which are very essential for a healthy heart.

3. Great For Your Vision

Avocados also contain zeaxanthin and lutein, the two known phytochemicals which are present in your eye tissue and provide antioxidant protection of antioxidant in helping you to minimize the damage like those from the UV lights.

The absorption of fat-soluble antioxidants like beta carotene is done effectively due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids present in avocados. So you can avoid having any age-related macular degeneration just by having avocados daily in your diet.

4. Help Preventing The Risk Of Osteoporosis

The daily value of 18% of vitamin K can be obtained just by having approximately 100grams of avocados.

The role of vitamin K in your bone health is immense but due to lack of awareness, it is absent in many of the clinical advancement debates. Vitamin K helps in optimum absorption of calcium in the body by decreasing the outflow of calcium through urinary excretion.

5. Role Of Avocados In Preventing Cancer

There is not much clinical research that has been done that can establish a direct link between consuming avocado and a reduction in the risk of having cancer. However, some clinical data suggest the role played by avocado oil that contains some necessary compounds that can help in preventing the occurrence of some cancers.

As research has shown earlier the role of folate in decreasing the risk of having cancer like that of stomach, colon, pancreatic, and cervical cancers. So about 100gm of avocados contain 59mcg which is about 15% of the daily value.

Also, avocados have high levels of carotenoids and phytochemicals, which are known to have some anticancer properties. 

Also, many in-depth studies highlighted the prevention of throat and oral cancer by including avocadoes in your daily meal. However many claims that such research lacks any human trials. So still there is a need for more significant research in this field.

6. Supporting Fetal Health

One of the major components for a healthy pregnancy is folate which in many studies reveal that it reduces the risk of neural tube abnormalities and of having a miscarriage. It is been charted out in many studies that a pregnant woman must consume about 600 micrograms a day while one avocado contains about 160 mcg. They also contain fatty acids which are known for healthy fetal development.

7. Reducing The Risk Of Depression 

As we all know by now that avocados contain a good amount of daily folate intake which is very essential in your overall dietary health as it has been clinically established that a link is there between low folate levels and depression. 

8. Improving digestion

Avocados are a very rich source of fiber which contains approximately about 7-8 grams of fiber per 100 grams of avocados.

Consuming any fruit that contains natural fiber can help in preventing constipation, maintaining good health of the digestive tract, and also minimizing the risk of having colon cancer.

Take Away

Though avocados are known to have many of the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are very essential for a person's overall health. It is the role of an overall diet that helps you in achieving a balanced state for your health and preventing any illness from occurring. So considering this reason it is always good to focus on a diet that is diversified in nature rather than focusing on a particular food.