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Foods That Support Healthy Aging

A large plate containing healthy foods like fruits and green leafy vegetables

Healthy Aging

With time & age, the food/ diet we take can significantly impact our health, overall personality, fitness, the value of life, and risk of diseases/ problems. There are many nutrients that can affect the natural aging process and some of them can actually slow down the signs of aging by stimulating healthy & radiant skin. But that doesn’t mean that having only specific foods in your diet will make you feel or look younger, there are other factors involved as well like proper exercise, water intake, pollution levels, and products that you use.

Talking about foods that are considered anti-aging foods, having rich nutrients foods to your diet can definitely support in making your looks better or feel fresh from within as you get older. The rich nutrient foods should be:

  • Antioxidant foods
  • Fats that are healthy
  • Protein from healthy sources

Healthy Foods for Healthy Aging

Healthy foods like fruits, green vegetables, dairy products but low-fat ones, barley, brown rice, oatmeal, Mediterranean food, or lean protein diet can help in reducing signs of inflammation & make your skin look healthy by improving the blood flow.

Include all foods in their natural state as much as possible instead of trying something made out of them. For example, instead of having apple cider, try a natural fresh apple.

Also, you can try eating the following foods as well:

Lettuce is a high vitamin source (Vitamin A and C) that can reduce inflammation. Other foods for the same purpose could be spinach, broccoli, and endive.

Tomatoes are a very rich nutrient source with lycopene in it. Moreover, guava, red cabbage, and watermelon are some of the fruits which are high in the same nutrient content. 

Salmon is high in omega-3 sources that can also reduce skin inflammation. Same source food includes tuna as well.

Beans and lentils are very good protein foods that have a good amount of other nutrients as well. One can also have chickpeas, black beans, and pintos in their diet. As the skin is made of protein, hence getting protein in one’s diet is very important. If you don’t have enough protein in the diet, it gets very much visible in the skin and clear signs of aging will be there.

Vitamin B sources are also important foods that can curb inflammation. This can include oatmeal, brown rice, and whole grains. Vitamin B has riboflavin and thiamine that are considered very important for skin health. If one doesn’t get these enough, it can result in redness and rashes, make your skin look older, and make aging prominent. Try variety in your diet that will easily make it a habit of having these healthy foods.

Olive oil is also a very good product to reduce age-related problems. As per the research conducted 40 years ago, olive oil has monounsaturated fats that can lower the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Also as we know it also has polyphenols that can reduce age-related issues in one’s life.

Unhealthy Foods (Foods to reject)

Deep-fried products should be avoided as they can increase inflammation in your body. These could be French fries, chips, or anything with trans-fat. These can increase bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol, which becomes worst with time. This can increase the chances of heart issues or high blood pressure, in result causes skin inflammation as well.

The foods with partially hydrogenated oils. This can be checked on baked products food labels and a person has to avoid these foods to have reduced fine lines.

Doughnuts should also be avoided as they have sugar packaging and that can increase wrinkles on the face. One can also avoid sugary pastries which are similar products and have sugar packaging. 

Foods with high saturated fats like processed meat. These have nitrates also in them and both these can increase inflammation. Processed meat included bacon, hot dogs. Fatty meats also have high saturated fats. Basically, meat should be lean to avoid nitrates & saturated fat. Lean meat could be chicken breast, turkey breast, and ground beef.

Avoid alcohol. Heavy alcohol intake can easily speed up the aging process, hence should always be avoided. Moderate alcohol intake might be ok for the heart though.

Avoid smoking. Smoking has a big impact on skin aging. It not only makes your lips black but can also make your nails and fingers yellowish. It makes skin look dry, increases pigmentation, and causes face wrinkles as well. Hence, smoking is one of the worst habits one can have for skin.

Take Away

As we said earlier, food/ diet plays a very vital role in skin health that includes glow, radiance, and how your skin looks (older or younger). Precisely, foods with a high source of protein, fats that are healthy, and antioxidant foods are associated with skin benefits.

Having a diet rich in nutrition, protein, plant-based products, natural products, fruits, vegetables, vitamin B foods, and lean meat could be a great option to reduce signs of aging. Also, one can consider using sunscreen, exercising regularly, reducing or avoiding smoking, and having correct skincare products to have radiant, glowing, and healthy skin.