How to Treat Acne Vulgaris?

a woman suffering from acne vulgaris

What is Acne vulgaris?

Acne vulgaris is a skin infection that arises when hair follicles are blocked by excess sebum production, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells. The hair follicles that are blocked cause pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. there are many causes for acne vulgaris and one of the main causes is hormonal imbalances. Many people are affected by acne vulgaris as it is the most common skin condition or infection that anyone faces. Acne vulgaris can occur in age groups. Acne vulgaris if not treated can flare up more.

Symptoms of Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is usually caused due to blockage of the hair follicles due to clogged pores, dead skin cells, and excess sebum. Some symptoms of acne vulgaris are whiteheads, blackheads, bumps called papules, pus containing pustules and some nodules are symptoms that cause acne vulgaris also known as acne. Acne vulgaris can occur all over the body including the face, shoulders, chest, back, and neck.

Acne vulgaris can be mild, severe, painful, and moderate. Mild acne vulgaris have a few numbers of blemishes like whiteheads and blackheads. A moderate form of acne vulgaris has many large numbers of blackheads and whiteheads on the skin and also they have pimples on the skin. Severe acne may appear like nodules or cysts that may be larger than pimples. Severe acne causes more painful pimples, nodules, and cysts.

Causes of Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is usually caused due to hormonal changes in the body that forms clogged pores, dirt, and bacterial accumulation that leads to pimples in large numbers. Generally, it is said that acne occurrence is the outcome of puberty but acne vulgaris develops anywhere on the body at any age. Some face acne formation during the menstrual cycle begins. 

When you are at the start of puberty, the hormone causes androgen hormone to increase in large amounts causing your skin to be more oily and accumulating sebum production along with first and bacteria. This sebum, dirt, and bacteria altogether clog the pores thus causing acne production. 

When you age-old and enter your adulthood the hormones that cause acne may decrease with age and so the acne will also not develop on the skin. But many people especially women continue production of those hormones and some face hormonal changes due to PCOD or PCOS that causes acne in their adulthood too.

Acne vulgaris can also be caused due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy or during the menstrual cycle, due to medications, due to the application of makeup products and creams, or due to some hormonal changes in disease.

Diagnosis of acne vulgaris

Every individual now and then faces acne in their life, and thus it becomes easy for them to recognize it at an early stage. If you are unable to identify yourself with the skin condition it is better to see a doctor. As many symptoms are similar for other skin conditions too, it sometimes becomes tough to identify whether it is acne vulgaris or another skin disease like rosacea. Hence it becomes necessary to diagnose your symptoms or disease so you can have a better option of the treatment for the same. Laser treatment has taken the world to heights. You will not need to get afraid of the operation cuts and surgery.


Acne vulgaris may require treatment when it is severe otherwise mild acne can be treated with anti-acne gel, anti-acne cream, anti-acne face wash containing ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. There are many products in the market like Saturn anti-acne gel that reduces acne and acne scars. Salicylic acid and benzoyl acid kill the bacteria and work in unclogging the clogged pores. Benzoyl acid is also used for treating severe acne. 

Moderate acne is treated with various antibiotics such as erythromycin, tetracycline, etc these antibiotics are used for topical treatments. 

Retinoids prevent clogging of the pores by forming whiteheads or blackheads.

Severe acne is treated by medications and various antibiotic treatments. If the prescribed medication or antibiotic does not work it is important to consult a dermatologist and take further treatments as taking the medication without consultation with a doctor may have a severe impact on your health and may have many side effects. Also, medications prescribed may not be the same for every person, medications differ from person to person based on their condition. The first treatment of acne starts from home. Taking care of skin is more important than anything else.

To treat acne you will also need to bring change in your lifestyle. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, always apply sunscreen to the screen, or else the acne will irritate your skin further. Never pop your acne as that can make the acne even worse. Acne is also caused due to stress so exercising or involving yourself in some activities will reduce your stress level.

Take Away

Acne vulgaris may be short-term or long term but seeing the dermatologist will help you know your skin better and will prevent further outbreaks of acne. Acne vulgaris can be treated with different medicated creams, gels, and ointments. Know your skin and live the life you want with your flawless skin. The right treatment is very important whatever be the skin condition may be.