How to Stay Healthy During the Holi Festival?

a woman pointing towards a bowl of fruits

Holi Festival in India

Holi is the celebration of colours that have its roots in India but is now celebrated all over the world. In the holi festival in India, everyone gets the opportunity to splash colours over others and make them a human rainbow. So we need to keep ourselves safe while enjoying this holi festival to the fullest by enjoying healthy Indian snacks without worrying much about sudden weight gain or obesity. As weight loss and weight gain are part of your life, we should also concentrate on living our life to the fullest.

But on the other hand, just for the sake of some fun, we should not take our health for granted.

During the Holi festival, many people get involved in many unsafe and unhealthy activities like using colours that have harmful chemicals. These chemicals can penetrate our epidermis which is the top layer of our skin and can cause an acne breakout. But not to worry, Saturn by GHC has got you covered! Check out our Anti-Acne Gel & other highly potent skincare products that are upto 50% off on this women’s day.

Another issue that can knock at your door along with holi is digestive issues. Almost all the sweets prepared in shops during the holi season might be adulterated which can cause major digestive issues.

So here are certain tips to follow for staying healthy during the holi festival.

1. Oil Your Skin

It is very important to apply oil on your skin to make it as oily as you can so that the harmful colours are not able to permeate into the skin nor able to stick to the surface of your skin. Due to the greasiness and the oiliness of the epidermis, no colour can stick to it.  For example, you can use coconut oil to hydrate your skin effectively and also help in fading away from the applied colour to your skin.

2. Use Organic colours

Always use organic colour to celebrate the festival of holi as it is very necessary for today's time to celebrate it in a more skin-friendly and eco-friendly way. We should avoid colours that contain harmful chemicals.

To look out for chemically blended colours we should remember that these colours are very shiny and easily blend with water. As these are very stubborn and can damage your skin severely to take them off your skin. They are also capable of causing severe allergic reactions to your skin when ignored.

You can make natural colours from many flowers like marigolds including some important and healthy kitchen ingredients like turmeric and sandalwood.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Since the festival of holi falls in the month of summer, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. So drink water, juice, or glucose that will keep you full of energy as dehydration can cause extreme skin dryness which can stimulate other skin ailments.

4. Protect Your Eyes

If you are a person with contact lenses then make sure you should take them off before going outside to play holi. As colours can cause extreme irritation in your eyes. So it is advisable to wear shades as they can properly protect your eyes from the splashing colours and also it shield your eyes against the harmful UV rays.

5. Check Your Sweets

At the Holi festival in India, there are many news stories about adulterated sweets that can cause many digestion problems and also lead to many other problems like obesity, etc. So you need to check for their purity before consuming them. Test these ingredients for purity before you put them in sweets. 

6. Cover Your Body 

Always choose to wear clothes that can fully cover your body and can save your body parts from getting painted in harmful colours. Also, go for loose cotton clothes which help your body to breathe freely. Also cotton keeps you in a comfortable position when you chase family, friends against sweat and suntan.

7. Sun Protection 

Always keep yourself protected from the harmful UV rays from the sun. So you need to apply an SPF 50+ moisturizer to shield yourself against sun damage.

8. Avoid Rubbing Skin

Do not rub your skin harshly after playing holi as it can lead to skin irritation, redness, and severe skin allergy. Have with you an aloe vera gel in case you feel such symptoms.

9. Be kind to Animals

You should make sincere efforts in protecting animals from colours as these innocent animals get affected and sometimes got traumatized with the use of colour or throwing colour balloons.

10. Get Nourished

You should avoid holi celebrations on empty stomachs. So have some energy drinks, fresh fruits, and other carbs. Do not take alcohol, coffee, or other harmful beverages to avoid dehydration.

11. Healthy Snacks 

Holi celebration can never be complete without dipping into some magical heavenly treats. This festival is not meant for those who are on a weight-loss trip. As a consequence of having such taste buds, we can be a victim of weight gain, obesity, and digestive issues.

So to overcome such serious dents in your health we should be very sure of what we are going to eat and how it is going to affect our body.

Take Away

In the holi festival you should not forget about being hygienic while you are enjoying the celebration to the fullest. Also, try to use natural herbal colours made up of beetroot and marigold as they do not cause any allergic reaction to your skin. Also, look for your body's hydration level so keep drinking water or some juices. Also wear shades to protect them from harmful chemicals and if some colour accidentally reaches your eyes rinse your eyes immediately with cold water.