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Skincare Tips for Elderly Women

an elderly woman using under eye mask

Skincare Tips

The skin of every person changes with age. The skin of an elderly person changes with, the skin loses elasticity, becomes thinner, and less oily as compared to young people. You may observe changes from being young to being older. Same as this skin too changes by many factors. When elderly women laugh, few lines generate on their face that shows sign of aging. These are affected by various factors like heredity, pollution, sun exposure, lifestyle, smoking, and many other environmental factors. Elderly women need extra care for their skin to look young and have healthy fresh looking skin.

Some skin care tips to follow for elderly women to keep their skin healthy

  • Use moisturizing cream, lotion, and soaps that are used for dry skin as elderly women's skin are less oily hence moisturization becomes to them.
  • Drink plenty amount of water daily before bed, after bed, and before and after meals to keep yourself hydrated. Eat and drink good nutrition as it nourishes your skin that repairs the skin.
  • Avoid bathing with hot water as they can dry out the skin. And bath every other day.
  • Avoid sun exposure especially during noon times when the heat is more, even if you go out to apply sunscreen on your face hands, and legs or wear clothes that cover your body. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles on your face and tans on your skin.
  • Limit caffeinated drinks.
  • If you smoke, stop smoking as it can cause premature aging.
  • Always check for skin cancer as fair-skinned people are at higher risk of cancer.
  • Always use a humidifier that soothes dry skin and use moisturizers, lotions, or moisturizing soap.
  • There are many anti-aging products day creams and night creams, incorporate them in self-care routines that will help rejuvenate the skin.
  • There are many cosmetic procedures and chemicals to remove fine lines and wrinkles giving your skin a good complexion. Laser treatments reduce sun damage on the skin, remove wrinkles, scars, and other skin problems. Microdermabrasion and wrinkles fillers plump your skin and remove ultrafine lines that reduce wrinkles and make your skin radiant and glossy.

Some oily skincare tips and natural skin care tips for elderly women

  • Moisturize your skin

We observe many-body and hormonal changes like menopause which leads to a sudden drop in estrogen level. This slows down the production of oil through the oil gland which causes severe dryness into the skin and makes it flaky, itchy. Dryness in the skin causes other skin conditions so it is necessary to moisture your body and face with lotions, creams, and any moisturizers. You can also apply natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil that moisturize the skin and act as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This is beneficial for natural skin and oily skin women. Also, there are many products in the market like anti-aging cream and anti-aging serum for women which helps reduce wrinkles from your face.

  • Cleansing and exfoliation

Cleansing and exfoliation are part of the daily skin care regimen of every young and elderly woman. And hence it does not mean elderly women should stop taking care of their skin and body as they age. Throughout our lifetime our skin cells undergo a renewing process thus forming new tissues and removing dead skin cells it becomes necessary to exfoliate our body with an exfoliator but avoid rough or harsh cleanser or exfoliator on your skin.

  • Avoid skin irritation

As we age, oil secretion in large amounts is being reduced, and because of this our skin becomes dry and becomes irritated. The skin layer and blood vessel becomes thin and hence there becomes the chances of tearing and scarring of the skin tissues. Wear soft fabric clothes as there are fewer chances for skin irritation in an elder woman. 

  • Eat Healthily

Eating healthy and staying hydrated and having a well-balanced diet keeps the skin of elderly women moisturized and radiant. As the food you eat influences our skin and body, hence it is recommended to eat nutrient-rich foods to stay healthy in older age as like walnuts, flaxseed, olive oil, yogurt, etc.

  • Use sunscreen and a humidifier 

Always apply sunscreen whenever you go out in sunlight. Many young women and children apply sunscreen when they step out in sun exposure, so as age grows there is still a necessity to protect our skin from harmful sun rays. Sunscreen blocks harmful rays to protect the skin from sunburn.

The skin of older women becomes dry by growing age and hence they should take care of their dry skin and moisture their skin to maintain natural oil in their skin. Dry air makes your skin more dry ending up with rashes and red spots. So bring in the use of a humidifier to maintain humidity in the home so your skin remains moisturized.

  • Bathing 

It is recommended to bathe for not more than 10 minutes with warm water and not too hot and then apply moisturizer or lotions to prevent your skin from drying.

Take Away

Maintaining a skincare routine is as necessary as eating healthy food. For incorporating a skincare regimen, age does not matter, if you are a working woman, as well as an elderly woman, should take extra care of your skin and body as they are busy doing their house, office work, and looking after family and forget to take care oneself.

As they age, their skin becomes dry and moisturization becomes much more important for them. Read above all the tips and take care of yourself and flaunt yourself. Age is nothing until we do not give up on anything.