Super Effective Frizzy Hair Solutions

a woman with frizzy hair is holding her hair up in the air

Super Effective Frizzy Hair Solutions

Our body is mainly dependent on environmental factors and weather conditions. Our skin and hair are mostly affected by changing weather, during winter dry skin and dry scalp are the most common issues everyone faces. During winter you are along with your skin your hair is more affected causing frizzy hair, dryness, and causing static movements like the natural oil in the hair get decreased and the hair becomes dehydrated and dry. We all want super silky and smooth hair.

What is Frizzy Hair?

You can define frizzy hair (frizzy hair meaning) as dry hair that lacks moisture level. Wet and humid makes your frizzy hair worse. Dry hair absorbs moisture out of the air making cuticle of hair that is the outer layer swell causing overlapping scales and making look hair frizzy. When anything makes hair dry out, turns to make it frizz worse. Alkaline shampoos, styling gels, etc such products when used on hair, make it dry out and further makes it more frizzy and this is easily breakable hair.

Dry hair makes the hair more frizzy, especially during the rainy season causes humidity which makes hair more frizzy than before. In reality, frizzy is more pain than anything. Too much hairstyling products or heat can make hair brittle and easily breakable too. You can prevent dry hair by applying shampoo or conditioning the hair that makes it look dull. To prevent hair from drying and making it worse, it is also important to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Frizzy hair is very difficult to manage as it looks oilier. 

As everybody wants smooth and silky hair, there are many home remedies for dry and frizzy hair.

Argan oil

Argan oil contains oleic acid and linoleic acid, These ingredients act as a moisturizing agent and also contain vitamin E as an antioxidant. Argan oil is rich in moisturizing agents, such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. Argan oil may also help hair protect from heat and other styling products.

Argan oil helps to reduce frizzy hair by taking a few drops of oil applying on hair before using any hair styling products. Apply evenly on the hair from root, scalp, and overall hair.

Vitamin E and coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best ingredient that protects the hair from any damage. Applying it with vitamin E overnight and washing it shampoo helps reduce frizzy hair and helps in moisturizing the hair. 

Take a few drops of vitamin E oil and Three to four tablespoons of coconut oil and apply this mixture on your hair 30 to 40 mins before washing your hair. Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizing agent. And vitamin C fixes the hair from any damage from environmental factors.


Eggs contain vitamins, fats, and biotin and can be applied to the hair giving you a smooth silky effect on your hair.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is slightly acidic and is an alpha-hydroxy acid that is very beneficial in taming frizzy hair. This apple cider vinegar makes hair shiner and reduces dandruff from the scalp as it acts as an antifungal and antimicrobial agent. As apple cider vinegar is acidic it helps hair to get flat, healthy hair always has an acidic pH level that ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. Alkaline hair gives a frizzy appearance. Alpha hydroxy acid restores the pH level in the hair.

Take a bowl of warm water and add half a cup of apple cider vinegar and mix them and apply this on your hair. Leave the application on the hair for a few minutes and then wash the hair and dry the hair. Now you can see that you have gotten rid of frizzy hair as this mixture provides natural pH Apple cider vinegar can have a strong odour, but the smell should go away with rinsing.

Yoghurt and honey

Yoghurt can condition your hair and make it look smooth and silky while honey acts as moisturizing the hair. Thus the combination of this can make your remove the frizziness from your hair and thus reducing tangled hair.

Take 2tbsp of yoghurt and half spoon of honey and mix it well and then apply the mixture from root till the end of the hair. Leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair.

Aloe vera and almond oil

Aloe vera also acts as a moisturizing agent and almonds have a high content of vitamin E oil that protects hair from any damage. This mixture will also help your hair to get rid of frizziness of the hair.

Take aloe vera gel and a cup of almond oil and mix it well. Apply this mixture on the scalp and full length of hair and massage the hair and leave for 45mins and then rinse off the hair with the gentle shampoo. 

Some products that may help frizzy hair

Some hair products like shampoo or hair cleansers contain harsh ingredients that can make frizzy hair and some products may help reduce frizzy hair. Always go for those products that do not contain alcohol and harsh ingredients instead choose the product containing sodium lauryl sulfate that will prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

Hair serum

Hair does not heal the damaged hair instead of protects or prevents the hair from getting frizzy. Serum when applied to the hair provides shine and protection against heat and humidity and also helps in retaining moisture levels in the hair. The best hair serum for frizzy hair can help the hair retain its moisture level and provide shine to the hair and remove frizziness from the hair.            

Take Away

Frizzy hair is caused due to many environmental factors that make the hair dry and lose moisture content from the hair. Frizzy hair can be reduced by home remedies as well as by using the right hair care products designed for frizzy hair. Avoid overdoing anything that can further damage the hair and makes it prominent to hair breakage.