rice water for skin

Rice Water for Skin

Rice Water for Glowing Skin

Rice water is the starchy liquid that remains after the rice has been cooked or soaked. It is thought to make hair smoother and more lustrous, as well as speed up hair growth.

Rice grains have a starch content of 75–80%. Rice water is the starchy liquid that remains after the rice has been soaked or cooked. Many of the vitamins and minerals found in rice are thought to be present in rice water. 

These are some of them:

  1. A mixture of amino acids
  2. B vitamins are essential for good health.
  3. A source of vitamin E
  4. Minerals
  5. Antioxidants

How to Make Rice Water?

1. Soak

Soaking is one of the quickest ways to prepare rice water. Rinse one cup of rice thoroughly. Place this cup of rice in 2-3 cups of water. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Strain the rice water into a clean bowl. 

2. Boiling

Boiling the rice is another approach to generate rice water. Cover one cup of rice with twice the amount of water normally used to cook it. Before using, cook the rice in boiling water and pour the water into a clean bowl.

Benefits of Rice Water for Skin

1. It has anti-ageing benefits

Rice water is high in amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals, which may help to prevent or slow the ageing of the skin. It might also stop elastase, an enzyme-linked to skin ageing, from working. As a result, rice water may assist to retain skin suppleness and prevent the appearance of ageing indications.

2. It can brighten the skin

Rice water has a number of benefits, one of which is to brighten and level out the skin tone. It maintains the health, radiance, and clarity of your skin.

3. Boosts skin barrier health

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin that keeps your skin from drying out and being sensitive to disorders like eczema and atopic dermatitis. However, applying rice water to the face enables its starch content to preserve the skin barrier naturally.

4. Soothes sunburn and irritation

Sunburn, irritation, redness, and itching can all be alleviated by using starchy rice water. The cooling action can soothe the burnt skin and can minimise tanning.

5. Rice water can reduce oiliness

Rice water, which has astringent properties, can be used to rinse greasy skin and protect it against pimples and acne.

6. Mattifying skin

When used on oily skin, starchy rice water can help tighten and tone pores. Using cotton pads to dab some rice water on oily skin can help mattify it.

How to Use Rice Water for Skin?

To apply rice water to your face:

  1. First, put it in a spray bottle.
  2. Before using rice water, make sure your face is clean.
  3. Spray the water straight on your face as a toner. You can also apply rice water with a cotton ball instead of spritzing.
  4. Apply the rice water to your face and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. 
  5. It should be washed away with water.

If you have soaked or boiled:

Rice water that has been soaked or boiled and stored in a spray bottle can be used directly on the skin. When using a toner or spray, leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off with warm water. You can apply it with a cotton ball or a pad wherever it's needed.

If you have fermented:

Fermented rice water is more potent than soaked or boiling rice water, as previously stated. Dilute a couple of tablespoons of fermented rice water with regular water and apply with a cotton ball or pad. Allow it to sit for half an hour before washing as usual.

Precautions for using rice water on the face:

While rice water is generally safer to use than other DIY cooking items, you should still take some precautions. The majority of commercially available packaged rice has been treated with pesticides and may contain dirt and bacteria from the manufacturing and packaging processes. As a result, thoroughly cleaning your batch of rice before using its water for cosmetic purposes is critical.

Take Away

In many Asian regions, rinsing hair in rice water is a traditional beauty treatment. This alternative beauty cure has acquired a lot of attention online and is now widely used all around the world. Rice water is commonly used as a hair treatment by many individuals. Rice water may increase the strength, texture, and development of hair, according to historical instances and anecdotal evidence. 

Because the majority of scientific evidence on the treatment is unclear, further research is needed to prove the benefits of rice water use. While the benefits of using rice water as a hair rinse have yet to be demonstrated, it is safe to try at home and can also be used on the skin. It has been discovered to help persons with dermatitis maintain good skin health.