a woman taking derma-rolling treatment

Derma Roller: No Pain, All Gain!

What is a Derma Roller?

Actually, a derma roller is a skincare device. It has on one end a handle and on the other, a roller is located with lots of small and fine needles located on its surface.

Dermarollers were actually invented through a long series of various discoveries. In the 1990s two independent studies were conducted that explored various spheres of the use of needles to treat the scar tissue of the skin. But until 2005 when a study was conducted that reported fine use of derma rollers.

Nowadays in the market, we can see many types of derma rollers of different brands which are relatively not that much expensive and are effective in giving a new look with glamour never seen before.

This skincare device is found really effective in rejuvenating your skin or in treating acne scarring or helping in reducing aging signs.

How does a Derma Roller actually Work?

Dermarolling in other words called micro-needling is actually a process that can be effectively and originally carried out by a trusted and skilled dermatologist. But nowadays, it can be commonly and easily done at home with little effort and sincerity. In recent years it has gained tremendous popularity as an effective, accessible, and non-invasive skin treatment.

What Makes Derma roller So Effective?

This derma roller causes the skin to increase elastin production and higher cells production by stimulating a damage-like response which is the crux of all of its effectiveness.

What are Derma Rolling Benefits? 

1. Maximize Efficiency Of  Facial Skin Absorption 

Our skin is only able to absorb 5-10% of any of the skin nourishing products. Just using a derma roller in your skincare routine will help your skin with deeper penetration of nourishing products. Now your skin would be able to absorb more than 70% of any product which results in better and healthy skin.

2. Pore Visibility Reduction

Derma rolling procedure does not change the pore size in fact it just reduces the visibility of the pore by just reducing the appearance.

3. Fights The Signs Of Ageing

It helps in shedding away the dead skin to get the brighter and youthful skin underneath. Once the derma roller punctured your skin, collagen and blood rushed towards the damage site to get the new skin at the site of the puncture.

4. Reduce Acne Scars And Discoloration 

Many clinical types of research proved that derma rollers are very beneficial in treating acne scars as removing the top layer of the skin helps in hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and skin texture.

5. Reduce Dark Circles

By derma rollers, the skin under the eyes can be thickened which can stimulate collagen production and thus can reduce dark circles.

What Should Be Steps To Follow in  Using A Derma Roller?

Step 1: Cleanse The Skin

Before using a derma roller you should first cleanse your face thoroughly in a gently circular motion using a mild face wash to remove all makeup and dirt. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin

Apply a thick layer of serum of good quality to get better results. Hyaluronic acid is the best available ingredient to go for its smoothness and softness providing capability.

Step 3: Begin Derma Rolling

Start rolling the derma roller without applying any pressure approximately 7 times. Once the area is done, start moving to the next area till the whole of the area is covered. Also, apply the roller in both upward and downward directions. You do not need to worry about the redness of your skin as it is normal.

Step 4: Care After The Roller Activity

After the use of a derma roller now the skin quickly absorbs anything you apply to it. So be very sure what your skin needs more. You can now apply a thick layer of Hyaluronic serum to provide it with the essential nutrients.

Use of Derma Roller

This procedure of derma rolling which involves treating acne scars, stimulating collagen production, and rejuvenating the skin was frequently used by dermatologists.

But as time changes it is also used for therapeutic drug delivery and injecting vaccines through your skin.

Nowadays it is used for treating your skin in different ways to look young and healthy which can be done within the ease of your home.

Other uses of derma rollers in skin disorders can be queued in 

  • Skin firmness reduction
  • Facial fine lines
  • Wrinkles on facial skin
  • To reduce pore size
  • For tightening of skin pores
  • Acne scars reduction

Best Practices For Better Results

Here we are providing you with the best practices for the derma rolling process to get the best result for your skin.

  • To boost collagen production take vitamin C and A before the treatment.
  • You can use ice packs in case of pain after derma rollers treatment.
  • You can always apply anti-aging moisturizers and skin serums.
  • Use of a good sunscreen is a must after the derma roller use as the skin can damage easily due to overexposure to the sun.
  • Do repeat this derma-roller treatment three to four times a week for better results.
  • Do not roll it too nearly around the eyes.
  • Avoid using it on infected parts like that of infected acne.
  • Keep one derma roller for one person. Do not share it with another person.

Take Away

It is always suggested to purchase a trusted brand of derma roller. It should be sterile thoroughly before you make use of it. It is to make sure in the first place that it needs to be sterilized before it is used.