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Causes & Home Remedies for Dark Knees

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Causes & Home Remedies for Dark Knees

Everyone has a different skin tone and skin colour and some have a dark tone and a light tone. Hence the skin tone depends upon the amount of melanin secretion in the skin. You might have observed some have darker areas like dark knees and elbows, this is due to more melanin content in that area. Dark knees are very common and are observed in every skin tone type of people. 

The dark colour in the skin is known as hyperpigmentation and thus dark knees or hyperpigmentation on knees can make you look uncomfortable and odd. But this is not of worry and can be lightened by decreasing melanin pigment in the skin. Melanin is responsible for the colour of skin and hair and thus it is very important to maintain melanin pigments in our skin by some good skincare regimen.

Causes of Dark Knees

Many reasons cause increased melanin production in the body. Hyperpigmentation is nothing but it is the increased production of melanin pigments in the body. Any injury or skin irritation also causes hyperpigmentation in dark skin coloured people. Usually more content does not harm the skin unless it is itchy or inflamed.

This can be mainly observed in dark-skinned people. Some causes that can lead to hyperpigmentation or dark knees are :

  • Directed sun exposure without any protection like sunscreen and full covering clothes.
  • The dead skin cells accumulate in those areas.
  • Friction with clothes or any substances.
  • Some skin conditions like eczema also cause darkening in some areas of the skin.
  • Dry skin.

Home remedies to lighten dark knees

Skin colour is varied for different people, it is different from person to person. Many people have the darker skin colour of some body parts, especially in the knees. But the dark knees are not the concern of seriousness. Many home remedies are beneficial for lightening the skin colour on the knee area.

Due to wearing fancy clothes, many people choose to work on their dark knees. They try many creams and lotions that claim as lightening cream for darker areas of the body. Many have a concern about their dark knees and want to have some skincare products that can reduce the pigmentation in the knees but some products may not work for many. 

So we have brought here for you some homemade remedies that can reduce the pigmentation around the knees and lighten that area.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is the best ingredient whether it is for lightening the skin or making it get rid of any skin infections. Turmeric is always considered a versatile ingredient that is always and easily available in everyone's home. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that helps in providing your skin with a fair skin tone and reduces the darkening of the skin.

Turmeric has many health benefits and is the best herbal thing that can be very beneficial for every skin type. You can apply turmeric paste on your dark knees and this can reduce the darkness of the skin that is caused by excess melanin content.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera has a soothing effect and also lightens the skin tone. It prevents the skin from sunburn or any skin irritation. Aloe vera gel helps to reduce excess melanin production and thus lightens up the skin. Aloe vera gel is useful in many skin diseases, it has antimicrobial properties. It removes the darkening of the skin and lightens it and gives a lighter skin tone in darker areas.

  • Green tea

Green tea has a skin lightening agent known as epigallocatechin gallate that reduces melanin production. It blocks the enzyme that produces melanin. Therefore green tea can help in lightening the dark skin tone and even dark knees.

  • Black tea 

Black also helps to lighten the hyperpigmentation in guinea pigs. As per some research, it is observed that black tea works on some dark animals to lighten the dark areas of the skin.  so helps to lighten the hyperpigmentation in guinea pigs. As per some research, it is observed that black tea works on some dark animals to lighten the dark areas of the skin.  

How to prevent getting dark knees?

Darker areas of the skin can be made lighter by following some good skincare tips. Some preventive measures to take to reduce hyperpigmentation on the knees are very important.

  • Always apply moisturizer to keep the skin soft, smooth, and supple.
  • Always use sunscreen whenever you expose your body to direct sunlight.
  • You should protect against chafing and friction of the skin to objects or clothes that cause darkening of the skin.

Some may feel embarrassed or stressed due to their dark skin colour and thus that becomes necessary to see a doctor.

Take Away

As your melanin can be more responsible for the dark knees than the rest of the body. There are many various methods to lighten skin colour. Also, there are many ways to boost collagen levels that reduce melanin production. Darker knees can be lightened and thus it can be best to incorporate healthy skincare tips. Dark knees and dark elbows can be lightened by reducing melanin pigments.