skin tones

Skin Tones

Skin Tones

Skin tone is the surface of the skin and the undersurface area is called an undertone. Skin tone has two things like surface tone and undertone. You cannot describe your skin tone of your own exactly what it is. So you are unable to decide your selected products based on your skin tone and hence it becomes necessary to know or identify your skin tone. Your skin tone is only the shade of your skin that is light, medium, and dark. 

Undertones are the same as skin tone, there are three undertones cool, warm and neutral. When you know your skin tone, it becomes easier to choose the right product like lipstick shade, hair color, foundation, and other cosmetic products. Skin tone is a must to know by everyone as every makeup professional wants to know your skin tone before applying any product on your face.

Many factors affect maintaining skin tone. Skin tone can be as the surface of the skin get changed by various process or skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne, black spots, red spots, etc.

Fair skin tone is the lightest of all the skin tones, this type of skin tone has light or red-colored hair. Light skin tones have warmer undertones and are prone to tanning in summers. Medium skin tones have warm golden or olive undertones. Dark skin tone is the deepest type compared to any other skin tone and is dusky color. 

How To Identify Your Skin Tone and undertone?

Each skin tone has different complexions like light, very light, dark, very deep so that one can identify skin tone on a wide basis. There are different ways to identify your skin tone. 

  • Examine Your Jawline

The skin color of the jawline of your face is generally affected. It can be light, medium, or deep. To identify your jawline skin tone, you need to wash your skin and check the area under natural sunlight. Jawline skin tone is generally considered as the pure form to check your surface color as it is not affected by any skin conditions or any external factors. It can help you to identify your true skin color and skin tone.

  • Vein Test

One can identify skin tone by vein checking the color of their veins. Check the color of your veins by side of your wrists. If the veins seem to be blue or purple in color, then you have a cool undertone. If you have green veins then your undertone is warm and if you are unable to recognize or differentiate the color of your vein, then you have a neutral undertone.

  • Ask your friends or family

If you are confused about your skin tone then its time to ask your friends and family. If your friends say that you have a fair skin tone then consider your skin tone as light and if they say you have tan skin then consider your skin tone as medium and vice versa. Always consider your skin tone one tone darker than your friends and family say as there will not be any confusion to choose the product as per your skin tone. If your skin looks pale in winter and tan in summer you have a deep skin tone. Thus asking your friends and family can help you determine your skin color or skin tone.

  • Jewelry Test

Based on jewelry elements one can identify their skin tone and undertone. The person having cool undertone compliments with silver jewelry and the person with warm undertone compliments with gold jewelry and neutral undertone people compliments with both silver and gold.

  • White paper test

Take a blank white paper near to your face and hold it under the skin, if you feel your skin looks yellow then you have a warm undertone and if you look pink then you have a cool undertone.

  • Sun test

If your skin tan very easily when you expose yourself to sunlight and that too without being red and without any burning sensation when you have a warm or neutral skin tone and if you don't then you have a cool skin tone. Also, do not go out in direct sunlight without applying sunscreen lotion on your body.

  • Color Test

The color test is nothing but the selection of the color of clothes you wear. Analyze yourself with clothes against your skin which color suits you the best. If warm shades like yellow color clothes suit you then you have a warm undertone, if blue color suits you then you have cool undertones and if both shades of the color suit then you have a neutral undertone. Color of clothes suits on based on your skin complexion.

The above criteria help you to know or identify your skin tone. Knowing your skin tone matters a lot whether you have to choose clothes, do makeup or choose any makeup product, want to have hair color or highlight your hair, all factors are necessary for this and hence it becomes important to know your skin tone.

Your clothes depend mainly on your skin tones, if you know skin tone and pick up the right color of clothes you will truly get compliments.

You very well know you if you have any occasion, people run mainly females run for makeup hair and their suitable product. The makeup artists will first ask or look mainly for your skin tone to know which shade of product better suits you and will compliment you. Lipstick shades, foundation eyeshadow are the things that depend on skin tone.

For hair color it is vice versa, if you have a cool skin undertone then you should go with warm hair color and if you have a warm undertone you should go for cool hair color.

Take Away

Skintone changes with age too and with other environmental factors too. Skintone and undertone are almost the same but skin tone is the surface of the skin and it can change with many factors whereas undertone remains the same.