6+Indoor Weight Loss Exercises to Try This Rainy Season

6+Indoor Weight Loss Exercises to Try This Rainy Season

Indoor Weight Loss Exercises to Try During Monsoon

Monsoon season, without a doubt, provides a lot of delight to those who are suffering from the blazing heat of summer, but it is not very handy for a few individuals who are either really serious about exercising or who need to perform some physical exercise to be healthy.

The lovely rainy weather not only tempts us to consume copious amounts of pakoras and tea, but it also makes us too lethargic to go to the gym. Keeping oneself physically active becomes a difficult task now that going for a jog is no longer an option.

Below are some suggestions for staying active throughout the rainy season that you may examine at your leisure. Take a peek at:

  1. Spot Jogging

Jogging is one of the most meaningful and efficient activities one can undertake. If you want to go for a jog, you don't have to go outdoors. Spot jogging, according to fitness experts, is an excellent pre-workout activity since it prepares the body for the remainder of the workout without putting your muscles at risk.

All you have to do now is raise your knees and lower them to the ground. You should also move your hands as you would if you were sprinting outdoors. You seem to be running, yet you appear to be in the same place. You will burn roughly 215 calories if you perform this activity for 30 minutes.

  1. Skipping Rope

Skipping is an excellent aerobic activity for increasing cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, and coordination. Skipping, according to specialists, is one of the most effective high-impact workouts for strengthening the bones. It also aids in the loss of weight from your thighs, hips, and sides.

You'll need a rope for this workout; just spin it in a circular manner and jump when it reaches the ground. Your knees and ankles will benefit from a smaller leap. It's best if you jump about an inch off the ground. You will burn roughly 560 calories if you perform this activity for an hour.

  1. Strengthening exercises

Strength training may also be done in the privacy of your own home. All you need to do now is get some dumbbells. The dumbbells' weight should be the same as or slightly higher than what you've been lifting in the gym. Filling up some water bottles and performing strength training with them is another option. If done properly, an hour of such strength exercise may help you shed 200 calories.

  1. Plank

To do this exercise, start in a pushup stance, bend your arms, and lower yourself to the floor. You must now maintain the same stance with your arms outstretched. You just need to maintain the posture for around 30 seconds at first. This workout may seem simple, but it is a difficult one that tones your core muscles, such as your abs, stabiliser muscles, and back. You can burn 350 calories in an hour if you do it for an hour.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual kind of exercise that helps you link your body, soul, and mind, as we all know. It enhances your flexibility and gives you peace of mind, in addition to providing you with a deeper awareness of your body.

It's much more persuasive since you can do it on a daily basis without having to leave your house. Meditation, pranayama, and Surya Namaskar, according to experts, are some of the greatest kinds of yoga to keep oneself fit and healthy.

If bouncing around the house isn't your thing, go for the tried-and-true method of yoga. This healthy exercise can help you burn calories, improve your core, and alleviate tension. It will tone your physique on the exterior while also strengthening your inside organs. Yoga may be both soothing and challenging. For a more heated workout, one can do power yoga as well. Find a yoga lesson video on the internet if you don't know how to practise it. 

  1. Abdominal crunches

Crunches are a kind of abdominal workout that works the whole abdomen, but primarily the core abdominal muscles. This workout will help you lose belly fat while increasing muscular endurance. Some examples of crunches include double crunches, bicycle crunches, long arm crunches, vertical leg crunches, reverse crunches, and regular crunches. They also help in making one’s overall posture better.

  1. Cycling in a stationary position

Cycling inside is a great method to burn calories and body fat while also improving your heart, lungs, and muscles. It is a terrific cardiac activity for weight reduction and may help with abdominal fat reduction. Cycling for 30 minutes may burn between 250 and 300 calories depending on the pace and effort. Indoor cycling, when paired with a low-calorie balanced diet, a weight loss diet, helps in lowering body fat.

Take Away

monsoon in India may have a few negatives for fitness freaks, but as we've already discussed, there are plenty of methods to stay in top form and healthy even during this time with some simple home workouts. If you have diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before changing your physical exercise routine.