Health Benefits of Sattu Drink

Chana sattu drink

What Is Sattu?

Sattu is made by drying and roasting the Bengal gram in the sand or by any other available means and then pounding this roasted gram to a fine sattu powder. Some people also mix chickpea and Bengal gram flour to make a refined sattu, which also gives an amazing twist to the flavour of sattu.

Chana Sattu Benefits

As we know that sattu is no stranger to the locals of MP, UP, Bihar and Punjab. Sattu in English is known as flour made from roasted and grounded pulses. Generally made from the chana dal, sattu is considered a rich source of protein and is often referred to as a source of poor man’s protein.

Key highlights showing the nutrient content of sattu includes:

  • 100 grams of pure sattu can provide you with approximately 20 grams of protein.
  • Sattu powder can hydrate you instantly while making you active all day long.
  • Sattu is also filled with a great amount of insoluble fibre.

Scorching heat, bright sunlight, warm air, sharp and blazing heat- summers are at the doorsteps. As the temperature starts rising, we certainly binge popular body coolers like shakes, ice-creams, bottled lemonade, and many other packaged thirst-quenchers. 

These ultra-sugary and processed drink items look appealing and taste very delicious and we often go for them over many traditional cooling staples that we used in the past. One of the many known healthy options for the thirst-quenchers is sattu powder, which is generally prepared by roasting and then grounding the black chana.

Along with its excellent cooling sattu benefits, it is enriched with many great nutrients like protein, carbs, fibre, iron, calcium and plenty of many other essential vitamins and minerals. It is an effective remedy to deal with heat and can be consumed in numerous ways one of the most popular and easy to prepare ways is to consume it in the form of 'sharbat'. 

Sattu sharbat is extremely rich in nutrient content and is greatly satisfying. This is a very underrated natural protein drink that has been a favourite summertime drink for quite a long time.

Health Benefits of Sattu Drink 

There are amazing sattu benefits to your health when this sattu powder is consumed on the empty stomach. It greatly reduces problems that are associated with your stomach and effectively flush out the toxins from your body. Sattu has noteworthy cooling properties and is found best in providing relief from scorching heat. It is rich in several other nutrients including iron, fibre, magnesium and sodium. Not only this, there are many other known health benefits of eating sattu powder, some of these include:

Improves Bowel Movement

Consuming this chana sattu powder on an empty stomach improves your digestive tract. It has iron, salt, and fibre, which effectively reduces many problems that are associated with the stomach and improves bowel movement.

Flushes Out Toxins

Sattu has very effective detoxifying properties. Consuming sattu powder every day keeps you in great health and protects you from several other health ailments.

Beauty Benefits

Sattu sharbat helps in keeping your skin glowing and well hydrated. It is also seen that sattu powder has been traditionally used to treat hair problems because it provides essential rich nutrients to the hair follicles. The iron found in sattu also keeps you feeling energised all day long and provides a healthy glow to your face.

Increases Appetite

Consuming sattu powder on an empty stomach also helps in increasing your appetite. This happens due to the presence of magnesium and potassium in it.

Helps In Weight Loss

There is a low content of sattu calories. It helps in reducing bloating, increases your metabolism and also helps your body to burn calories in no time and also very effective.

Increases Energy

When sattu powder is consumed on an empty stomach, it stimulates rapidly the growth of red blood cells in your body. When your body has an optimum level of red blood cells, then your body gets more oxygen, which helps in providing you with more energy throughout the day.

Acts As A Coolant

Sattu helps in keeping your body well-hydrated and helps you in beating the summer scorching heat. A glass of sattu sharbat keeps you hydrated and fresh throughout the day. It cools down your stomach and prevents any indigestion problem.

Good For People With Diabetes And High Blood Pressure 

Sattu is a popular and natural blood pressure regulator. It is found to be low in glycemic index therefore, it can majorly benefit people suffering from diabetes. You need to have sattu every day as its regularity helps to control your blood sugar level.

How To Include Sattu In Your Diet?

Sattu can be consumed in a variety of ways like chilla, laddoos, and paranthas. However, sattu sharbat is one of the easiest ways to consume. You can very easily prepare it in a few minutes and many sattu daily consumers claim it to be as soothing as an ice cream used to be in summers. What else do you want? Studies found out that it does not contain any of the harmful calories or any known artificial sweetener while it can work wonders for your overall health and well-being. You can have a glass of sattu sharbat any time of the day to get that calmness of the body.

How To Prepare It?

Sattu powder can easily be prepared in just a few minutes. All you have to do is to roast some black chana daal in iron utensils and when roasted properly then you have to blend it properly in a blender until it gets turned into a smooth and fine sattu powder.

Ingredients Needed

  • Sattu powder
  • Chilled water
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Mint leaves for garnishing
  • Roasted cumin seeds
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

For the sattu powder preparation, you have to add 2 teaspoons of sattu powder to a glass of chilled water, then you can add some black salt, cumin powder, black pepper, and a little lemon juice to it. Finally, you can garnish it with some mint leaves to serve it chilled.

Take Away

Beverages are generally great to have in the summers. The sweet, refreshing and unique taste can linger for longer durations making the overall experience just amazing. However, it is to be remembered when feeling thirsty, make sure that you do not replace water with any of the used a beverage as there is actually no replacement of water.