Redefining Women's Health on Women's Day

international women's day

International Women’s Day

On this international women's day on 8 March 2022 let us all take a pledge to make a world safer and happier for women where we value the differences, a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable world. A world where we predominantly focus on the well-being and reproductive health of women. Collective taking the pledge to break all such bias, we Saturn by GHC wish you a very happy women's day.

Now is the time to focus all our energy towards women's empowerment, to reframe the health discussion such that it covers their entire body. In recent years, women empowerment in India has changed its course towards the health condition that women are suffering from like the disease that in recent times has proved havoc to the life of women.

But now we are facing a new range and severity of health challenges that women are facing, especially the non-communicable diseases that are NCDs which are now topped the priority list in the arena of women empowerment in India.

Various Factors Which Affects Women’s Empowerment in India

Numerous factors affect the whole scenario of empowerment of women. But confined to the geographical boundaries of India, the main factors are:

  • A rigorous check on gender discrimination as this problem of gender discrimination has greatly off-track the required pace for women empowerment in India.
  • There are also some educational factors like education is the most influential factor of women empowerment that greatly affect women's growth and advancement.
  • Need to take great care of the steps involved in the implementation of the development program for women along with several acts like the training program at the village level to bring a mass change in their outlook.
  • A Change in Women’s Attitude. Now women need to be clear on what are the factors that are oppressing them and what efforts they are putting in to bring the change.

Importance Of Women Empowerment 

In recent times, the topic of women empowerment has been pointed out by everyone, and it is the need of the hour to take effective measures in bringing the empowerment to their rightful owners. Everyone is pointing to the empowerment of women. Women should have the gems of faith, liberty, and self-worth to claim their rightful place in society.

  • Ensures holistic development of the society

For the overall development of society, women's empowerment in India is one of the key terms for the betterment of society. For societal development participation of women is of prime importance in corporations, women play an important role in running some successful corporations. Similarly in engineering, health, and many security services like navy, police, military, etc. 

  • Determining the intelligence level

In recent times there is a series of continuous efforts that are being put in empowering the status of women. In a free society, women must have certain rights and freedom like self-worth, confidence, and the basic freedom to have their basic needs and other important requirements. To overcome the stigma that women are made to do the household work only, they are still paid less and the other restrictions put by their family members are needed to be overcome through women empowerment.

  • Women's empowerment is a fundamental right

    The basic fundamental right of women is to empower them. They must have rights equal to that of men like education participation, participation in society, education, economics, and the politics of the nation. They must have all the right to have higher education and work shoulder to shoulder in uplifting the nation. You can also happily honour them by just saying happy women’s day.

    Health Is Wealth

    Since there is a difference in women's physique and that of men, the impact of health systems in India also needs to be incorporated to deal effectively with women's health concerns.

    Still, there is no health data for women that are being examined separately to address their issues holistically. This needs to be changed as the health of the woman is of prime importance for any nation to prosper well for generations.

    For this to halt many inventions in providing health tips, consultation, guidance, and many programs are being provided with the best characteristics to make their lifestyle healthier.

    One such invention in the health sector of India is digital health clinics. Digital health clinics provide the surety that treatments will get to the patients who need it most at the right time which makes it easier for any huge population to get the right treatment at the right time even in the remotest area of India.

    Take Away

    According to the 2019 report of Future Health Index, India is the leading country in the successful adoption of digital health technology with an increase in the ratio of using digital health records by the healthcare professional to about  76%.

    Digital health clinics help in the advancement of healthcare technologies in multiple ways like:

    • Use of AI, telemedicine, virtual reality, and robotics in advancing the healthcare system in India.
    • Improving the accuracy of the treatment
    • Very precise diagnosis of the disease
    • Successful remote treatment
    • Helps in augmenting human capabilities
    • Helps in supporting mental health and daily tasks
    • Digital healthcare records are easy to maintain and quick to access.
    • Many mobile health apps by the increased patient engagement help in preventing the occurrence of serious diseases.
    • Digital health clinics can reduce the wait time and the cost of travel and thus fall easy on the pockets of the poor.

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