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Is Laser Treatment Good for Face?

What Are Lasers and How do They Actually Work?

Laser means Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation. Lasers actually harness the power of heat and light for resurfacing the skin to improve your skin texture, tone and colouration say, Lara Devgan, MD, a renowned plastic surgeon in New York City. It actually does a controlled injury in the tissue which stimulates the body's healing response to it which makes the skin glowy and youthful again. 

As we grow old our collagen production decreases which leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.

Laser treatment is actually an advanced mode of treatment for any skin disorder like acne scars elimination. The advantage of laser therapy is that it can be individually applied for specific skin issues and can provide instant relief like digging germs out of the pimple and providing immediate relief.

The most attractive part is that it is reliable, safe, non-invasive, economical, and gives instant outcomes. The skin stays safe and the individual throughout it. So there are many benefits attached to laser therapy.

Laser Treatment For Fair Skin Complexion 

​​The enhancement of skin complexion called skin whitening treatment is a popular dermatological process with the help of the molecule named Glutathione which is a chemical substance that greatly helps in inhibiting the enzymes that cause greater production of melanin in the body. Such a skin whitening procedure helps you in making your skin glowing, fair, brighter, and improves the texture of your skin.

Here the key agent called Glutathione which improves skin complexion has a very high pool of antioxidants that encourages detoxification of the liver and boosts your immunity. Glutathione also helps the aging sign at bay and improves sun-tanning, pollution-related problems.

Laser Treatment For Acne

The laser treatment is also beneficial for acne reduction and results can be witnessed in a short span of time. It is well-known for digging out the germ inside that of acne to provide instant relief from that itchiness which ultimately boosts your confidence level. The healing period is usually very quick and uneventful.

You do not need to be scared of it as this technique is essentially Due to its non-invasive and non-surgical nature of this technique you do not need to be scared of anything while wanting to take up laser therapy.

Here we tried our best to shed away the popular misconception that revolves around taking up laser skin treatment...

Over Time Lasers Weaken The Skin Barrier 

According to the research paper of the Director of Dermatology at ICLS, Low-level heat or light is used by the lasers to remove the top surface of the skin with minute damage caused to it. This small injury caused during the process stimulates the body's natural healing process against this little damage to replace it with new skin cells.

But it is also important to start the laser procedure slowly to check your skin reaction to the laser treatment. So it is also equally important to take some professional advice to determine the right course of action for your skin concern.

To Resurface Skin Chemical Exfoliants Are A Much Better Choice

Though chemical exfoliants are quite effective in making your skin glow again, it is a thing you can include in your skincare routine. There is always some trial and error involved with every formulation. If you are choosing the correct formulation with the required percentage of ingredients can be a balancing act for your issue. From making sure you’re using formulations with the right percentage of active ingredients to getting the process done right. With lasers, there is much more control and precision with more guaranteed and accurate results within a short duration, says Dr. Sapra. But compared to chemical exfoliation laser treatments are not that budget-friendly.

Is Laser Resurfacing Works On All Skin Types

A long time ago these laser treatments were not considered good for dark tone skin as pigmentation reduction and scarring is the risk involved. Therefore due to laser damage to pigmentation in dark skin tones, it was always considered effective on lighter skin tones. But now many advanced technologies which were earlier absent have made skin resurfacing much more widely accepted.

"Long-wavelength lasers used for dark skin. Also, we should approach a board-certified dermatologist which is reputed, trusted, and respected widely in his field for his track record" says Dr. Sapra.

For sensitive skin, the same technologies can be effective without the same amount of involved risk. The other difference is that the post-therapy care treatment differs in duration and procedure.

Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Painful?

It actually depends upon certain factors. Many patients that undergo laser therapy can easily bear that pinch of resurfacing involved. This procedure becomes more complicated and sensitive as the patient opts for more deep skin resurfacing which then becomes the patient's pain handling capacity to cope with that situation. In order to avoid these pain patients have been provided with the option of local, topical, or general anesthetic in deep resurfacing”.

Take Away

We all want healthy and brightening skin and yet things never come down as easily as we thought them to be. Scrubbing off dead skin cells at ease in your home with scrubs, masks, glycolic, and retinol can do much help. Also, there are concepts of clinical resurfacing that can cause small injuries to your skin. They effectively help you to get closer to your goal of that glowy touch to your skin. But after considering all underlying solutions still, the laser is a powerful procedure to get you what you desire.