13 Benefits Of Mosambi Juice

13 Benefits Of Mosambi Juice

Mosambi Fruit: A Rich Source of Vitamin C 

Sweet lime, also known as ‘Mosambi’, is grown in the Northeast hills of India and is mostly available in the month of July and August. It is also called sweet lemon. Mosambi juice is a very favorite drink in India that is consumed not only for its taste but also for an array of benefits it offers. It is a popular citrus fruit. 1 glass of mosambi juice is sufficient to keep you hydrated and active for some hours. 

Mosambi Fruit is a rich source of potassium and vitamin C which offers medicinal benefits and has a coolant effect on your body. Unlike lemon, Mosambi juice is not sour and it tastes yum when sweet. Sweet Lime juice is used for preparing a number of dishes as well. The refreshing Mosambi juice is very energizing and good for the improvement of joint health. It is considered to be the most refreshing among various fruit juices. Mosambi provides a variety of beauty benefits as well.

13 Health Benefits of mosambi juice

Let us see what happens to your body when you drink Mosambi juice regularly.

Detoxifies Your Body

When it comes to fruits, people usually prefer Mosambi juices to detoxify their bodies which helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of external pollution and the environment. Additionally, it keeps the body healthy and makes your skin glowing.

Strengthens Immunity

As Mosambi juice is a rich source of Vitamin C, your body is guarded against diseases and illnesses like the common cold, cough, fever, dengue, etc.

It is also loaded with antioxidants that reduce inflammation as well as the severity of infections.

If you are very much prone to illness or precisely any seasonal diseases, you must consume Mosambi juice regularly.

Improves Digestion

Mosambi juice is filled with dietary fiber which is very helpful for a smooth digestive system.

Mosambi consists of flavonoids that enhance digestion. It also regulates bowel movement and prevents constipation.

When you consume Mosambi juice regularly, your salivary glands secrete enzymes which are responsible for digestion.

Helps Clear Skin

Due to the richness of several vitamins and minerals, Mosambi juice can rejuvenate your skin and provide it with a natural glow. It contains antioxidants as well as has antibiotic and disinfectant properties. 

If you have acne-prone skin, you can see a positive impact on the texture of your skin after drinking Mosambi juice regularly.

Promotes Hair Growth And Shine

If you want to flaunt your shiny hair, you might want to think of adding Mosambi juice to your regular diet.

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, it helps in fighting the free radicals which help to strengthen the hair at its roots and nourishes the tips. Moreover, it helps with split ends as well.

Drinking Mosambi juice regularly will leave your hair healthy, shiny, and extra smooth!

Keeps You Hydrated

When you start feeling dehydrated, go for some fresh Mosambi juice instead of choosing any aerated drinks. Mosambi juice contains multiple nutrients which will keep your body hydrated, and you will undoubtedly feel energized.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Mosambi juice is low in fat and calories but high in citric acid which helps you curb your hunger and stimulate your metabolism. Moreover, you can burn off fat with the energy boost you get from drinking Mosambi juice. Thus it helps in weight management.

Prevents UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections happen when the bacteria enters the urinary tract through the urethra and grows in the bladder.

Since Mosambi juice has plenty of potassium content, it helps in cleansing the kidneys which in turn reduces the risk of UTIs.

Treats Ulcers

Being naturally acidic, Mosambi juice reacts with the alkalinity of the body and helps to treat stomach ulcers. The high content of Vitamin C helps in shielding the stomach lining for treating stomach ulcers.

Bone Health

Bone density might deteriorate with age which may also cause ailments like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. But with regular consumption of Mosambi juice, you can prevent bone diseases and boost your bone health, thus giving you stronger bones.

It helps in better absorption of calcium and enhanced bone formation in cells as well.

Helps With Diseases

Mosambi juice helps people suffering from asthma, cholesterol issues, jaundice, and Scurvy. It also regulates blood pressure. 

Being high in nutritional content, your body stands at a higher ability to either fight or minimize the severity of such illnesses. It also tends to increase the efficiency of the nervous system.

Youthful Skin

If your skin is showing signs of premature aging like wrinkles and dark spots, it is best to start having some fresh Mosambi juice daily.

Mosambi benefits for skin include collagen development and makes your skin firm and youthful.

Healthy During Pregnancy

While the presence of Vitamin C in mosambi helps in enhancing a pregnant woman’s immune system, calcium and potassium work on the skeletal development of the fetus ensuring its proper growth.

Moreover, it keeps the body cool, especially around the fetus, for better development of the brain. Hence, doctors highly suggest Mosambi juice during pregnancy.

1 glass mosambi juice calories

The only calories in a cup (200ml) of Mosambi juice are 31. This makes it the ideal between-meal snack and a fantastic way to quench your thirst guilt-free. The sweet lime juice's high water and fiber content fill you up. You need the fibrous pulp in your Mosambi juice, so do not strain it. In addition to meeting your body's daily fiber needs, it will also keep you full for a considerable amount of time

How Often Should You Drink Mosambi Juice?

You can drink one glass of fresh Mosambi juice daily. The best time to drink mosambi juice is on an empty stomach. Try to have freshly squeezed juice rather than the packed ones available in the market to attain maximum benefits.

To speed up your weight loss, you can try mixing it with warm water as well.

Take Away

Mosambi juice is a refreshing drink that can instantly hydrate and energize you. But you cannot gain all the above advantages by having it only once in a blue moon. You need to have it on a daily basis to reap all of its advantages.

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens if we drink mosambi juice daily?

Mosambi, or sweet lemon, is a key component in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms due to its high vitamin C concentration, which can reduce swelling and inflammation. Additionally, it enhances calcium absorption, encourages cell-mediated bone growth, and advances overall bone health.

  • Who should not eat mosambi?

Consuming too much mosambi fruit or juice may result in nausea and vomiting as well as digestive problems. Overconsumption of sweet lime, which is high in vitamin C, may result in acidity issues. Mosambi should be avoided by those who have GERD because the fruit may aggravate their symptoms or worsen their condition.

  • What is Mosambi called in English?

limon 'Limetta', is a species of citrus, commonly known as mousami, musami, sweet lime, sweet lemon, and sweet limetta, it is a member of the sweet lemons.


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