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Is Self-Quarantine the Culprit Behind Your Breakouts?

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By mid-march in 2021, most of our lives took a sharp turn when we found ourselves locked in our houses under government-imposed stay-at-home orders. Being home 24/7, living under the stress of the global pandemic, and working from the home strategy of companies not only turned our life upside down but also shot up the stress levels dramatically and more for those of the frontline workers.

So how do these newly found stay-at-home restrictions impact our lives? Some of us are seeing this period as the best time to witness the clearest skin of our lives while others are experiencing massive elevations in breakouts. Here, some of the country's best dermatologists explore the different ways in which your skin may have been impacted by this home quarantine.

If Your Skin Is Experiencing Breakouts

There are a variety of possible reasons for your skin dryness, breakouts, and other skin disorders in quarantine, and what is the way to deal with them.

  • Stress

The link between your acne breakout and stress is well-established. Stress is the best trigger for anything that goes negative with your body and can also exacerbate the existing skin problems too. Stress can cause an increase in the level of a stress hormone called cortisol and also androgenic hormones. These both together can stimulate the growth of sebaceous glands that lead to the overproduction of sebum.

The more time you get for sleep the more you avoid any stressful situation the more exercise and deep breathing you involve the more easily and better way you can manage your stress level.

  • Change In Your Diet

During such quarantine time it is of no surprise that you find your solace through unhealthy snacks, junk food, etc. Diet is of utmost importance as the food we eat is the major source of energy and nutrients we require to kill bad bacteria. It is well established now through many clinical studies that your skin health and gut are interlinked. If you have got an unbalanced and unhealthy gut then toxins are released into your bloodstream and can cause inflammation throughout your body which can further lead to breakouts.

  • 'Maskne'

Maskne is actually a word that means mask acne and is the way new catchy phrase that refers to the different ways of wearing face masks that impact your skin. It is found that the frontline workers who wear masks for hours are much more prone to have acne mechanica which is a form of acne which is caused by a deadly combination of sweat, friction, and of course heat.

For those of us who are wearing different fabric, masks need to be washed regularly to keep away all the substances that might clog your pores or some other potential irritants. It is also very important to always wash your face before and after applying such face masks.

  • Changes Brought In Your Sleep Habits

The change caused in your daily routine has wreaked havoc on many of us in different ways like on our sleeping schedule. If by any means you are not getting enough sleep it will directly cause an impact on your skin. When you are not getting enough sleep then cortisol levels in your skin remain high which ultimately has an impact on your oil glands and can instantly cause skin breakouts.

  • Over Experimentation with Your Skin

Everyone agrees that some extra time for your skincare routine is all great. But when such a routine involves experimentation on your face is something you must be cautious about. As people nowadays get bored of using products of the crowd now they want to experiment with other less known products also various homemade remedies. But most of the time such experiments lead to inflamed and allergic skin disorders. So you should immediately take a break for the well-being of your skin and go back to basic steps.

  • The Mirror Effect

By restricting ourselves within the four walls of our homes we have enough time to get a look at ourselves in the mirror and a lot more time to examine our skin in the mirror which leads us to be hyper-aware of our skin concerns. With this in practice, we even created some disorders that really never existed and pushed ourselves for skin picking that will lead to longer-lasting scars as a mark of these stressful times. So we should avoid such over-awareness and feel free to enjoy what we are blessed with and simple skincare will do the rest.

  • Irritation, Dryness, And Inflammation

As the skin and severe nervousness are always interconnected so during quarantine we not only encounter acne but also find our skin much drier than ever, also flare-ups of eczema or conditions related to stress like eczema, psoriasis,  acne, redness, allergy, etc. So the more we get tensed the more our skin ailments flare-up.

Take Away

If you find yourself surrounded by many skin disorders, just be calm and try to find out the root cause of it. Once you find out the cause just follow the standard procedure for it or take some professional advice. Sometimes we create or hyper up the problem like if you feel that your skin is more oily than ever before just try to change the cleanser don't shoot the whole medical science to it. Take a cleanser with salicylic acid and have the option of professional treatment by your side. Try to include retinol in your supplementation. It's a great nutrient to go for just once a week. That's it.