How to Get Rid of Bad Body Odour?

a woman closing her nose in order to refrain from inhaling bad odour

Bad Body Odour

Body odour is something that can affect your personality to a large extent and is a common concern for almost all of us. Body odour is the smell that is caused by the presence of bacteria in it but not because of the sweat itself as it is a common myth about sweat that it causes the bad odour. In reality, it must be understood by us that our sweat is completely odourless.

It is the bacteria that are present on our skin that breaks down the protein present in the sweat which as a result produces odour.

Body odour is something that relates itself to the hygiene practices of the person and can affect one's quality of life as a whole. Sometimes body odour also indicates something more serious underlying cause for it.

What Is The Body Odour?

It is an umbrella term that is generally used for natural smells that a person is carrying by himself. 

There is a range of substances that a person can carry by themselves called odorants.  Many of these odorants are there to perform some regular functions of the body while in small quantities are nothing to worry about as they do not cause any smell. But a large quantity of these compounds on your skin can cause the smell.

It is seen that body odour becomes very much evident during the time of puberty as sweat glands and hormones become very active. People with certain medical conditions like high bp, diabetes, and even obesity are very much prone to body odour.

Though sweat is odourless, the sudden multiplication of skin bacteria which breaks down the sweat protein molecules into acid can give rise to very unpleasant smells. Those people who sweat a lot are much more prone to having body odour.

Places, where the body odour is most likely to occur, are:

  • The groin
  • The feet
  • The armpits
  • The genital
  • The belly button
  • Public hair
  • The anus
  • Behind the ears

Every person has their natural unique body odour depending upon his natal sex, diet, his health conditions, and even his medication if he is taking anything. Some research claimed that people and even animals identify individuals based on their smell profiles.

Causes of Body Odour

Every individual has both apocrine and eccrine sweat glands.

At puberty, apocrine glands start their function and are associated with the follicles of hair in the groin and underarms. This is initially odourless protein-rich sweat. However when the bacteria present on the skin break down the protein present in the sweat results in odorant molecules in large concentrations causing body odour.

While the main function of eccrine sweat glands is through perspiration, it regulates the body temperature and has nothing to do with body odour.

Here Are 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Your  Body Odour Naturally And Permanently

1. Wear some anti-odour undershirt or Some breathable fabric clothes 

Some breathable fabrics like bamboo or cotton help you in getting rid of your body odour. Also, synthetic materials like rayon and polyester pushed the bacteria and moisture outward.

A great way to prevent your body odour is to wear an undershirt. An extra layer for absorbing the extra moisture and thus preventing anybody odour can be done by just wearing an undershirt. 

2. Use A Natural Antibacterial Soap 

When the bacteria on your skin comes in contact with the protein of your sweat it produces body odour. So to avoid this to happen you need to get rid of these skin bacteria which can easily be done with an antibacterial soap.

Always use mild and natural soap as they do not contain any harmful chemicals like triclosan.

3. Dry Off Your Body Properly

As we all know that moisture provides an easy platform to flourish. To avoid body odour you must dry off your body properly after every bath especially the more sweating areas like the armpit.

4. Make Use Of Probiotic Deodorants

You must be knowing about probiotics that are good for your gut health but they also do wonders when it comes to skin odours as they inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and help spread good bacteria in areas you sweat more like the armpit.

5. Frequent Laundry Schedule 

If you suffer from unpleasant body odour then you must update the schedule of your laundry. Sweaty clothes must be washed in the first place as sweat should not sink into the clothes fabric to get stubborn to get out of it.

6. Use Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch Hazel, Or Lemon Juice 

You can also add 1 tablespoon of vinegar or witch hazel or even lemon juice to get away from tough body smells. As these home remedies are full of antiseptic properties to kill the bacteria and also they help in balancing pH levels.

7. Eat In A Balance Way

Your diet also plays an important role in your body smell that can be sometimes pleasant and sometimes unbearable the smell you put off. Some Dos and don'ts to include in your diet are: 


  • Fruits and  vegetables
  • Yoghurt
  • Herbs
  • Pickles
  • Kombucha
  • Sauerkraut


  • Onion and Garlic
  • Spicy foods
  • Red meat
  • Processed food
  • Sulfurous vegetables like cabbage or broccoli
  • Foods with garlic and onion
  • Alcohol and Caffeine

Symptoms For Cause Of Concern

  • Frequent sweating even when in absence of physical activity.
  • Heavy sweating 
  • Sweat constantly damp your skin
  • Sweating while sleeping
  • Fruity body odour is a sign of diabetes
  • Skin infections
  • Sudden change in body odour

Take Away

Every human to have body odour is completely normal. To have a light scent is nothing to worry about. Several factors affect how your body smells for instance

  • The Genetics
  • The bacteria feed on your skin 
  • Your eating habits
  • Ongoing medication
  • Personal hygiene
  • Overall health

So just provide wings to your pheromones and be proud of your natural unique and pleasant body smell.