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Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo

Optimal Wellness Combo

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Experience the power of dual support with our Optimal Wellness Combo. It has ACV gummies for weight management & multivitamin gummies for overall wellness. The combined benefits of this kit address gut health & provide complete nutrient support as a comprehensive solution for a healthier you.


Why use this combo?

  1. Complete Nutrient Support
  2. Healthy Weight Management
  3. Better Immunity
  4. Improved Gut Health


What is it made of?

ACV: ACV gummies help you take better control over your insulin spikes, gut health, diet, digestion & appetite.

Multivitamin: It promotes overall wellness & improves energy levels. Vitamin A provides protection against illness & infections by improving immunity. Vitamin C helps maintain healthy bones & cartilage. Vitamin E enhances skin & hair texture.

Zinc: Zinc is vital for bone health in adults as it promotes bone regeneration. This mineral is also a component of superoxide dismutase - an enzyme that prevents cell damage.

Folic Acid: Excess homocysteine in your body may damage the lining of your arteries. Taking supplements fortified with folic acid is an excellent way to regulate homocysteine levels in your body.

Biotin: Biotin promotes metabolism, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and maintains normal skin & hair. It is also necessary for the normal function of the nervous system and in the biosynthesis of fatty acids.


How to use?

Take 1 ACV Gummy & 1 Multivitamin Gummy everyday after your meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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The start-up provides a full stack solution for patients with hair fall, sexual health, and weight loss.

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