8 Easy & Quick Summer Refreshing Drinks to Beat the Heat

fresh fruit juices | 8 Easy & Quick Summer Refreshing Drinks to Beat the Heat

Refreshing Drinks You Must Try This Summer 

Summer is almost here, and coastal cities will see record high temperatures and humidity. Mangoes, chilled drinks, and ice creams are all in season right now. Dehydration and other heat-related illnesses are more common during this season because your body loses water at a higher rate owing to sweating. The eternal primary drink is water. You can, however, experiment with various beverages to make your summer more enjoyable and comfortable. You might also be thinking What drink is best for hydration?

When you're exhausted at the end of the day, make any of these drinks quickly, or store drinks like coconut water in the refrigerator or have cucumber juice might also be beneficial to your health. Your summer blues will vanish in no time. These cocktails are also appropriate for all summer evening gatherings. So here are some cool drinks to keep you cool this summer. Get yourself an insulated tumbler or an insulated water bottle and you'll be ready to enjoy a cool drink this summer! 

  1. Buttermilk (Chaas) 

Buttermilk or commonly known as chaas in India is a tasty curd-based drink and is among the most favourite drinks.

This sour, salty drink made from plain curd is a great method to calm your stomach while also rejuvenating your body. You can also add some coriander leaves and cumin powder to give the drink a unique flavour. It is both excellent for digestion and delicious. So, create this cocktail for a hot summer afternoon. You can also make a larger batch and keep it in a thermos or flask to take with you. 

  1. Sugarcane Juice 

Sugarcane has a lot of advantages, which makes it a great choice for the summer. It is also used as an energy drink and is considered a natural cure for a variety of ailments. It aids in the replenishment of bodily fluids and plasma in the face of weariness and dehydration. The drink, as well as your taste buds, will benefit from the addition of ginger and mint leaves. It behaves as an energy drink and acts as replenishment for body fluids and plasma and hence prevents fatigue and dehydration. Adding mint leaves to the juice can only improve the flavour of your summer beverage.

  1. Fresh lemonade 

Lemonade, the all-time classic drink, is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions summer drinks. It's tangy, sweet, salty, and everything pleasant in between. In India, it's known as nimbu paani, and the name alone conjures up a flood of childhood memories. Lemon water juice, sugar, salt, and mint leaves are mixed into the water to make it. To make it more flavorful, add new ingredients like cumin powder, black pepper, and so on. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and thus vitamin C is very beneficial during summers and having lemon water soothes your skin as well.

  1. Aam Panna

This Maharashtrian drink is a refreshing summer drink made with the king of fruits, mango. Cumin, black salt, sugar, and mint leaves are combined with mango pulp to make this dish. It behaves as a refreshment for the full day. 

  1. Jaljeera 

Another childhood favourite, this drink is exactly what you need when you get home after a long day at work. After the kids get home from school, you can provide this drink to them. Cumin seeds are roasted and ground into a coarse powder before being added to the water. It's fantastic for folks who have digestive issues. You're ready to go with some black salt and ice! 

  1. Juice from a watermelon 

Watermelon is the one fruit that is excellent for summer! It has a number of advantages, one of which is its high water content. Its juice is simple to make and makes a delicious summer drink. You'll feel hydrated right away because it has a nice taste. In an insulated tumbler, pour a glass of chilled watermelon juice and enjoy the pleasant drink this summer. 

  1. Lassi 

What better way to cool off in the summer than with a glass of freshly made lassi? This Punjabi staple is both delicious and energising. It's created with yoghurt, and you can simply customise it by adding mint, mango, banana, and other ingredients. Pour the lassi into an insulated tumbler and you have a refreshing summer beverage. 

  1. Coconut Water 

A glass of chilled coconut water can do wonders! On a hot summer morning, its light flavour and delicate sweetness are exactly what you need. It also functions as an electrolyte, preventing dehydration. So, when you're on the run, keep sipping coconut water. 

Take Away

Heat strokes are becoming more common as a result of global warming. Keeping yourself hydrated during the day is critical. While it may be tempting to drink carbonated or fizzy drinks during the summer, they are harmful rather than beneficial. Instead, choose nutritious summer beverages. When it comes to food and beverages, India has so many options that you won't be disappointed. To get the most out of these drinks, keep them in stainless steel tumblers.